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Are You Interested in Addiction Recovery? All About Drug Rehab in Washington

Perhaps you've recently started on your journey to recovery after attending drug rehab in Washington. Or, it's possible that you're just now contemplating making the important decision to attend a Washington drug rehab facility. Either way, and no matter where you find yourself in your struggle with overcoming your addiction, this article is for you.

One of the things many people have questions about prior to beginning treatment, during treatment or even after addiction treatment in Washington is the future. What happens after they've left their Washington substance abuse treatment facility? You may have found yourself wondering about the answer to that same question. In fact, fear of the future and what you can expect might be what has kept you from pursuing treatment for your addiction in the first place. Hopefully the information you find here will help to shed some light on the subject so that you can be well-informed about what you can expect and what some of your options might be.

First, let's talk a little bit about the different types of Washington drug treatment programs that are available to you.

Drug Rehab in Washington: Types of Addiction Treatment

There are all kinds of Washington drug rehab facilities and treatment options to choose from. Not all of them are perfect for everyone, and you may have some specific personal needs or addiction needs that make one more favorable than the others. Regardless of what your treatment needs are, there is a program that's right for you.

There are so many different drugs that cause addiction, and everyone's drug of choice is going to be different. For that reason, Washington drug rehab covers a variety of areas, and they include:

  • Prescription drugs rehab in Washington
  • Crystal meth rehab in Washington
  • Marijuana treatment in Washington
  • Heroin rehab in Washington
  • Cocaine treatment in Washington
  • Alcohol rehab in Washington

That is certainly not an exhaustive list, but it does include some of the major ones that are available to you.

Different types of Washington State drug rehab facilities exist as well, which is helpful because not everyone has the same needs or can engage with the same type of program. They include:

Inpatient addiction treatment in Washington - This usually involves a stay of about a month within a drug rehab in Washington. You will stay on the property during that time and participate with activities, group meetings and therapy. The benefit to inpatient treatment is that you won't have much contact with the outside world, except in controlled situations. This makes it nearly impossible for you to use drugs or relapse. You'll also have the benefit of gaining new friendships with the people who are at the facility, which is always a plus because their goals are the same as yours.

Drug Detox in Washington State - Withdrawal symptoms are difficult, and depending on the type of drug you were using, your withdrawal symptoms might be better or worse than someone else. Some people find that they handle withdrawal very well, but others require a more hands-on approach in a medical setting. The detoxification process involves using a variety of tactics, and they can even put you under general anesthesia while you receive medications to help with the side effects. Usually, this procedure is used for people who have been using drugs for a long period of time, or for whom the thought of withdrawal symptoms is something they don't think they can handle. Drug detox is also helpful in cases where medical intervention might become immediately necessary.

12 step meetings in Washington - No matter what type of Washington drug rehab program you become a part of, eventually it will most likely be encouraged for you to begin attending 12 step meetings. Many drug and alcohol facilities make these meetings a mandatory part of the treatment you receive, whether you're going to an inpatient program or an outpatient drug rehab in Washington. 12 step meetings are very helpful for many people, and for those who are successful after their treatment has ended, a lot of them credit these meetings with being responsible for a major part of their success.

Outpatient drug treatment in Washington - Outpatient drug rehab in Washington usually consists of a requirement to attend 12 step meetings, which will give you group therapy, as well as one on one time with a counselor. Depending on your situation and whether or not you require outpatient drug detox, you may even work with a medical doctor. Addiction counseling in Washington is a big part of outpatient treatment for many reasons, some of which we've already discussed. Your drug use is most likely due to some type of underlying problem that you're attempting to find relief from. Your counseling will help you find out what that problem is so that it can be properly addressed and dealt with.

All of these forms of Washington drug rehab programs provide you with the accountability you need to get clean and sober and to stay away from drugs and/or alcohol once you've completed them. Accountability is important, but support and knowledge are equally important. You'll have a wonderful combination of the three of them when you attend your chosen form of drug treatment.

Afterwards, you'll probably find that your life will be dramatically different, which is what we'll cover in the next section of this article.

Drug Rehab in Washington: What to Expect

One of the keys of being successful after you've completed Washington drug rehab is learning how to relive your life without the use of any substances. That might sound easy, but it's definitely not. During your treatment, you'll work on many areas of your life, such as triggers that make you want to use drugs or situations or people you need to be avoiding when your treatment is completed. All of these play an important role in how you will function after drug rehab in Washington is over.

