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Where Big Brother’s Adam Jasinski’s Journey with Drugs Landed Him

Where Big Brother’s Adam Jasinski’s Journey with Drugs Landed Him

In 2008, Big Brother winner Adam Jasinski seemed to have it all – at least before the rest of the story revealed where his journey with drugs landed him. What follows is both a cautionary tale of drug addiction and a message of hope for those struggle with substance use disorders. If appearances are to be believed, Adam Jasinski was on top of the world in 2008. He had just won half a million dollars for winning Big Brother, a reality television show. On the show, contestants spend three months in a house together, all while plotting against each other and voting one another out.

The Secret of Drug Addiction in Adam Jasinski’s Life

In Big Brother 9, Adam laid low in the initial weeks of the contest, but ultimately took home the grand prize – $500,000 and a motorcycle. Described by his brother as a salesman and a hustler, few of his friends and family were surprised that he came out on top. Through all of this, Adam had a secret: he was addicted to drugs. He used most of his prize money to buy pills. Just a year after winning big on Big Brother, he was arrested for trying to sell 2,000 oxycodone pills. The bad news is he was sentenced to four years of prison. The good news is Adam Jasinski is now eight years sober and encouraging others in recovery.

Adam Jasinski’s Downward Journey with Drugs

By the time he went on Big Brother in 2008, Adam had struggled with a substance use disorder for years. As a teenager, he smoked weed almost constantly. Later on, Adam used and abused any drug that he could get: heroin, LSD, and even cocaine. “Everything was always up and down, things would seem to go well for a while when I was partying and then I would crash. I would use it for a while,   then be clean, but every single time I went back to using it was worse than before.” ~ Adam Jasinski on his early years as a drug user For years, Adam had an undiagnosed bipolar disorder – he tried to self-medicate using any drug he could get his hands on. After winning the prize money on Big Brother, obtaining these dangerous drugs suddenly became much easier. marijuana

From Big Brother Winner to Incarcerated Drug Dealer

Adam used some of the $500,000 to invest in property, but he admits that he used most of the money to buy drugs. He soon realized that he had enough to buy huge quantities of drugs and sell them at a profit. This is how Adam Jasinski went from being a Big Brother winner to a drug dealer – and hit rock bottom in the process. It was not long before Adam’s activity with drugs caught the attention of the Drug Enforcement Administration. In 2009, Adam was arrested for attempting to sell 2,000 oxycodone pills to a DEA informant. He pleads guilty and was sentenced to four years in jail. It turns out this turn of events helped Adam turn his life around for the better.

The Big Brother Winner Moves Toward Sobriety

After his arrest, Adam posted a $200,000 bond to be able to attend an inpatient drug treatment program. This may have been the best decision of his life – and may have even saved his life. “Everyone says rehab doesn’t work. Rehab totally works, what doesn’t work is what happens afterwards. What I do every day is what keeps me sober, aftercare is what matters.” ~ Adam Jasinski on his drug rehab Adam found the professional help that he needed in this drug rehab program. He learned how to accept his past mistakes and how to avoid triggers for drug use moving forward. More than that, Adam focused in on his mental health. His dual diagnosis may have played into his mistakes in the past, but it did not keep him from turning his life around. drug_rehab

A Changed Story: Adam Jasinski After Recovery from Drug Addiction

Today, Adam has been sober for nearly eight years. He did not continue in the downward spiral that his journey with drugs had taken him. Instead, the reality show winner used the arrest and incarceration as a learning experience and a turning point in his life. “It took a catastrophic event and a healthy prison sentence to change him. Before his arrest, he thought he was untouchable.” ~ Jared Jasinski, Adam’s brother Today, Adam is using his life experience to help others struggling with similar substance abuse issues. He is writing a book for parents dealing with addicted children, creating a workbook for teens and young adults struggling with addiction, and volunteers as a mentor at a drug addiction treatment center. Adam’s journey with drugs may have been a slow progression, especially since he has struggled with drug dependence from a young age. Later in life, money did not fix his problems – in fact, it probably made them worse. But ultimately Adam learned from his life experience, went through rehab, and is now the better for it. If you see any element of Adam’s story in yourself or someone you love, it may be time for an addiction assessment. Professional help for addiction is never out of reach.