Your Methadone Addiction: Getting Help from the Best Methadone Rehab Programs

Methadone is a part of the Opiate classification of medications, and it’s actually been around for several decades.

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It was originally developed in the 1930s, and has been used to treat chronic pain. It’s also often used as a way to treat Opiate addiction in some people. It’s found under a few different names, including Methadose, Dolophine and Diskets, and you can take it by mouth or by injection. 

Many people don’t realize what a powerful medication Methadone is, and like other Opiates, it’s common for people to take it without really realizing or understanding that it has a tremendous potential to lead to addiction. An addiction to Methadone can happen very quickly, and once it does, it’s nearly impossible to quit if you try to stop on your own. 

Most people don’t intend to become addicted to Methadone, and even once they start participating with Methadone abuse, they often don’t realize that they’re playing with fire. Perhaps you’ve become addicted to Methadone, and now you feel trapped in this addiction. You’re not sure what to do to stop taking it, and you need advice from some of the top Methadone rehab centers in the Pacific Northwest. 

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All About Methadone: Various Uses 

Methadone has been viewed as a great alternative to Morphine for pain relief because it has a much longer half-life. People can generally take Methadone and expect it to last them all day, as opposed to Morphine, which only lasts a few hours. When it’s used for pain relief, it works by increasing the body’s pain threshold, and the effects are felt almost immediately. 

Methadone is also used to treat Opiate addiction, and many drug detox centers actually rely on it for this purpose. It helps to alleviate the side effects of Opiate withdrawal and virtually eliminates cravings, which is why so many people feel it’s a great choice when they want to quit using these types of drugs. 

As with other Opiates, while this one has its practical uses, and even though it’s very effective when it’s being taken properly, it’s still potentially addictive. For those who use it to detox from other drugs, Methadone can cause its own addictive response, which means that people who take it often need to detox from it as well. For those who use Methadone as a way to treat chronic pain, the potential for Methadone abuse and eventual addiction is quite high. 

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Methadone Abuse: The Pathway to Addiction 

Many people end up using Methadone as a way to self-medicate when they have chronic pain. They may take the drug for longer than recommended by their doctor, or they may increase their dosages. Some people have even found ways to obtain Methadone illegally on the street. All of these are excellent examples of Methadone abuse, which can lead to addiction in a relatively short period of time. Consider these facts: 

  • Increasing your dose of Methadone is the only way to experience a euphoric high
  • Increasing your dose of Methadone is likely to lead to serious side effects
  • Physical dependency is very easy to achieve when you take Methadone
  • Almost one-third of all prescription drug overdose deaths involve Methadone every year
  • Almost all Methadone-related deaths are the result of an addiction 

Overdosing on Methadone is so easy because the drug remains active in the body for up to sixty hours. If you’ve overdosed, you’re likely to experience: 

  • Respiratory distress
  • A weakened pulse
  • Heart issues, including tachycardia
  • A blue tint on your extremities
  • Feelings of being disoriented
  • Constipation 

You may also go into a coma. 

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Realizing You’re Addicted: Methadone Withdrawal 

It’s possible that you didn’t realize that you were becoming addicted to Methadone, and it happened to you very quickly. Now that you know you’re addicted, and you realize that there are other alternatives available to you for the treatment you need, you want to stop taking it. It’s important for you to understand that Methadone is a very potent drug. It should never be stopped abruptly, and doing so can lead to serious Methadone withdrawal symptoms that include: 

  • An increased heart rate
  • A sensation of disorientation
  • Intense cravings for Methadone
  • Symptoms of depression
  • A chronic headache
  • An upset stomach with nausea and vomiting 

The safest way to stop taking Methadone is to talk with a professional about how you should proceed. They will likely recommend a tapered regimen at first, and then you’ll go through a period of holistic drug detox, which will help your body rid itself of any toxins that can still cause withdrawal. 

Methadone Addiction Behaviors and Methadone Addiction Symptoms 

If you’re not sure whether or not you’re addicted to Methadone, you can look for a few signs that will indicate that you may have a problem. People who are addicted to this type of Opiate may experienced a reduced heart rate and problems with their breathing. They may also feel weakness in the muscles and periodically, they can even have difficulty remembering things. 

As far as Methadone addiction behaviors go, if you constantly think about when you’re going to get to use again, or if you’ve purchased Methadone illegally, forged prescriptions or gotten it from different doctors, these are all indicators that you’re addicted. 

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What to do if You’re Addicted to Methadone 

If you’re addicted to Methadone, please do not try to quit using the drug on your own. Methadone addiction treatment programs are the best way to go about quitting your use of this powerful drug. Everyone’s situation is different, and a professional will be able to listen to your story and prescribe the right course of action. 

Finding Methadone Addiction Treatment Centers to Get Help 

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