Your Luvox Addiction: Getting Help at the Top Luvox Rehab Centers

Selective serotonin uptake inhibitors are often prescribed for issues relating to obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety and depression, and they’re actually quite effective at treating them.

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However, there are other drugs that are selectively prescribed because of the controversies that may surround them, and one of these prescription medications is Luvox.

Luvox is also an SSRI, and it was first available in 1994. There are significant risks associated to taking Luvox, which is why drugs like Paxil or Prozac are often chosen for certain patients instead. Those who take Luvox have to be monitored very closely because the risks for suicidal thoughts, seizures and mania are quite high.

Like other SSRIs, Luvox isn’t generally thought of as being addictive. However, it is possible to develop an addiction to it if you’re predisposed to addiction, or if you are afraid of going through withdrawal symptoms if you stop it. These Luvox addiction behaviors might be purely psychological, but they’re also very real. If you believe you might be addicted to Luvox, and you want to stop taking it, Luvox addiction treatment centers can help.

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Understanding Luvox Abuse and Addiction

In order to understand Luvox abuse, and it’s important to note that this type of drug is seen as the answer to many problems. When people take Luvox, as well as when they take other SSRIs, the changes they experience can be quite dramatic. As a result, they may increase their dosages on their own, without consulting with their physician. Or they may try to take the tablets in other ways, like crushing them and snorting them.

Once Luvox is viewed as a necessity, and once the dosage is manipulated in any way, it’s safe to say that a Luvox addiction is not very far away.

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Luvox Addiction Symptoms and Luvox Addiction Behaviors

As you become dependent on Luvox to help you feel normal, you’re going to exhibit some common Luvox addiction symptoms, and these will generally include symptoms of the disorder the medication was intended to treat. For example, you may experience rebound anxiety or depression.

It might be easier to identify an addiction to this prescription medication based on various Luvox addiction behaviors, rather than by physical symptoms. You can assume that you’re addicted to Luvox and in need of Luvox addiction treatment if you have done any of the following:

  • Complained about sexual dysfunction
  • Experienced weight gain
  • Complained about chronic headaches
  • Suffered from insomnia
  • Experienced changes in your appetite
  • Suffered from fatigue

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Does this Addiction Cause Luvox Withdrawal Symptoms?

Sometimes when people realize that they’ve gotten addicted to a prescription medication, or to any type of drug for that matter, they will stop taking it abruptly. This can result in some serious problems, even when a medication isn’t known to be physically addictive.

Some of the most common Luvox withdrawal symptoms are:

  • Feelings of fatigue
  • Dizziness or vertigo
  • Becoming increasingly nauseous
  • Chronic headaches
  • Chronic body aches, like the flu

Luvox withdrawal symptoms can be quite bothersome, and for most people, they lead them back to using the drug again. You don’t have to continue in a pattern of Luvox abuse or addiction. Finding the best Luvox rehab center for you can help you recover.

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Luvox Addiction Treatment: You Have Options

Luvox addiction treatment works so well because it addresses all of the issues you’re facing as a part of your addiction. Drug detox is often utilized as a way to rid your body of any residual toxins, and drug rehab will help you understand the source of your addiction so you can heal.

At Northpoint Recovery, we’re considered one of the best Luvox rehab centers in the Pacific Northwest. We can help you if you’re suffering from this addiction. Contact us to learn more.