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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Information for Yakima, Washington

Yakima is a fertile valley, home to massive agricultural production, winery, and hops production. These latter two products make mind-altering substances an important part of the Yakima economy. But for many residents, the temptations of drugs and alcohol are overwhelming, not to mention life-altering. Addiction is a serious disease that requires help to move beyond. Rehab offers hope for positive change, and can help recovering drug or alcohol addicts move past addiction and into better lives.

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab and Treatment in Yakima, Washington

Known for its lush scenery and busy agricultural scene, Yakima is surprisingly large, boasting a population of 90,000, with a metropolitan population well over 200,000. Seventy-seven percent of all hops produced in the United States are grown here, so it should come as no surprise that alcoholism is a serious problem in this Washington city. About a fifth of adults struggle with alcoholism, and more than 10% of all adults who drink regularly become alcoholics. Teens are increasingly abusing alcohol in the area, with 16% admitting to drinking in the last month, and 10% engaging in regular binge drinking episodes. Alcohol detox combined with the right alcohol treatment program, can help you get sober. The cost of treatment is lower than you think.

Marijuana is legal in Yakima, thanks to statewide legislative changes in 2012. While this has freed up police resources to pursue other drug offenses, it has also taken the focus off of marijuana as an addictive drug. More than half of the Yakima population has smoked marijuana at least once, and about 5% of those smokers eventually develop an addiction. Like several other Washington cities, Yakima has experienced a recent surge in heroin addiction, with rehab admissions for opiate abuse increasing 27% over the last five years. Whether you need heroin rehab, marijuana rehab, prescription drug rehab, or meth rehab, now is the best time to pursue a drug treatment program.

There's no denying that drug and alcohol use play significant roles in the Yakima subculture. Consequently, many Yakima residents struggle to get sober without help. They experience near-constant pressure to abuse drugs or alcohol, and some even find that they don't get the support they need from family and friends. Rehab, though, makes recovery possible, by blending strong support, skilled treatment, and a break from the pressures of everyday life.

Why Should I Seek Alcohol Rehab in Yakima, Washington?

Don't be fooled by alcohol's legal status. Alcohol is a drug, just like any other drug, and it kills almost 100,000 people every year - many more than most street drugs. It's also a contributing factor in thousands more deaths, by leading to suicidal thoughts, harming drinkers' organs, and contributing to chronic and terminal diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disorders.

Alcohol is omnipresent in Yakima, though, serving as a ready source of entertainment, a form of comfort, and a freely available social lubricant. It's not wonder, then, that many addicts struggle to get clean, experiencing temptation to use nearly constantly. Rehab, though, makes long-term sobriety possible. Alcoholism is a disease, not a personal choice. As such, it requires skilled treatment. Rehab helps addicts learn to identify and ignore triggers for drinking, uncover healthier strategies for coping with stress, and understand why they chose to start drinking to excess in the first place.

Many Yakima residents, though, wish to delay treatment. They either hope that they'll suddenly get better or can't bear the thought of attempting to give up alcohol. Alcoholism harms your judgment, though, convincing you you can do it alone or that your disease isn't really all that serious. Rehab helps you ignore these unhealthy thoughts. Don't let alcohol lie to you another day. Rehab offers hope for a brighter future, but you must be willing to first admit that you have a problem.

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Why Should I Seek Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Yakima, Washington?

Like alcoholism, drug addiction is a serious disease, not a choice. Drug addicts' bodies steadily develop a dependence on the drug, and suddenly quitting can yield nearly unbearable psychological and physiological consequences. It's no wonder, then, that so many addicts continue using drugs in spite of serious - and even life-altering - consequences. 2.5 million people are seen in emergency rooms every year due to their drug addictions, and drug addiction remains the leading cause of accidental death in the U.S. Allowing your addiction to go untreated simply exposes you to more risks, and increases the odds of experiencing relationship, financial, or legal consequences due to your continued use of drugs.

