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Luvox Addiction, Abuse and Rehab for Recovery in Idaho

Luvox Abuse and Addiction: Treatment Programs in Idaho That Can Help With Recovery

Surprisingly enough, Luvox addiction and abuse are on the rise in Idaho.

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This is not a drug that most people consider addictive, but a lot of people need detox and rehab in order to get off it. Once a person gets addicted, stopping this medication can lead to serious withdrawal symptoms. It can be a dangerous drug when it is being abused.

Luvox can be an effective medication when it is being used properly, and according to the prescription label. But so many people decide to increase their dose for one reason or another, and they often end up addicted as a result. There are also those who choose to use this drug recreationally as a way to get high, either alone or along with other drugs.

Regardless of why people get addicted to Luvox, they need to know how dangerous it can be. They also need to know that there are ways to get off it safely and with a smaller risk of relapsing. We would like to discuss the dangers of this drug as well as where to find the best treatment for recovery in Idaho.

Luvox Addiction Information

What is Luvox?

Luvox is classified as a Selective Serotonin Uptake Inhibitor, or SSRI. It is typically prescribed to treat anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, or other mental health issues. When it is taken appropriately, it can be very effective. The name brand version of this drug has been discontinued in the United States. But it is still available under the generic names, fluvoxamine and nefazodone.

Luvox first came on the market in 1994. It does carry serious risks, which is why it is not considered the go-to choice for many doctors today. There is a very high risk of suicidal thoughts, seizures and mania for people who take this medication. That means that when doctors do prescribe it, they need to monitor their patients very carefully.

As we mentioned earlier, Luvox is not generally thought of as being addictive. But people can form a tolerance to it, which means they need a higher dose to get the same results. It can also be very psychologically addictive, and those who are abusing it may have a hard time stopping for that reason.

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Understanding Luvox Abuse and Addiction

In order to understand Luvox abuse, and it’s important to note that this type of drug is seen as the answer to many problems. When people take Luvox, as well as when they take other SSRIs, the changes they experience can be quite dramatic. As a result, they may increase their dosages on their own, without consulting with their physician. Or they may try to take the tablets in other ways, like crushing them and snorting them.

Once Luvox is viewed as a necessity, and once the dosage is manipulated in any way, it’s safe to say that a Luvox addiction is not very far away.

Luvox Addiction Symptoms and Behaviors

As you become dependent on Luvox to help you feel normal, you’re going to exhibit some common Luvox addiction symptoms, and these will generally include symptoms of the disorder the medication was intended to treat. For example, you may experience rebound anxiety or depression.

It might be easier to identify an addiction to this prescription medication based on various Luvox addiction behaviors, rather than by physical symptoms. You can assume that you’re addicted to Luvox and in need of Luvox addiction treatment if you have done any of the following:

  • Complained about sexual dysfunction
  • Experienced weight gain
  • Complained about chronic headaches
  • Suffered from insomnia
  • Experienced changes in your appetite
  • Suffered from fatigue

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Luvox Withdrawal Symptoms

Sometimes when people realize that they’ve gotten addicted to a prescription medication, or to any type of drug for that matter, they will stop taking it abruptly. This can result in some serious problems, even when a medication isn’t known to be physically addictive.

Some of the most common Luvox withdrawal symptoms are:

  • Feelings of fatigue
  • Dizziness or vertigo
  • Becoming increasingly nauseous
  • Chronic headaches
  • Chronic body aches, like the flu

Luvox withdrawal symptoms can be quite bothersome, and for most people, they lead them back to using the drug again. You don’t have to continue in a pattern of Luvox abuse or addiction. Finding the best Luvox rehab center for you can help you recover.

Advice for Idahoans: Stopping Luvox Can Lead to Discontinuation Syndrome

As we mentioned earlier, people start taking Luvox for many different reasons. Sometimes it works really well, and other times it does not. But in order to truly see whether it is effective, people typically need to take it for a period of time. But getting off it is no easy feat because of discontinuation syndrome.

Discontinuation syndrome refers to the symptoms that people experience when stopping certain SSRI medications. The symptoms people typically have include:

  • Feeling nauseous
  • Having bouts of vertigo
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Strange skin sensations
  • A “zapping” sensation in the brain
  • Symptoms of anxiety

These symptoms can appear as soon as two to four days after Luvox has been discontinued. They can last for as long as a year (rare cases), but most people find that they last four to six weeks.

Doctors may or may not be telling their patients about the dangers of stopping Luvox abruptly. Once a person realizes that they have become addicted, they may just want to immediately stop taking their medication. But we want to advise against this. This drug should only be stopped under medical supervision.

Getting Treated for Luvox Addiction in Idaho

When people get addicted to Luvox, and then they discover they are addicted, they often feel stuck. They feel as though they cannot stop taking it, but they also do not want to be dependent on their medication. Fewer people may be using it for recreational purposes, but both types of individuals need professional help to stop.

The first step an addict should take is to go through drug detox. Detoxing the body is so critical when a person has been using an SSRI. It helps by minimizing and controlling withdrawal symptoms. It can also speed up a person’s recovery rate. A person who is abusing Luvox will most likely be placed on a medical taper to help with withdrawals. They will be given medications to help with any symptoms they do experience.

After detoxing, the next step is to go to rehab. A quality rehabilitation program can make such a big difference because of the therapy that is offered. Patients must learn and understand why they got addicted to Luvox in the first place. This is done over time and by participating in individual therapy sessions and group therapy.

About Our Inpatient Drug Detox and Rehab Program at Northpoint Recovery

We offer a top-quality drug detox and rehab program here at Northpoint Recovery. We look at our patients as individuals who all have their own needs when it comes to recovering from their addictions. They each get their own, targeted treatment plans, which are designed to meet their unique needs.

People often appreciate the fact that we provide both detox and rehab services under the same roof. It makes getting the appropriate treatment much more convenient for them. We also participate with many of the top health insurance companies in Idaho, which makes going to rehab much more affordable.

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At Northpoint Recovery, we know how hard it is to get off a drug like Luvox. That is why we have taken the proper steps to learn how to help people the right way. Our qualified staff members are determined to provide our patients with the help they need to be successful.

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