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Overcoming Addiction in Idaho (Opioids, Alcohol & Meth)

Overcoming Addiction in Idaho (Opioids, Alcohol & Meth)

If you’re looking to overcome addiction in Idaho, there is help. You’ll need the support from others to help you with the difficult challenges that come from getting sober. It might sound cut and dry to go into an Idaho detox center and move on with your life. It’s rare that people only need help with physical symptoms. The psychological symptoms of addiction recovery take longer and are often more intense. The emotional reasons for substance abuse and addiction may surprise you as you begin to dig deeper. There are a few different means to overcoming addiction in Idaho. Whether it’s alcohol, opioids, meth, or other substances, there is a program available for you. It should start with detox, then onto the rest of rehab. You might go into sober living afterward or maybe just home. When you do go home, you’ll have to think about a maintenance plan so you can retain your sobriety for the long term. With the opioid epidemic, government and private organizations are looking for ways to help addicts all the time. As they dig into why people abuse substances, they are trying to negate those situations from happening. Sober living and sober clubs are just some of the things being developed in Idaho. There is also help for those who don’t have a lot of money or insurance coverage for rehab. There is help for you when you want to overcome an addiction in Idaho.

“Get your loved one the help they need. Our substance use disorder program accepts many health insurance plans, this is our residential program.”

Asking for Help Overcoming Your Addiction

When addicts talk about overcoming addiction, they will often speak about how every second feels like an eternity. Those seconds are full of angst, sadness, depression, and desperation. The power of addiction to drugs like opioids, meth, and alcohol is overwhelming. You don’t know this until you try to live without them. Maybe you’ve tried to stop drinking or doing drugs only to relapse within a few days after problems arose and you felt emotional for reasons unknown. This is one of the obvious signs that there is a problem. The first part of overcoming addiction is getting help. Even if you think your problem is a small one, at least telling someone you trust is a good step towards recovery. Many addicts don’t want to see they have a problem. They don’t want to quit or are ashamed that their lives have spun out of control. So one of the first challenges really is seeking out help because you know your addiction has control over you. While your friends and family are great for extra support, it’s important to get professional help. asking for help

Rehab Recovery Benefits for Overcoming Addiction in Idaho

Rehab programs in Idaho have been developed over many decades to ensure you get the help you need. Throughout time, more tools and methods have been created that have been proven to help you overcome addiction. Addiction comes with triggers that are connected to your memories and emotions. You can become very weak when these arise in your life. In rehab, you learn about tools you can use when you do experience weak moments during sobriety. You first go through detox which eliminates the physical dependency. From there, you move onto the reasons you became addicted in the first place. The neurobiology of addictions is something that rehab specialists know all about. It is an important aspect to helping addicts overcome addiction. Most addictions come from repressed emotions from a situation that occurred in life. If you were raised in a family of alcoholism, you’re more susceptible to problem drinking and addiction. When you go through the Northpoint Recovery inpatient program, they create a program designed for your needs. You get the kind of therapy that will best help you. Every day, you work with a therapist and take part in various therapies. You are educated on what addiction is and how it relates to you. This understanding allows you to get on top of your addiction as opposed to it controlling you. It’s still not easy but the various methods of rehab really will help you combat your addiction.


Northpoint in the News

Andrew Rohr had an addiction. He wished his life was over. Waking up every day meant he had to live it and he did the same thing every day. He experienced depression, anxiety, and panic attacks. Trying to manage this felt like a fruitless effort. For Rohr, he was lead to addiction when someone close to him was diagnosed with terminal cancer. This is when he started to drink. His life fell apart. For over ten years, he abused himself and hurt the people around him by doing so. Rohr said his life became a living hell. He knew he needed to take steps towards recovery. He did a Google search and this lead him to Northpoint Recovery Center in the Treasure Valley. Rohr found that it was easier to go through the recovery process than live with the addiction. He said he was given a tool to cope with the voices in your head telling you that you need the drink. He learned to deal with his destructive behavior and stop hurting himself and others. Rohr had this to say, “Deal with all of the terrible things you’re going through and they can be there from a point of experience and a point of help.” He said the biggest success he achieved was finding peace of mind. He no longer felt hopeless or depressed. He’s been able to stop taking prescription medications for anxiety and depression. He no longer feels tormented the way he had before he entered into the Northpoint Recovery addiction program. Rohr said that battling yourself will be the biggest challenge you ever face. When you learn to think and approach things in a different way, you can create change. He developed a healthy mindset and has managed to maintain it. He believes that has been a valuable tool for him to get better. He has now been sober for over a year. The relationships with his friends and family have improved. His advice to everyone is this, “Talk to somebody, talk to somebody who’s been through it. Reach out and you can do it. It’s the hardest thing you’ll do in your life but it’s like the best thing you’ll do in your life.”

