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Northpoint Seattle Drug Rehab – Reviews, Price and Comments

Reviews of Northpoint Seattle, Including Program Details and Cost

Once you see the reviews of Northpoint Seattle, you'll see why they're among the best addiction treatment facilities in the U.S. Located in Bellevue, Washington, they have been able to provide countless individuals with the recovery help they need.

There are a lot of reasons why someone might require outpatient treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction. Some people may work, have small children at home, or have other responsibilities. Any of these could prevent them from seeking help from an inpatient program. Fortunately, addiction facilities exist that can allow them to get the recovery help they need. Northpoint Seattle is certainly one of the best.

With the right kind of professional help, it is possible to recover from an addiction. It isn't always necessary to get help in an inpatient setting. People who choose Northpoint Seattle are able to benefit from their wide range of services from experienced professionals.

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About Northpoint Seattle

When you walk through the doors at Northpoint Seattle, you're welcomed with open arms. The staff understand you may be feeling nervous, and they work hard to make you feel at home.

They strive to be the best outpatient addiction treatment program in the area. That means tailoring their programs to meet the needs of their clients, individually. They are an accredited facility through The Joint Commission. This means that you're guaranteed the highest level of quality care available.

You'll find that you'll experience the type of care you would expect from an inpatient program. The difference is that theirs is much more cost effective, and for most people, it's also more convenient.

No two addictions are the same, and everyone responds to treatment differently. This is why it helps to have a program like Northpoint Seattle to turn to.

Many people who battle addiction or alcoholism have lost all hope. They feel as though they'll be stuck in their drug or alcohol abuse for the rest of their lives. At Northpoint Seattle, their goal is to restore hope to those who have lost it.

Their Mission Statement states:

Our mission is to provide a safe, helpful and supportive recovery environment that helps build the foundation for a successful future. We operate with the utmost respect for every individual that passes through our doors. Our commitment to excellence means doing good for others and engaging in innovative, empirically-based treatment. In short, our mission to help people get their lives back and show them respect and empathy in the process.

They envision a program that can help addicts reach their goals and maintain long-term sobriety. It's their belief that everyone who receives treatment from them can:

  • Successfully eliminate their dependence on substances.
  • Regain control over their lives.
  • Live their lives with integrity and honor; without the temptation of drugs or alcohol.
  • Begin to see that hope exists once you eliminate the controlling influence of addiction.
  • Thrive as contributors to society and as successful human beings.

Their four guiding principles are: Autonomy, Integrity, Hope and Thrive. These are the principles upon which their program is built. Many people have experienced great success as a result of participating in the services at Northpoint Seattle.

By maintaining a high staff to client ratio, Northpoint Seattle is able to provide more personalized care for each individual. They have several counselors on staff, all with a long history of experience in the field of addiction treatment.

You'll find that many of the people on staff have their own histories with addiction or alcoholism. This gives them a unique view of the issues that so many addicts face. It allows them to connect with clients on a personal level, which is not something every facility can offer.

Regarding the staff at Northpoint Seattle, Jasen says: "Evergreen has been an extremely wonderful experience. The counselors genuinely care about each and every patient and take their time to educate about the disease of addiction. If you struggle with addiction I highly recommend Evergreen. I am satisfied with the care and compassion I have received."

Heather shares: "The counselors at Northpoint Seattle have been wonderful in helping my family through some difficult times, caring and compassionate."

Northpoint Seattle is located in Bellevue, Washington. This centralized location makes it very convenient for people in surrounding cities to also receive addiction treatment services.

They are also affiliated with many other drug and alcohol rehabs in the United States.

Northpoint Recovery is located in Boise, Idaho. They are an inpatient treatment program that also offers detox, as well as other services.

Northpoint Washington is located in Edmonds, Washington. They provide inpatient drug and alcohol treatment services, detox, and so much more.

Ashwood Recovery is located in Boise, Idaho. They are an outpatient drug and alcohol rehab facility that offers a range of services to meet the needs of their clients.

No matter where you live, there is a way to get help if you have an addiction. Recovery is possible, and even attainable with the right level of support.

Like most people, when you're researching drug and alcohol treatment programs, you look for reviews. It's helpful to read about others' experiences when it comes to rehab. It's interesting to see what so many other clients have thought about what they found at Northpoint Seattle.

Seana says: "The best outpatient care one can get, hands down. Caring and qualified staff, a private, new and clean facility. This model of outpatient saved my life, and having counselors that understood me and what I was going through made the difference (the majority are in recovery themselves). The facility is clean, new, and beautiful. This is the place to find recovery."

Toni says: "I had a chance to meet the staff from Evergreen and I can honestly say these folks are passionate about what they do. The staff members at Evergreen bring much knowledge and experience with them and are more than ready to reach out to people struggling with addiction."

Zach says: "I'm really proud to be apart of Northpoint Seattle since they were the ones that helped me through the darkest time of my life. They thought me real life tools I could actually use in the real world that actually work something I wouldn't have learned on my own. The staff really cares here and gives there ALL each and everyday something that was very visible throughout my stay at Northpoint. I'm really blessed to be apart of Northpoint Seattle."

