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Oxycontin Addiction Treatment

Northpoint Idaho Oxycontin Addiction InteriorAn Oxycontin rehab center is vital for anyone looking to break their addiction to opioids and lead a happy and sober life. People struggling with Oxycontin addiction often feel as though they are alone and no one can help. Fortunately, help is available to anyone ready to make a positive change and willing to do the necessary work to break the substance abuse.

At Northpoint Idaho, we provide oxycodone treatment methods that are very effective in helping patients reach their recovery goals. We will sit down with you and get to know you and your unique symptoms to develop a treatment program that best suits your needs. Continue reading for more vital Oxycontin rehab information to see if our Oxycontin rehab center in Boise is right for you.

Why is an Oxycontin Rehab Center so Important?

An Oxycontin addiction treatment program in Boise is extremely important for those who want to recover from addiction safely. For anyone who has tried to quit taking Oxycontin without help from other medications or an Oxycontin rehab center, they know how dangerous detoxing can be. The painful withdrawal symptoms and cravings can create a recipe for relapse and death.

Those who stop taking Oxycontin for a few days and then give in to their cravings often don’t consider their lowered tolerance. They abuse the same amount or more as their cravings increase and drive them to use more. If this happens, there is a significant risk of death.

Withdrawal symptoms can begin as soon as a few hours after your last dose and can include:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Increased heart rate
  • Body aches and pain
  • Irritability
  • Diarrhea
  • A lack of focus
  • A decrease in sexual function

The severity of your symptoms will depend on the length of abuse and the amounts you take. To help reduce your withdrawal symptoms, Northpoint Recovery uses medication-assisted treatment as one part of your overall Oxycontin addiction treatment program in Boise.

What You Can Expect from an Oxycontin Rehab Center in Boise

OxyContin is a semi-synthetic opioid with the active ingredient oxycodone. It effectively treats pain by attaching it to the opioid receptors in your body. They signal a massive release of dopamine and other endorphins that reduce pain and give you a calming, euphoric feeling that can be very addictive to certain people.

When taken as prescribed, there is minimal risk of addiction if patients work with their doctor to manage their pain. As tolerance levels increase, your doctor can increase your dosage or offer other medications that are less addictive. Those who double their medication are more likely to form a severe addiction the longer they continue to take more than the recommended amount.

An Oxycontin rehab center in Boise can help patients get through their withdrawal symptoms and begin working on recovery. When you first arrive, therapists and medical staff will perform a complete physical and mental evaluation to determine the level of care necessary. An inpatient Oxycontin rehab center provides 24/7 nursing and therapeutic care and a break away from the daily stressor that can fuel your addiction for patients with a serious addiction.

After you get settled into your room, your treatment begins, and here is just a sample of what you can expect:

  • Medication-assisted treatment to reduce withdrawal symptoms and cravings
  • Behavioral therapy to better understand your addiction and discover any co-occurring mental health issues, like depression, anxiety, or PTSD
  • Access staff members 24 hours a day to help you with your needs.
  • Group therapy helps you bond with other members and see how others cope with their addiction
  • Practice communication and coping skills to prepare you for life outside of treatment
  • Continuing treatment to help with your sobriety at any time

Northpoint Recovery uses various oxycodone treatment methods to give you a more well-rounded treatment program. We treat the whole person and not just the disease and give our patients a healthy attitude toward sobriety and the future.

Types of Therapy Offered at an Oxycontin Addiction Treatment Program in Boise

Addiction is a mental health disease that affects each person in unique ways. Their personal history, family life, and genetics can influence how susceptible someone is to addiction. To help patients recover, various therapy programs are necessary.

Behavioral therapy is an evidence-proven technique for helping patients understand what feelings and emotions are behind their addiction. They help patients confront their feelings instead of hiding from them with drugs and alcohol.

Group therapy can be intimidating to some who don’t like to talk about their problems in front of others. Group therapy is a very effective form of therapy as it allows you to see how others are coping with their addiction. Other group members talk about their struggles and what works best for them. Plus, the member of your group will become part of your sober support network for you to lean on once treatment is over.

Lastly, family therapy is another essential tool for creating the best chance to beat your addiction. Addiction can be hard on a family and loved ones. In Boise, part of your Oxycontin addiction treatment program offers mental health support for your family and those directly affected by your addiction. You will begin healing the relationships broken by addiction and help form a closer family bond.

Take this Prescription Drug Addiction Quiz to see if you can benefit from an Oxycontin rehab center.

Oxycontin Addiction Treatment is Available for You at Northpoint Recovery’s Oxycontin Rehab Center

It’s possible that you have struggled with your Oxycodone addiction for years and may not have realized it until you tried to stop. After admitting to yourself you have an addiction, you realize that you are not alone.

At Northpoint Recovery, we know the challenges you face. One of the most complex decisions you will ever make will be to go to an Oxycontin rehab center. Even so, it will also be one of the most rewarding decisions that will significantly improve your physical and mental health. By choosing us as your Oxycontin rehab center in Boise, you’ll benefit from our years of expertise and dedication to seeing you happy, healthy, and sober.

For more Oxycontin rehab information, please contact us by calling 888.296.8976 to learn more about our Oxycontin Addiction Treatment Program in Boise.