Efforts on The path to Sobriety

Addiction on campus in Boise is problematic enough that steps are being made to prevent it. Boise State has the SOBER club. A former Boise State student Lucas Donaldson serves a five-year sentence for his part in drug trafficking and manufacturing. When he completed his time, he went back to the university and created a student organization. The main focus would be encouraging sobriety. SOBER is the resource he developed to help those battling with addiction on campus.

“We treat both addiction and co-occurring disorders and accept many health insurance plans. Take a look at our inpatient program.”

Opioid Crisis Creates More Demand for Action

Donaldson is getting help from local community leaders. With the opioid crisis taking its toll on Boise, there is a big focus on prevention. For example, in 2013, there was one opioid-related death in Boise. In 2017, there were 96 deaths related to opioids. Opioids are highly addictive and also easy to get. There are prescription painkillers you can get from your doctor, such as oxycodone and hydrocodone. There is also heroin sitting in the same family. The Boise Police Department said that drug overdoses surpassed car accident deaths and firearms-related deaths for the first time in history. This is a statistic that runs nationwide. Of the drug overdose deaths, opiates were responsible for 33,000 of those. SOBER was created to help fight against stigma and misunderstandings about what addiction is. It is also to advocate for a community space that encourages recovery and sobriety for addicts. Thomas Hamman is the program director for Northpoint Recovery. He said that when people join their program at their addiction center in Boise, many addicts were using prescription medications. An online prescription monitoring system cut them off of their ability to get the medication. So they began seeking out a harder drug when they couldn’t get access to their prescription. In fact, in the US, there are 80% of heroin users that started with abusing prescription painkillers. Of the people going in for heroin addiction treatment, 94% of them said they used heroin because prescription pain meds were too expensive or hard to get. This situation has driven up the black market for heroin in ways that haven’t been seen before. It is no longer a drug for junkies. Hamman of Northpoint Recovery says his focus is on the big picture and the impact of people who are struggling with addiction.

SOBER at Boise State

For Donaldson, he was inspired when he met Brian Portugais who graduated from Boise State. Portugais helped him set up SOBER which has created a fun experience while going through recovery. It does incorporate some of the 12-step program aspects but they wanted it to appeal to a student mindset. The main proponent is peer support in an encouraging environment. They help students with drug and alcohol problems see that they do have resources and support. Donaldson had this to say about addiction recovery, “Individuals struggling with addictions have to come to a point of surrender. They have to drop their ego, and be willing to take suggestions from people that have been through it and are now living sober and productive lives.” Combating addiction in a campus setting has seen its challenges. The stigma attached to addiction prevents some students from getting the help they need. Donaldson has since graduated from Boise State but SOBER is still very active. They are hoping to have sober living on campus at one point. This is something that other universities across the country have already started doing.


Opioid Addiction

This interesting town hall conversation about opioids had some interesting insight into the crisis in the US. For example, 80% of prescription opioids have been in the US. Robert Castan, the President of Northpoint Recovery stated that there is a problem with opioid abuse and addiction in Idaho. Dr. Michael Severson was part of the panel too. He is a St. Luke’s provider and pain management, specialist. He believes that when opioids are administered correctly, they can be a benefit to pain management. It is up to doctors to pay attention to how they’re administering prescription painkillers.


On a legal standpoint, Chief Jeff Lavey of the Meridian Police Department has seen the direct effects in his community. Lavey said they are looking to get Naloxone in all of their cars because they’re running into overdoses daily. Naloxone can save the lives of the person overdosing but also protects law enforcement that may come into contact with drugs like Fentanyl. They touch upon tolerance when it comes to addiction to opioids. Tolerance is what will inevitably cause the dependence which can then lead to addiction. Castan explains how some people are predisposed to becoming addicted to substances. Addiction is a mental disease so you can’t see whether someone is or isn’t more susceptible to this.

The Increase of Heroin Addiction

The panel talks about how the opioid epidemic has caused an increase in heroin use. When a person is cut off from their prescription, they may try to seek it out on the streets. If they do manage to find it, it’s going to be expensive. Heroin is cheap and easy to find. It offers a more intense high than their original prescription. Lavey says he has seen a major difference in how much heroin there is in Meridian. Once, it was on the rare occasion that they’d see any and now it’s a daily occurrence.