Clients aren't the only ones raving about their experience. The staff members are all so excited to be a part of a program that is changing people's lives for the better.

Susan says: "I am super excited to be part of Northpoint Seattle team in Washington State! I have previously worked with some of the staff, so I know the passion, commitment and integrity they bring to helping patients face and recover their true selves! I believe that one can tell the heart of a company by how they treat their employees and that goodness passes to how the employees treat their patients. Northpoint's leadership is outstanding and so is their commitment to helping people find recovery and live recovery."

Kelly agrees and adds: "It has been a joy and a pleasure being a part of this organization. The compassion and expertise that flows through here is absolutely amazing and I would recommend this company to my closest friends or family and anyone else who is in need. I'd give it 7 stars if I could."

The staff all know and understand that addiction is rarely cut and dried. People come from a variety of backgrounds. They all experience it differently, and require a unique approach to the care they need. As a result, you can find a range of services available at Evergreen.

You'll find that they offer:

  • Treatment for all types of drug addictions - It doesn't matter if you're addicted to heroin, opioids or marijuana, you'll get the help you need here.
  • Treatment for alcoholism - Alcoholics require a specific approach to their treatment. You'll find that the staff are very understanding and can meet you where you are in your quest for help.
  • Help for codependency - Codependency is a big problem in families, and it's the reason why many people stay addicted. You'll be able to get the help you need if this is an issue for you.
  • Help for eating disorders - So many young people battle eating disorders, and many don't know how to get help. Quite often, disordered eating accompanies addictions. If this is the case for you, you'll get the support you need for your recovery.
  • Treatment for PTSD or trauma - Like eating disorders, trauma afflicts a growing number of people in the United States. PTSD and other related conditions can also contribute to addictions, and needs to be treated.
  • Help for other co-occurring disorders - Getting to the root cause of your addiction is critical for your recovery. You'll find that your counselor is very knowledgeable in identifying and treating all types of co-occurring disorders.

We've mentioned the fact that at Evergreen, you're treated as an individual. That's a promise that the staff makes to each and every client who walks through the door. They understand that what might benefit someone else in rehab might not work for you. The reverse is also true.

As a result, you'll receive your own treatment plan that is specifically designed for you by the staff. They'll take all of your needs into consideration when planning your care.

They only focus on the most modern and effective treatment approaches at Northpoint Seattle. They use an evidence based model, so you can be certain that others have experienced success.

It's important to note that they offer an outpatient model of treating addiction. Like many people, you may have always been of the belief that an inpatient method is needed for recovery. With the proper approach, this isn't always necessarily the case. Research has shown that an outpatient treatment program is often just as effective.


Services at Northpoint Seattle

It's important for the staff to ensure that everyone receives the services they need. When you contact Evergreen, they'll talk with you about your needs, and then recommend the appropriate services to meet them.

Getting an addiction assessment is often the first step people take when they're seeking rehabilitation services. When you contact Evergreen, you'll speak with an admissions specialist who will assess you. This will determine whether or not you need help, and what level of care would be the most appropriate.

It can be extremely difficult to admit that you're battling an addiction. The fact is that many people aren't aware that they are addicts at all. It's very common for people to assume that they can quit anytime they choose to. However, that's not exactly true.

The professional you speak with during your assessment will ask you a lot of different questions. They'll want to know:

  • What type of substance you use.
  • How long you've been using.
  • How much you use at one time.
  • Whether or not you ever experiment with additional substances.
  • Whether or not you've ever tried to quit on your own.
  • Whether you suffer from a mental health issue, or believe that you do.

The information they gather during your assessment will help them make the right determination for your care. There's no need to be embarrassed about answering the questions honestly. They will put you right at ease and walk you through each step.

The concept of intensive outpatient treatment is one that might be new to most people. There's often no need to enter into an inpatient program for addiction treatment. In fact, many people aren't able to because of their other responsibilities. If this is the case for you, an IOP might be exactly what you need.

An IOP is a program that offers both drug and alcohol treatment in an outpatient setting. They tend to be very flexible and convenient, which is an attractive feature for most people seeking recovery.

The program itself will last for about twelve weeks, or three months. Clients are asked to come to appointments five days a week, for three hours each time. The IOP at Evergreen is held during the afternoons or in the evening, based on what your needs are.

There are a lot of benefits to this type of program. If you work, you won't have to take any time off. If you attend school, you can continue to work on obtaining your degree. If you have a family at home, you can still be a very present parent to your children.

There are requirements to attending an intensive outpatient treatment program. You'll need to attend all of your appointments, and remain drug and alcohol free while you're being treated. There may be random testing to ensure that you're being compliant with the program.

For many people, attending an IOP is the answer they were looking for. It's possible that it could be a wonderful solution for you as well.

If you have recently gotten a DUI, it may come as quite a shock. This is especially true if it's your first one. You've never gotten into any legal trouble at all because of alcohol, and it can leave you with a lot of unanswered questions. One of these is obvious:

Am I an alcoholic?

