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Mushroom Addiction, Abuse and Rehab in Idaho

Mushroom Abuse and Addiction: This Drug’s Impact on Idaho and Where to Get Treatment

Mushroom addiction and abuse is as big a problem in Idaho today as it has ever been

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Once a person gets addicted to them, the best option for recovery is professional drug treatment. Sadly, most people believe that they are non-addictive, which means they should not have any concerns about using them. But they are much more addictive than people think.

Hallucinogenic drugs like mushrooms are often sought after by people who are looking for what they call a “good trip.” But what they do not realize is that even though they are natural, they can still be dangerous. The side effects they cause can become very serious, and getting off this drug can be extremely difficult without help.

People need to be made aware of the dangers of mushrooms. They need to know the side effects they can cause and the problem with long-term use. But more than anything, they need to know that going to a quality Idaho rehab can help them turn their lives around.

Mushrooms Addiction Information

What are Mushrooms?

Mushrooms are often referred to as Psilocybin Mushrooms, Magic Mushrooms or Shrooms. There are many varieties available and these plants are actually drugs that contain psychedelic properties. Because there are so many different types, people can easily get confused about which ones are safe and which ones are not. There are some forms of mushrooms that can be deadly, and people have died from ingesting them.

Users report that every mushroom experience they have is different. The goal is always a pleasant high or trip, and when they do not achieve that, they want to try them again.

Mushrooms have a very bitter taste, but there are those who will simply chew them and swallow them. They can also be mixed with food, crushed and put into capsules, or made as a tea to hide their flavor.

People typically try magic mushrooms because they are curious about their effects. But this is a dangerous practice. Continued use can result in serious, possibly irreversible side effects. People can become poisoned and even die because they ingested them.

How Addictive are Shrooms?

The addictive nature of Shrooms tends to lie in the psychological effects it produces for its users. Getting high after using Shrooms is often referred to as a “trip,” just like it is for other types of hallucinogenic drugs. When you’re using Shrooms, it’s possible that you’ve experienced all different kinds of highs, and they may alternate between being pleasant or scary. This is because it’s difficult to decipher which type of mushrooms you’re using, and the different varieties all have their own effects on the brain.

For those who use Shrooms, they soon begin to crave the sensory experience they get when they’re on a trip, and these effects can last for two to eight hours, depending on the variety that’s used, and the individual. Repeated uses generally do not result in the same sensations, which leads to using more in order to get the desired result.

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Are People Abusing Magic Mushrooms in Idaho?

Yes, and it happens more often than people realize.

According to the Idaho State Legislature, psilocybin mushrooms are on their list of Schedule I substances. People get caught with them frequently, and when they are, they are arrested as a result.

It may be hard to believe that mushrooms could be such a major problem in Idaho. But police departments deal with them frequently. One man from Meridian was arrested when police officers found mushrooms in his vehicle.

The traffic stop was considered to be routine when the twenty-seven-year-old man was pulled over. One of his headlights was out, but the officers were not expecting what they found.

The smell of marijuana was heavily detected, and a K-9 officer was brought in to check the vehicle. More than a pound of marijuana was found, as well as a large bag of magic mushrooms. Other drugs and drug paraphernalia were also found, along with cash and weapons.

Should Idaho Decriminalize Magic Mushrooms?

There is now a push to decriminalize magic mushrooms in Idaho because of research that indicates they may have medicinal value. Denver, Colorado is leading this movement, mostly because of the claims that the drug can be used as a form of medicine.

The same is happening in many other states as well. For example, Oregon is hoping to bring the issue to ballot in the 2020 election. In Iowa, one lawmaker has proposed two bills. One would remove psilocybin mushrooms from the state’s list of controlled substances. The other would legalize it for medical use only. California has attempted similar legislative changes, but so far, they have been unsuccessful.

Anxiety and depression are just two of the conditions mushrooms are believed to be able to treat. It may also be useful in helping people with nicotine addictions. More research is still ongoing, but the fact remains that the recreational use of this drug is extremely dangerous.

Shroom Abuse: The Short Term Consequences

Even if you’re using mushrooms in smaller doses, the potential to cause yourself serious harm still exists. You could experience many different side effects, including:

  • Feelings of paranoia
  • Distortions in your sight, sounds and tastes
  • Feelings of anxiety
  • An increase in your breathing rate or heart rate
  • Feeling of being unstable
  • Feelings of fatigue

Of course, there is a very real risk in the fact that using Shrooms always has the potential to result in poisoning. Sometimes even scientists who are well trained to know the differences in the various types of mushrooms are not able to tell the poisonous ones from the non-poisonous ones. So, you can imagine how hard it can be for someone without that type of education. Many people have died because they inadvertently ingested fatal Shrooms, and this can happen after just one time of use.

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Magic Mushroom Addiction Symptoms and Behaviors

As you increase your dosage of mushrooms or as you use them more frequently, you will begin to exhibit certain mushroom addiction behaviors and symptoms. Once these begin to manifest, it’s so important to get professional help so that you can stop safely. You may experience:

  • Bouts of nausea frequently
  • Flushing in the face
  • Feeling dizzy or lightheaded
  • Feeling like you’re being separated from your body
  • LSD-like effects, including having altered perceptions of reality
  • Sweating or chills with shivering

As time goes on, people will sometimes add additional drugs to Magic Mushrooms in order to magnify their effects, which can cause a host of other problems.

Is it Possible to Experience Shroom Withdrawal?

Fortunately, you can abruptly stop using Shrooms without fear of any terrible Mushroom withdrawal symptoms. However, that’s not to say that you won’t experience other types of symptoms. The reality is that this type of addiction is mostly psychological, which means that it’s quite common for users to have anxiety, depression symptoms, insomnia or cravings. You also run the risk of having flashbacks, and most of the time, these might be of bad trips you’ve experienced in the past.

If you want to try to avoid these terrible Mushroom withdrawal symptoms, therapy at a Mushroom addiction treatment center can help.

What Types of Treatment are Recommended for Mushroom Addiction?

Although mushrooms have not be proven to be physically addictive, they can become psychologically addictive. As we mentioned earlier, withdrawal symptoms are typically not a concern. But people who are addicted to them should seek out professional treatment.

Drug rehab can provide people with mushroom addictions the support they need to stop using. This is done through many types of therapy; both individually and in group settings.

Our Addiction Recovery Program in Idaho

At Northpoint Recovery, our focus is on providing our patients with everything they need to be successful as they go through the healing process. Our inpatient drug rehab program is among the best in Idaho.

We are located in Boise, which makes us very accessible for people who live in the city or in nearby towns. Our goal is to address our patients’ needs on an individual basis. This assures that they receive the type of help they need for a positive long-term outcome.

Drug detox should not be necessary for a person who is addicted to magic mushrooms unless another type of drug is involved as well. Most of these individuals begin rehab right away, so they benefit from multiple types of counseling and therapy.

Mushroom Addiction, Abuse and Rehab in Idaho: Help is Available Today

At Northpoint Recovery, we want our patients to know they are not alone as they recover from their addictions. We have worked with many people who were addicted to mushrooms. Our staff is more than qualified to provide you with the support you need to recover as well.

Do you have questions about mushroom abuse, addiction or rehab? We are here to help. Simply contact us today.

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