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K2 Addiction, Abuse and Treatment Options in Idaho

K2 in Idaho: Abuse, Addiction, Rehab and Recovery

K2 addiction and abuse continue to be serious problems in Idaho.

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This drug has grown in popularity, and people often need to go to rehab in order to recover once they are addicted. But because it is really easy to get it, it has become a substance abuse problem that is growing out of control.

This drug has not been around for very long, but its negative effects are apparent. The problem is that those who use it – typically teenagers – do not understand the risks involved. Abusing K2 can have serious short and long-term consequences including but not limited to addiction.

While it may be easy to get addicted to K2, getting off it is not. Professional addiction treatment can make recovery a much smoother process. It can also help people gain knowledge about themselves that they need to avoid going back to using.

K2 Addiction, Abuse and Treatment Options in Idaho

What is K2?

K2 is a synthesized version of marijuana. It is often referred to as Spice on the street. As we mentioned earlier, it is very popular with teenagers, and for many reasons. They tend to like it because it is so readily available. In stores, it is sold as potpourri or incense. But it can also be found online, in smoke shops or in gas stations.

K2 first became a popular drug in 2006, so it is still fairly new. It is labeled as not for human consumption, which is one of the reasons it has been so difficult to regulate it. The fact that it is legal and produces a high similar to that of marijuana make it seem safer than other drugs. But it is not safe at all, and everyone should be educated on the risks of abusing it.

K2 Abuse: What Can Happen

K2 is, indeed, made up of plant materials, which is one of the reasons why people feel that it’s safe to use it. What they don’t realize is that it’s usually laced with chemicals that can cause a lot of harm. K2 contains more than just THC, and the additional psychoactive components are very dangerous. Sometimes users assume that using K2 is very similar to using marijuana, and so they may use the same amounts. What they don’t realize is that K2 is much more potent than marijuana, so doing so can have devastating consequences.

Some of the most common effects of using K2 are:

  • Experiencing an elevated mood or feeling relaxed
  • Becoming easily confused
  • Losing motor control
  • Frequent bouts of vomiting
  • Experiencing catatonia
  • Having anxiety attacks

Overdosing on K2 is really easy, and it can happen after just one use of this potent drug. When people have overdosed on it, they have reported becoming incoherent and exhibiting many other symptoms that are quite troublesome.

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How do People Get Addicted to K2? Know the Symptoms

An addiction to K2 can occur fairly quickly after you begin using it, but it always starts with K2 abuse. Once you begin using the drug on a regular basis, your body develops a tolerance to it. To compensate, and in order to achieve the same type of high you once did before, you use more of it. Because of the way K2 works in the brain, it’s natural for your brain to expect to be given a dose of the drug on a regular basis. If that doesn’t happen, you can go into withdrawal, but you’re also drawn to use again and again.

You might not be sure if you’ve become addicted to K2, but you can tell you have if you’ve developed any of the following:

  • Heart problems
  • Instances of temporary paralysis
  • Severe hallucinations
  • Occasional or frequent delusions
  • Frequent panic attacks

Researchers believe that heavy metal poisoning may eventually become a long term result of using K2, but it’s difficult to say because the drug is so new. Even so, because K2 is made up of so many different chemicals, there are a variety of other symptoms that can occur too.

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Is Someone You Love Addicted? K2 Addiction Behaviors

Maybe you’re wondering how to recognize a K2 addiction if it’s occurring in someone you love. This is typical; especially if you want to be able to help in some way if necessary. You can identify a possible K2 addiction if you’ve noticed your loved one frequently purchasing potpourri or incense. You can also identify it if he or she is becoming withdrawn, exhibiting any of the above K2 addiction symptoms, or having trouble keeping up with ordinary responsibilities. Of course, a key K2 addiction behavior is the fact that many users will not like the high they experience, and yet, they will go back to using repeatedly.

Quitting K2 Cold Turkey and What to Expect During Withdrawal

If you’ve become a regular abuser of K2, it makes sense to assume that you will experience some withdrawal symptoms. You will have cravings for the drug, and these cravings can continue for a period of time. You will also probably also have frequent headaches, nausea and sleep disturbances, including nightmares.

It’s not a good idea to try to quit using K2 on your own because doing so can result in relapse and unnecessary levels of withdrawal. The best K2 rehab programs can help you quit with the right kind of support.

The Impact of K2 (Spice) in Idaho

At first, K2 seemed to be nothing more than the latest fad young people were participating in. But over time, it became apparent that the problem was much worse than people feared. One emergency room in particular reports seeing patients regularly who have been using this drug.

When patients are brought in by their parents, law enforcement officers or paramedics, they often have a range of symptoms. Some are exhibiting bizarre or psychotic behaviors. Others may be anxious or shaking uncontrollably. There are some who are unconscious or whose heart rates are elevated.

Treating these patients can be a problem because there are no medications on the market to reverse the effects of K2. All healthcare professionals can do is attempt to control the symptoms with the medications they do have available to them. They work hard to stabilize their patients so they can determine if their symptoms are from the drug. But this requires a period of waiting until the drug wears off.

Idaho banned K2/Spice in 2010, but the legislation had holes in it that were easy to work around. Governor Otter approved the ban, which called for the return or destruction of all incense being sold in stores. The drug was placed in the same category as heroin and cocaine. But that did not stop retailers from finding a way to get it into the hands of those who wanted it.

The law was written to ban synthetic marijuana. But because no part of the marijuana plant is used to make K2, retailers found a way to keep selling it. The products that are currently on the shelves have a mix of herbs and spices that produce a similar high.

Recovering From K2 Addiction is Possible

Once people start using K2, addiction can happen quickly. When a person is stuck in that, it can seem as though escape is nearly impossible. But it is possible for people who recover once they get addicted to this drug. They just may need to go through professional treatment to get there.

K2 Addiction Treatment is Available at Northpoint Recovery

At Northpoint Recovery, we tailor our approach to our patients’ recovery goals to meet their unique needs. We have spent a lot of time researching K2, and we know the best ways to treat this addiction.

When people stop taking this drug, there may be a period of withdrawal that is similar to quitting marijuana. While symptoms should not be severe, some people may need to seek out detox in addition to rehab for recovery.

We are located in Boise, Idaho, and we participate with many health insurance companies.

Our drug detox and rehab program is considered to be among the best in the northwest region of the United States. We know that when patients come to us with K2 addictions, they have specific needs. Our goal is to provide them with detox services, if necessary, and rehabilitation services as well.

Rehab is so important for someone with this addiction. People need to know why they started using and get help for that underlying cause. Many people who are addicted to K2 suffer from co-occurring disorders, and we treat those at our facility as well.

Find Out More About K2 Abuse, Addiction and Rehab in Idaho

At Northpoint Recovery, we know how hard it is to overcome a K2 addiction. People who use this drug often do not realize how quickly they can get addicted to it. When they come to us for help, they are desperate for answers, and we are happy to provide them.

Do you have questions about K2 abuse and addiction? Would you like more information about your possible treatment options? Please contact us today.

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