Your Darvocet Addiction: Treatment Options You Need

Prescription pain medications are often given to those who need them after a serious injury, or after a surgical procedure. When these medications are prescribed, they’re only intended to be taken for a very short period of time because they can be so highly addictive.

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They are quite effective, which is why they’re so often given. While there are many different prescription pain medications on the market, one of the ones that used to be prescribed by doctors frequently was Darvocet. Darvocet is a medication that contains Propoxyphene, and because it was shown to cause heart issues in some patients, its use was discontinued and it was pulled from the market. Even so, Darvocet continues to be available on the street, and it can be bought under the names, Dillies, Yellow Footballs and D.

Perhaps you’ve been taking Darvocet, either because of older prescriptions you had on hand, or because you’ve been obtaining it illegally on the street. Either way, this drug is very dangerous, and it’s very addictive. If you’ve developed a Darvocet addition, treatment is required in order for you to stop taking it safely.

Darvocet Addiction Information

Darvocet Abuse and Darvocet Addiction Symptoms

Because Darvocet is no longer available by prescription, and because it’s actually been banned by the FDA, any use of this drug at all is considered abuse. Of course, Darvocet abuse can be taken a step further to include using it in ways other than it was intended. That might include chewing the pills, dissolving them and injecting them, or crushing them and snorting them. These are some of the ways abusers will get the drug into their body much more quickly than just swallowing the pills.

The line between Darvocet abuse and addiction is often quite blurred, and an addiction to this potent drug can develop very quickly. Some of Darvocet addiction symptoms might include:

  • Instances of chest pain
  • Chronic headaches
  • Skin rashes
  • Bouts of confusion
  • Feelings of paranoia
  • Problems with breathing

You may be in denial that you’ve become addicted to Darvocet, but even if you’ve been taking it for a very short time, it’s possible that your Darvocet abuse has moved into the addiction stage.

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Identifying Darvocet Addiction Behaviors

The longer you take Darvocet, the more likely you are to experience Darvocet addiction behaviors. This information is also helpful for friends or family members who use this prescription drug, because it can help them identify when an addiction to it is present. Those who are addicted are very likely to exhibit Darvocet addiction behaviors, such as:

  • Finding ways to purchase Darvocet on the street
  • Experiencing shifts or changes in their personalities
  • Experiencing changes in their perception of reality
  • Lying about how much or how often they use the drug
  • Becoming socially withdrawn

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Darvocet Withdrawal: Can I Quit on My Own?

Your brain and body have come to expect their regular dose (or increasing doses) of Darvocet, and so when you stop taking it, it’s natural to assume that you’re going to experience withdrawal. Darvocet is very physically and psychologically addictive, and so Darvocet withdrawal can include:

  • Having aches and pains in your body
  • Crawling skin or other strange skin sensations
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Feeling very paranoid
  • Craving the drug
  • An onset of restless leg syndrome

Because these symptoms can become so severe, it’s never recommended for anyone to quit taking Darvocet on their own. Darvocet addiction treatment is the best way to stop safely.

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