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Amytal is an Opiate, but it’s also found in the barbiturate classification as well.

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Historically, it’s been used for its ability to sedate, and one of its first uses was to help soldiers who had been traumatized in battle during the second World War. It wasn’t long before the medication was discontinued for that purpose because of the effects it had on the soldiers.

Amytal’s generic name is amobarbital, and it has been used in the form of sodium amobarbital as a kind of truth serum. It’s been found to have the ability to help people recall memories. However, it was found to be so powerful that hallucinations or delusions could result from the use of it, and so the memories that were recalled were not always accurate.

Because of its potency, Amytal is no longer prescribed in tablet form. The only way to get it legally is via IV. It is still used in patients who are about to have surgery because of how compatible it is with anesthesia. Even so, it’s still possible to obtain it illegally, and on the streets it goes by the names downers, blue devils, blue velvet and blue heavens.

If you’re addicted to Amytal, you are involved in a very dangerous addiction. However, there’s no need to worry because some of the best Amytal rehab centers can help you through your recovery.

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Amytal Withdrawal Symptoms and the Dangers of Stopping it Abruptly

The dangers of Amytal cannot and should not be ignored. If this drug has been taken for a long period of time, and then it is stopped suddenly, you can die. You may experience other withdrawal symptoms as well, including:

  • Instances of delirium
  • Terrible insomnia
  • Light sensitivity
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Sudden onset of convulsions
  • Stomach upset with nausea

It’s so important to not attempt to quit taking Amytal on your own. Doing so can be detrimental to your health, and it can threaten your life. These type of drug needs to be tapered down in a controlled setting where you can be monitored closely.

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Amytal Abuse vs. Amytal Addiction: Symptoms and Behaviors

For most drugs, addiction occurs slowly with prolonged drug use as tolerance develops. However, this is not always the case with Amytal. When you use this drug, you can become addicted to it right away, and so the time window for Amytal abuse is actually very short.

Whether you’re concerned that you might be addicted to Amytal, or you’re worried about someone you love, there are a few different Amytal addiction behaviors and symptoms you can look for, and these include:

  • Severe agitation or angry
  • An increase in anxiety
  • Severe and debilitating headaches
  • Bouts of confusion
  • Recurrent insomnia
  • Nausea with or without vomiting

If this addiction is left untreated for a long enough period of time, the health consequences can be quite serious. You or your family member may suffer from lwo blood pressure, vasodilation, liver damage, or asphyxiation. People have also died because of their dependence on this powerful drug. If you’re addicted to Amytal, or you know someone who is, an Amytal addiction treatment center can help you recover.

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Amytal Addiction Treatment Centers: Detox and Rehab

At Northpoint Recovery, we are considered one of the top Amytal rehab programs in the Pacific Northwest. It’s certainly not easy to come to terms with the fact that you need to recover from this type of addiction. However, it is our hope that you understand the graveness of it. An Amytal addiction threatens your life every single day that it is allowed to continue, but we can help you overcome it.

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