“We accept many health insurance plans. Get your life back in order, take a look at our residential program.”

High Rate of Opiate Admissions in Rehab

Castan said that 22% of their admissions are related to some form of opioids. He said that to begin overcoming addiction, it can start with a loved one or the individual. There are professional interventions to help addicts realize they need to change. He recommends Al-Anon for those who are living with addicts. He also said it’s important to talk about it. Whether you’re an addict or you know someone that has an addiction. For more information contact:


Northpoint Opens in Edmonds

An article on HeraldNet announces the opening of another Northpoint inpatient rehab. Their 44-bed inpatient drug and alcohol treatment center recently opened in Edmonds. It is the second Washington inpatient rehab center for Northpoint. Logan Stroud, the vice president of Northpoint Washington says they wanted to open this location because many patients were coming from the north Seattle area. This makes it easier for residents in the area to get the addiction help they need. The Verdant Health Commission has a priority for people with health needs. This includes behavioral health. They have recommended Northpoint Recovery as a place where people can address their issues. Many addicts suffer from dual diagnosis which is an addiction and a clinical mood disorder. Addiction itself is a brain disease. When asked, Patrick Doherty, economic development director for the city of Edmonds had this to say, “They’re definitely a top-notch organization that has a good reputation.”

Stories about Overcoming Addiction

For those who are going through addiction right now, it’s important to understand that you’re not alone. There have been millions of Americans going through what you are. Whether it’s opioid prescriptions or alcohol, addiction takes hold of your life. Many people are dealing with addiction thanks to big Pharma and the lack of knowledge around prescription painkillers. It takes work to then get past it and live a sober life. Here are some inspiring stories from others who turned their life around and overcame their addiction.

Staying Sober

As you go through detox and rehab, you have a lot of support. You might be feeling a lot of positivity and promise through immersing yourself into recovery. All this is great and it does help fuel the fire on your ultimate desire of staying clean. There will be times however that it doesn’t feel so glamorous. You might be feeling alone and although therapy helps you to reduce emotional triggers, they may stir up. Staying sober is just as important as becoming sober. It is the long term goal. This is why there are maintenance plans once you’ve made it past rehab addiction. Support through 12-step groups in your area is one way to maintain sobriety for the long term. Crystal had her first drink at 12. After being drunk for the first time, she liked the feeling and wanted it again. She smoked pot and cigarettes at age 12 as well. At 13, she started buying prescription pills like Adderall or oxycodone. At 15, she was in and out of high school. She lived with her grandma because her mom was in prison and her dad wasn’t in the picture. She started doing cocaine and molly. She moved into a party house after she graduated. She tried anything and everything. Meth would eventually be the drug that she became addicted to. Her life fell apart. She had nobody there for her, no job, and no money. She hit rock bottom and eventually called her mom, asking for help. She looked at Northpoint Recovery in the past so when she was ready later on, Crystal called the recovery center. She entered into the inpatient program and this is where her recovery began. She was introduced to AA as part of her maintenance program once she was finished rehab. She found herself wanting to take part in helping others stay sober. She went through Ashwood Recovery, an outpatient clinic as well as PHP. This has helped her to stay focused. She has experienced struggles but has been extremely committed to the process of overcoming addiction and staying sober.

Help for Addiction Recovery

There are various ways you can get help. Inpatient facilities offer the highest quality programs. You stay in a residence while getting intensive therapy daily. They teach you how to eat right so you can bring the mind and body back into balance. You also learn what addiction is and how it related to your life. There are usually emotional reasons for your substance abuse that ultimately leads to addiction. You may have been predisposed to the disease without your knowledge. It may take just a few occasions of abuse to become an addiction. Once rehab has been completed, you can go into an outpatient program as a step-down. This allows you to get ongoing support. It is an option but not necessary. However, it’s important to continue your addiction recovery. Even if you have a supportive family, they may not understand what you’re going through. Narcotics Anonymous for drug addiction and Alcoholics Anonymous for alcohol addiction are helpful, free tools to get the community support you need. At Northpoint, we have made it a commitment to helping people overcome addiction. Through our own life experiences, we know what it feels like to have no control and no hope. Our 44-bed addiction treatment has now opened in Edmonds. This is one more facility where we can help you recover. If you have any questions, you can call us or send us a message.