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Mental Health and Addiction Recovery Resources in Soda Springs, ID

Soda Springs, Idaho Addiction Recovery and Mental Health Resource Guide

Mental health and addiction recovery resources are available to help people who live in Soda Springs, Idaho. They can choose between getting professional treatment, attending AA/NA or other support groups, or participating in community programs. The “right” option is the one that works for each individual.

At Northpoint Recovery, we offer quality addiction and mental health treatment at our facilities. But we know that they are not accessible for everyone. To help, we have come up with this guide to the mental health and addiction recovery resources in Soda Springs, Idaho

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Support Groups and Recovery Meetings in Soda Springs, Idaho

One of the most important things to remember about both drug and alcohol addiction is that there is no cure for them. While programs like rehab and detox are necessary to get the ball rolling, there is still going to be the need to keep up with treatment once they are done. Recovery meetings and support groups are excellent resources designed solely for this purpose. These meetings are free of charge, and hold no preconditions, other than the sincere desire to stop using. Most of these programs are based on faith; however, there are also resources that have science at their core. Meetings also exist for the friends and family members of addicts and alcoholics.

Alcoholics Anonymous, or AA, is the forefather of all modern outpatient treatment for alcoholism. AA has been around since 1935, and has helped millions of people who live around the world to discover the strength to keep away from the bottle. AA's 12-step program emphasizes the need for faith, and the capability to surrender your addiction to a higher power. AA welcomes all people, no matter what personal faith they believe in. A total and complete goal of quitting drinking is the only thing needed to participate in an AA meeting.


Time: 7:00 PM
Group name: Soda Springs Group
Location: 40 E 1st St S, Soda Springs

Rather than go to an AA meeting, those with a drug addiction should check out Narcotics Anonymous, or NA, instead. The same helpful 12-step program is found at NA, just tweaked to reflect the needs of drug addicts specifically. The steps involved with the program target different, specific areas of life that play an important role in the disease of addiction.


Time: 7:00 PM
Location: Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church 132 South 1st Street West Grace
13.99 miles


Time: 7:00 PM
Location: Bearlake Memorial Hospital 164 South 5th Street Montpelier
30.43 miles

To love or care about an alcoholic many times means having your own life impacted negatively. Achieving the balance between care and enabling is tough to do on your own, and is made much simpler by having those who know how difficult it can be by your side. Al-Anon sponsors meetings for this purpose, and provides the best atmosphere for sharing and chiming in whenever you have advice to give.


Time: 7:00 PM
Group name: Bantello AFG
Location: Friendship Club 745 S 1st Ave, Pocatello

Nar Anon is a popular resource for friends and family members of drug addicts. To help your addicted loved one most effectively, you need to make sure you are in the best frame of mind and place in your own life. Nar Anon's welcoming atmosphere and makeup are perfect to let everything out, and approach your loved one's addiction with as much genuine love and concern as possible.


Time: 7:00 PM
Group name: Cache Valley Family Group
Location: Recovery Cafe 124 S 600 W. Logan, Utah


Time: 6:30 PM
Group name: Circle of Hope to Recovery
Location: Bonnieville Mental Health 134 W 1180 N Ste 4 Tooele, Utah

Having a parent or sibling with an alcohol addiction can be confusing and frightening for children and young adults. The feeling of safety and security young people need in their lives is usually absent with an alcoholic. Alateen exists to provide the atmosphere needed to develop these feelings, and make sure no young person is ever left to fend off their demons alone.


Time: 7:30 PM
Group name: High Five Alateen
Location: New Life Church 2170 12th St, Idaho Falls
53.3 miles away


Time: 6:00 PM
Group name: Hope Alateen
Location: Hope & Recovery Resource Center 210 E. Center Street, Pocatello
40.4 miles away

Faith-based solutions are not the only options available in today's fight against addiction. Self-Management and Recovery Training, or SMART, is science based, and builds on advances made in addiction-recovery science to get a hold of all different types of addictions. SMART provides online resources as well as their in-person meetings to help accommodate everyone that is looking for assistance.


Time: 5:30 PM
Location: Hope and Recovery Resource Center 210 E Center St, Suite D, Pocatello
65.3 miles


Time: 5:30 PM
Location: Hope and Recovery Center 354 S. Grant Ave., Unit 2, Pocatello
65.6 miles

Mental Health Resources in Soda Springs, Idaho

The Soda Springs area has a lot to offer people in need of mental health resources. There are many, including support groups and county and community programs.

  • The Southeastern Idaho Public Health department has an office in Soda Springs. They can provide people with referrals. Their phone number is (208) 547-4375.
  • Idaho 211 is an informational hotline than can provide referrals and help to connect people with mental health services. Call 211 from any phone.
  • Family Services Alliance Advocates offers classes and mental health services to people in Soda Springs. Their phone number is (208) 547-2634.
  • The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare offers behavioral health programs for adults and children. Call (208) 234-7900.
  • They can also help to connect people with substance abuse services. Call 1-800-922-3406 to learn more.

The Idaho Suicide Prevention Hotline offers services by phone or text. Their phone number is (208) 398-4357. They are available 24/7.

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline’s phone number is 1-800-273-8255.

  • The Friendship Club offers support groups for people with addiction and mental health issues. Their phone number is (208) 232-9565.
  • Domestic Violence support groups are available through the Bingham Crisis Center. Their phone number is (209) 785-1047.
  • There is an LDS Recovery Group available in Blackfoot. Please call (208) 232-7780 to learn more.
  • Celebrate Recovery has a meeting that takes place through Rocky Mountain Ministries. Their phone number is (208) 232-3515.
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The Promise Program is the name of our mental health treatment program at Ashwood Recovery’s Boise and Nampa locations. We primarily work with people who have recently finished an inpatient stay. The Promise Program offers many services people look for in day treatment, such as:

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  • Case management services
  • Psychiatric and medication management
  • Mental health education

Addiction Recovery and Mental Health Resources in Soda Springs, Idaho: Get Started Today

Northpoint Recovery is proud to be able to help people in Soda Springs with addiction recovery or mental health resources. Would you like to know more about what services are available to you in your local area? Please contact us.

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