Denial is powerful, and one common symptom of drug addiction is the inability to acknowledge that drug use is a problem. Some addicts are adamant that they can stop any time. This is obviously untrue, though, since no one would willingly choose the risks and negative consequences of drug use. Others are insistent that the drug they use isn't really addictive, or that they don't take drugs at high enough doses to become addictive. Addiction is defined not by the drug you use, though, but by how that drug affects you. Yakima residents routinely become addicted to many drugs, including:

  • Marijuana
  • Meth
  • Crack
  • Cocaine
  • Synthetic marijuana
  • PCP
  • Prescription drugs such as Ritalin, Valium, Klonopin, and painkillers.

If you're still on the fence about whether you're an addict, take a long, hard look at the way your drug use affects your life. A defining trait of addiction is the choice to continue using drugs despite negative consequences. Many addicts also develop psychological or physical dependencies on drugs. Some other clues you're an addict include:

  • Psychological or physical withdrawal symptoms when you try to stop using.
  • Fights with loved ones over your drug use.
  • Needing a higher dosage of the drug to get the same results you once got with a smaller dose.
  • Experiencing strong, severe drug cravings, particularly when you go several hours without using.
  • Being unable to concentrate when you're craving drugs.
  • Trying to quit using drugs, but relapsing or being unable to quit.
  • Experiencing guilt, shame, or anxiety about your drug use.
  • Lying to loved ones about your drug use.
  • Feeling abnormal or like you're not yourself when you can't use drugs/
  • Breaking the law - such as by "doctor-shopping" for prescription drugs -- to get drugs.

Our Facility and Location

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What Happens in Rehab?

Just as every addict is unique, so too is every rehab facility. Some prioritize spiritual well-being or adopt a holistic approach, while others are more bare-bones operations solely focused on getting you sober. Choose a place that matches your values and a which you feel comfortable. Some services commonly offered in most rehab facilities include:

  • Individual therapy so you can understand why you abuse drugs or alcohol, how you can resist temptation, and what you can do to avoid relapsing.
  • Medical assistance through the detox process, in addition to medical supervision and management of any medical conditions you have, including mental health conditions.
  • Support groups, both formal and informal, that offer you wisdom and support from peers who have faced similar challenges.
  • Assistance creating and implementing a plan for your long-term sobriety.
  • Family education programs to help your loved ones better understand the nature of addiction.
  • Activities to take your mind off of your cravings, educational programs to help you achieve career goals, and physical activities to keep you healthy.

Rehab normally requires a commitment of between 30 and 45 days, but your situation may be different. Factors such as age, health, personality, the drugs you use, and the philosophy of the rehab you've chosen can all affect the length of your stay. Rehab is a voluntary undertaking, meaning you can check out whenever you want. However, your treatment team will let you know when you're ready to check out. Avoid checking out against medical advice. Instead, wait until you're sure you're prepared to live independently and soberly.

Do I Need Rehab?

If you're like many Yakima addicts, you're probably overwhelmed by the prospect of checking yourself into rehab. Maybe you view doing so as a sign of weakness or failure. It takes great courage to admit you need help, and for many struggling addicts, rehab is the only way to get clean. Some signs that you may need rehab to achieve sobriety include:

  • Your living environment is so filled with addiction, dysfunctional, abusive, that it makes getting sober on your own seem impossible.
  • You have mental or physical health problems that interfere with your life or that you rely on drugs or alcohol to cope with.
  • You have previously relapsed, or have previously failed to get sober on your own. .
  • You've experienced withdrawal symptoms.
  • You mix alcohol and drugs.
  • You attend important events high or drunk.
  • You prioritize drugs or alcohol above other pursuits, such as previously enjoyed hobbies, family functions, or career goals.
  • Your friends and family do not support, or actively undermine, your sobriety plans.

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Why Choose Northpoint?

Conveniently located in Boise, Idaho, Northpoint affords Yakima residents a chance to escape a stressful environment and relax in a setting solely focused on recovery. We aim to minimize the cost of rehab so that everyone can get the treatment they need.

We help free you from the disease of addiction, helping you develop the skills you need for a life of sobriety. By the time you leave our doors, you'll be ready to deal with even the most challenging temptations. Northpoint offers you a chance to replace the dull whine of peer pressure with the safety and reassurance of a trained staff and competent care.

We rely on evidence-based practices, and we believe that no addict is beyond help. We never quit working for you, even when the going gets tough. We'll walk alongside you, step by step, helping you put the pieces of a broken life back together again. We work with both men and women, and we've helped addicts from all walks of life.

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