That's a question that you need to have answered, and it's where a good DUI rehab and treatment program comes in. At Northpoint Seattle, they offer an excellent way for you to get the help you need.

The staff can assess you for alcoholism, and if you're an alcoholic, they can provide you with the help you need. The evaluation they offer will be sufficient if the court has ordered you to have one. It can then be submitted to them to meet that requirement.

The evaluation itself is free of charge, which will save you a lot of money. If you do need to get alcohol treatment, they can walk you through what that will look like.

Vivitrol is one of the newest medications on the market for treating opioid addiction and alcoholism. Northpoint Seattle is pleased to be able to provide this type of treatment for their clients.

When you contact them about your need for treatment, they may offer this as a suggested solution. Receiving Vivitrol services will require that you receive a monthly injection of the medication. You may or may not have to go through additional detoxification, but that will be based on your addiction.

Once you receive your injection, you'll be welcomed into their counseling program. This is going to help you in a number of different ways. You'll be able to speak with a counselor regarding the cause of your addiction. You'll also be working with a group for peer counseling and therapy.

Vivitrol is offered as a type of medication assisted treatment. It has proven to be very effective; even more so than other medications used for this purpose.

There are some people for whom an inpatient rehab doesn't offer enough support. Perhaps you live in a dangerous environment where it would be too easy for you to relapse. Or, you may have already relapsed many times, and you want to avoid doing it again. Both are reasons for you to seek alternate options that Evergreen isn't able to provide.

However, they will provide you with a referral to the type of facility that you do need. This might mean that you require an inpatient treatment program as opposed to an outpatient setting. It could also mean that you require long-term care, which involves you remaining in a facility for several months.

At Northpoint Seattle, their top priority is getting you the addiction help you need. They've partnered with many other facilities to ensure they can provide you with the proper referrals.

Other than Vivitrol services, they don't offer any other type of detox services. However, they can offer you a referral to a program that they know and trust very well.

There are certain types of addictions that require clients to go through the detoxification process. If they don't, recovery may actually be impossible. In some cases, it can even be life threatening.

They want to be sure you get the type of help you need. If you're someone who requires detox, you'll receive a referral for it. Of course, once you've detoxed, you'll be invited to come back to Evergreen to get the treatment you need.

When someone has an addiction, they go through so many struggles. But many times people fail to understand that the individual's family also needs help and support. That is why Northpoint Seattle offers their family support services.

It is not uncommon for families to have nowhere to turn when they have an addicted loved one. When that individual is in treatment, the family is relieved, but there may still be some unresolved issues that need to be worked through. At Northpoint Seattle, they will get the help they need.

A family is a person's biggest support system. Addiction and alcoholism have a way of coming in and destroying the family unit. Those damaged relationships need to be repaired, and the best time for that is when the addict is seeking treatment. The staff at Northpoint Seattle will ensure that the proper meetings take place so that both sides feel heard and understood. This is a time of tremendous healing, and the staff is happy to facilitate that.

What is the Cost of Treatment at Northpoint Seattle?

The cost of treatment at Northpoint Seattle will vary for each patient. The good news is that because they offer outpatient services, the costs will be relatively lower than they would be for an inpatient program. Prior to agreeing to treatment, staff members make sure to discuss the financial aspect with everyone. They work hard to make sure everyone understands what is needed to cover the costs.

Northpoint Seattle

For patients who do not have health insurance, the staff will assist them with applying for a policy. They will also work with them on alternate ways to cover the costs of treatment. These might include:

  • Applying for 3rd party financing with a company that offers assistance paying for rehab.
  • Talking with friends or family about covering the cost.
  • Working with a local community center that might offer scholarships to cover treatment.
  • Talking with the local Department of Social Services about getting assistance or financial aid.
  • Applying for a personal loan that may cover the costs of treatment.

The staff at Northpoint Seattle understand that cost is often a barrier for those who are seeking treatment for addictions. They don't want anyone to feel held back by this issue. If no solution is found, they will provide referrals for patients so they can get the help they need elsewhere.

Northpoint Seattle participates with many different health insurance plans. Quite often, health insurance companies provide better coverage for outpatient programs. This is just one of the reasons many people prefer this type of addiction treatment.

Working with an admission specialist will help you understand your own health insurance policy in greater detail, so you'll know more about your benefits for outpatient treatment. They will verify your insurance and work hard to maximize your coverage.

Talk to an Admission Specialist at Northpoint Seattle Today

After going over the above information, perhaps you feel that this might be the right approach to treatment for you. Northpoint Seattle is a great way for you to begin your healing journey toward recovery.

Understandably, the hardest step to take is admitting that you have an addiction that needs treatment. The staff realizes this, and they'll go above and beyond to be sure that you're comfortable. You'll find that they care about their clients, and they want nothing more than for you to be successful.

Do you have additional questions you'd like to ask about Northpoint Seattle? If you do, please contact them today. They'll be more than happy to assist you.

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