You'll notice many other things too, such as:

Renewed Relationships Now That You're Sober: If you think about it, you can probably count many different relationships that were ruined once you started abusing drugs, and once your abuse became an addiction, you probably even lost many of them. A big part of your treatment will be to apologize to those people for the pain that you caused them. A few of them may not be interested in renewing your relationship, but some of them will be, if not all of them. You'll be surprised at how many people really do understand how terrible addiction is, and they'll be happy that you've taken the time to get help for your addiction. Many people experience family relationships that are stronger than ever and friendships with people they haven't seen in years.

A Desire to Work and Do Good: For many people who suffer with addictions, going to work isn't always on the forefront of their minds. Some of them quit their jobs while others get disciplined to the point of getting fired. This is a normal part of life for an addict, but when you're in recovery, you'll probably find that your desire to work again returns. It might not happen immediately because recovery is a process that does take some time, but it happens eventually for most people. This is a great opportunity for you to make amends with a former employer or try out something in a field you've always wanted to work in. In a sense, it's as if you're starting over. You can be whatever you want to be, and many people even use the opportunity to finish their high school or college degrees so they can get an even better job.

A Yearning for Socialization - If you think back to the time when your addiction really began to take hold, you probably remember feeling like you preferred to be isolated from the world around you. The truth was you would rather be by yourself because that was the best way for you to use drugs and be in peace. Before you entered drug rehab in Washington, you might have even become something of a recluse, and maybe that's even what prompted you to seek help for your addiction. Now that you're in recovery, and you've experienced how fun it can be to hang out with other people and get to know them, you'll probably want to do that more often. You might be tempted to reconnect with some of the friends you used to use with, and many people in recovery will attempt to try and “win” those friends to the “other side.” This rarely works, and it's best for you to do everything you can to protect your quit and either find new social situations and new friends or rekindle relationships with people who don't use drugs.

A Return to Hobbies - What are the things in your life you used to enjoy? For some people it's as simple as going out to Bingo ever Friday night at the local church. For others, they enjoy things like scrapbooking, photography or simply taking their kids to the park as much as they can. These are the best things about life, and addiction has a way of making you want to leave them behind. When you're in recovery, you get to rediscover them all over again. In fact, you might find that you want to try new things that you never had the courage to try before. You might want to go rock climbing or take your kids camping for a week's vacation. No matter what it is, take the time to embrace your ability to return to the hobbies you once enjoyed so much, and pick up some new ones too.

Improved Health Once Drug Rehab in Washington is Complete - Finally you will also experience a dramatic and sometimes even a drastic improvement in your overall health and well-being. Whether you were in treatment for drug addiction or alcoholism in Washington, any type of substance abuse problem can be a real issue for your health. When you're in recovery, you'll notice that your hair, nails and skin begin to get healthier and when you look in the mirror, you'll notice that your eyes are no longer tired or bloodshot. Your weight will probably stabilize at a normal level because, depending on the type of drug you were using, you were most likely overweight or underweight. When you go to the doctor, he or she will be incredibly pleased with the improvement in your health. Although, it does need to be said that not all health problems are completely reversible, and it is possible that your drug use caused some damage that won't be undone. Even so, you'll feel better than you ever have when you were using drugs.

Whether you're in the middle of your drug rehab in Washington, or you're just not sure if you want to make the decision to get treatment yet, these are just a few of the benefits you'll experience once you're on the road to recovery. There are many more, and in fact, there are too many to list here. Probably the most important benefit is the simple fact that you will be doing something wonderful for yourself and for your family.

Once you've completed your time at drug rehab in Washington, your healing will continue. Recovery is a lifelong process for addicts, but it changes the way it looks over time. Eventually, you will become a source of hope and encouragement for someone who is struggling in much the same way as you are struggling right now. That might seem like it's a long way away, but it's really not. The most important thing for you to remember is that addiction carries with it a lifetime of regrets, but when you experience the joy of recovery, your life will truly never be the same again.

We would love the opportunity to work with you and show you how drug rehab in Washington could change your life. Please contact us if you would like additional information about a program that will work for you.