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Addiction and Construction Workers: The Connection

Construction Workers Addiction Treatment ProgramIt may be surprising that addiction and construction workers often go hand in hand. You may wonder why construction workers are more prone to addiction. A person’s job plays a significant role in the lifestyle they choose. It has a tremendous influence on their behaviors off the job as well. Substance abuse and addiction are relatively common in some careers, and unfortunately, construction is one of those fields.

At Northpoint Idaho, we realize that drug addiction and alcoholism can affect anyone at any time. Addiction is a disease that does not discriminate. Many genetic, personal, and environmental factors can put certain people at a higher risk. Construction is a very demanding field, and it lends itself to substance abuse vulnerability. If you or someone you love needs construction workers’ addiction treatment in Boise, Idaho, call us today at 888.296.8976.

Why Do Those Who Work in Construction Use Alcohol or Drugs?

Construction workers may often use drugs or alcohol and not think much of it. There are several reasons they may be more prone to substance use:

  •  Working Long Hours
  •  Physical Exertion and Pain
  •  High Stress Levels
  •  Increased Risk of Work Disability
  •  Mental Illnesses

A few different substances are prevalent for those in construction. They include:

  •  Alcohol
  •  Prescription Painkillers
  •  Marijuana

Perhaps you work in the construction field yourself and participate in drug or alcohol abuse but feel that your behavior is justified. It is no secret that you work long and hard and put your heart and soul into your work. Still, alcohol and drug abuse are only going to lead you down a dead-end road.

The Connection Between Addiction and Construction Workers

Many of the statistics surrounding addiction in the construction industry are surprising. According to a study done by SAMHSA on addiction within various industries:

  • 16.5% of construction workers report heavy alcohol use within the last month. This number has gone up from 15.6% between 2003 and 2007.
  • 14.3% of construction workers state that they have been diagnosed with a substance abuse disorder. This number has gone down from 17.3% between 2003 and 2007. This could be because fewer construction workers are seeking treatment.
  • 11.6% of construction employees admit to using illicit drugs within the last month.
  • This number has gone down from 13.9% between 2003 and 2007. Still, it remains a problem.

Based on these numbers, the construction field ranks second among all industries for addictions. Additional statistics tell us that:

  • Binge drinking is a big problem among construction workers.
  • 22% of them participate in binge drinking regularly.
  • 12.8% of construction laborers use illegal drugs.
  • 17.2% of construction supervisors use illicit drugs.
  • 17.3% of other types of construction workers use illegal drugs.

This is a much bigger problem than many people realize. If you are a construction worker struggling with addiction, you may feel as though you are all alone. You may know others — even at your construction site — who use drugs or alcohol. However, they appear to have it all together. Just because people seem to handle substance abuse, that does not mean they are.

The Dangers Involved with Addiction and Construction Workers

The risks of construction workers using substances or struggling with addiction include:

  • The risk of having an accident at work
  • The risk of becoming seriously injured
  • The risk of making a mistake that ends up being fatal
  • The risk of making a poor decision that costs them their job
  • The risk of putting their co-workers’ well-being and even their lives in danger

Even without substances entering the picture, construction is a dangerous field. Workers are constantly at risk of falling, getting electrocuted, or being struck by an object. The job becomes even more dangerous when you add substance abuse into the equation. Alcoholism and drug addiction have their risks for anyone. However, in the field of construction, these risks are incredibly amplified.

The Signs of Addiction in Construction Workers

You can look for some of the signs of addiction or alcoholism in your own life. Have you noticed:

  • That you need to drink or use drugs at odd times during the day?
  • That you are constantly thinking about the next time you will get to use?
  • That your drug abuse or alcohol abuse is affecting your relationships?
  • That your performance at work is suffering because of substance abuse?
  • That you have health problems related to drug or alcohol use?
  • That others are asking you to get alcohol treatment or drug treatment?
  • That you experience withdrawal symptoms when you are not using?
  • That you need to use higher amounts of substances now than you did before?

If you have noticed any of the above, consider that you might need construction workers’ addiction treatment in Boise, Idaho.

The Benefits of Drug Treatment and Alcohol Treatment for Construction Employees

Going to alcohol rehab or drug rehab offers you many benefits as a construction worker. You will find that it allows you to:

  • Take the time you need away from your job to focus on recovery.
  • Get help for any co-occurring disorders you may be suffering from. These are conditions that can contribute to addictions.
  • Meet new people who are also working on recovering from addiction or alcoholism.
  • Learn how to live your life without being dependent on substances.
  • Improve your overall physical health.
  • Take the necessary steps to keep yourself safe on the job.

You may be nervous about going to addiction treatment, as many construction workers are. However, recent trends show that employers are very understanding about addiction. It benefits them in the long run to get you the help you need. Your employer would probably appreciate the fact that you recognize a need for help.

Northpoint Idaho: A Reliable Construction Workers Addiction Treatment Program in Boise, Idaho

Here at Northpoint Recovery, we want you to know that help is available for you. Our goal is to offer substance abuse treatment to anyone who needs it. Because you work in construction, your addiction treatment needs are unique. Our targeted approach will meet you where you are. It will provide you with the type of treatment that speaks directly to your personal needs.

Would you like to learn more about drug rehab or alcohol rehab for construction workers? We would enjoy the opportunity to talk with you about how we can help. Please contact us right away by calling 888.296.8976.