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9 Touching Gift Ideas to Encourage Someone Sober in Your Life

9 Touching Gift Ideas to Encourage Someone Sober in Your Life

Recovery from a substance use disorder can be an incredibly difficult process for anyone. And if you’re battling it alone, it’s even harder to keep clean. That’s why the encouragement and support of friends and family is integral to a successful treatment program. Harnessing the power and love that come from these social connections can be the foundation from which an addiction sufferer can build their new, sober life upon. While attending meetings and regularly checking in with someone in recovery can be especially helpful, sometimes all it takes to give them the inspiration they need is a simple gift. This list of gifts for those in recovery will help you find that perfect expression of your support so that they can keep on fighting.

1. A Gym Membership

Research has shown that a combination of exercise and good nutrition are both incredibly effective at staving off cravings and ensuring the success of a rehabilitation program. As such, a one month membership to a local gym, yoga class, or fitness club can be a great way to not only help with recovery, but improve their overall health as well.

2. A Young Plant

Few gifts truly symbolize the prospect of starting a new life like a young plant. With each passing day, it makes a little more progress, just like your special someone. Beyond the symbolism though, a plant will also give them something to care for other than themselves which can always be a welcome relief for a time. A Young Plant

3. Gifts That Remind Them of Happy, Sober Times

One of the most meaningful sober gifts you can give them is a reminder of happy times when they weren’t under the influence. It could be a day at the beach, a road trip, or even just a lazy Sunday. The point to convey here is that being happy and sober at the same time is still possible. Gifts That Remind Them of Happy, Sober Times

4. An Inspirational Book

Few things are as inspiring and motivational as a good book. Whether it’s fiction or nonfiction, deals explicitly with addiction or not, or if it’s serious or whimsical, anything with a motivational message can be instrumental in the healing process. An Inspirational Book

5. Spending a Special and Sober Day Together

A gift doesn’t always have to be physical. In fact, one of the best sober gifts you can give a recovering addict is a day full of sober fun with you. Go to the movies, take a hike, or maybe go for a swim. As long as you’re showing them that fun can still be had without the use and abuse of substances, you’ll be sure to keep them moving towards recovery. 5. Spending a Special and Sober Day Together

6. A Donation in Their Name

One of the best ways to help yourself is by helping others. That’s why making a donation to a favorite charity can be a great way to keep your loved one inspired to make a full recovery.

7. Coffee or Tea Subscription

Oftentimes, someone going through rehabilitation will want to take up new hobbies and interests to help fill their lack of using. Coffee and tea are two of the most commonly adopted interests and a monthly subscription to a coffee or tea program is a great gift for those in recovery. Coffee or Tea Subscription

8. A Meditation Album

Meditation has been shown to be extremely helpful when dealing with the cravings brought on by recovery. Mindfulness meditation in particular can help individuals recognize emotions and environments that cause these cravings and it can also calm their mind so they won’t be as tempted to use. An album with meditation tracks, then, can be a great gift for anyone looking to quiet their mind and focus on recovery. A Meditation Album

9. An Honest Letter

Finally, a true declaration of honesty can mean the absolute world to someone struggling with addiction. Many people find themselves walking on eggshells around a recovering addict. So as long as you’re coming from a place of love and support, a letter full of truth and honesty just may end up being the best sober gift you can give. So remember, even if you can’t physically be there for someone during recovery, these expressions of support and love may keep that special someone both motivated and inspired to stay clean.