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Overcoming Addiction in Idaho

People overcoming addiction in a therapy session

Suppose you or a loved one is seeking professional help for overcoming addiction in Idaho. In that case, many addiction treatment programs are available to aid with the complex challenges of getting sober.

Whether you’re overcoming meth addiction, overcoming opioid addiction, or overcoming alcohol addiction, you should expect treatment that positively affects psychological and physical health. With the opioid epidemic, government and private organizations are always looking for ways to help people struggling with addiction all the time. Call 888.296.8976 to speak with someone from the knowledgeable team at Northpoint Recovery about our addiction treatment programs in Idaho.

How to Start Overcoming Addiction

Maybe you or your loved one have tried to stop drinking or doing drugs, only to relapse within a few days. This illustrates the first part of overcoming addiction: needing to get help. One of the first challenges is seeking help because it’s an admission that addiction is in control of a life that needs saving.

Rehab programs in Idaho have been developed over many decades to ensure you get the help you need, whether you’re struggling with problem drinking and addiction or an issue with another substance. Every day in rehab at Northpoint Recovery, you work with a therapist and participate in various therapies. You are educated on what addiction is and how it relates to you. This understanding helps overcome meth, opioid, or alcohol addiction—instead of addiction controlling you.

It’s still not easy, but the various interventions will help you overcome your addiction. You may even find that you are a dual diagnosis case with an addiction co-occurring with a clinical mood disorder.

Other Efforts on the Path to Sobriety

When opiates are administered correctly, they can benefit pain management. It is up to doctors to pay attention to how they’re administering prescription painkillers and whether or not their patients develop addictive behaviors. Northpoint Recovery offers addiction treatment programs in various places, including Boise, Idaho, and Edmonds, Washington—the Northpoint inpatient rehab in the Evergreen State has almost 50 beds. In comparison, Ashwood Recovery offers outpatient services. However, participants must seek help and enroll in them before healing can begin.

The SOBER Club

A former Boise State student, Lucas Donaldson, served a five-year sentence for his part in drug trafficking and manufacturing. When he completed his time, he returned to the university and created a student organization. The SOBER club was designed to help people struggling to get professional help. Combating addiction in a campus setting has seen its challenges. Donaldson has since graduated from Boise State, but the SOBER club is still active.

Police with Naloxone

The Meridian Police Department has said they want Naloxone in their cars because they run into overdoses daily. When someone is cut off from their prescription, they may seek it out on the streets. If they manage to find it, it will be expensive. Heroin is cheap and easy to find. It offers a more intense high than their original prescription. Naloxone can save the lives of people overdosing on heroin and also protects law enforcement that may come into contact with drugs like Fentanyl.

Why Maintaining Sobriety Is Crucial

As you go through detox and rehab, you may have a lot of support. All this is great, and it does help fuel the fire of your ultimate desire to stay clean. However, there will be times when it doesn’t feel so glamorous. You might be feeling alone, and triggers may stir up. Staying sober and away from substances like oxycodone or meth is just as important as becoming sober.

Once inpatient addiction treatment has been completed, you can go into an outpatient program as a step-down. This allows you to get ongoing support. Even if you have a supportive family, they may not understand what you’re going through.

Find Addiction Treatment in Idaho at Northpoint Recovery

At Northpoint Recovery, we have committed to helping people overcome addiction. Contact Northpoint Recovery today at 888.296.8976 to learn more about our various addiction treatment centers across the United States.