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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Information for Vancouver, Washington

Nestled along the Columbia River, Vancouver offers a picturesque vision of a waterfront town. But like many areas across Washington, Vancouver is home to a raging drug and alcohol problem. Many addicts believe that they're beyond redemption, but alcohol and drug rehab offers hope for recovery. Whether you need heroin rehab, cocaine rehab, meth rehab, or marijuana rehab, there's a program out there for you. Recovery from substance abuse is possible.

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab and Treatment in Vancouver, Washington

The fourth-largest city in Washington, this waterfront town is home to a diverse group of people, and caters to thousands of tourists every year. Beneath Vancouver's welcoming exterior, it conceals a damaging secret: addiction plagues the city. Fully half of Vancouver residents have smoked marijuana, with five percent of that group eventually developing an addiction. The city is also experiencing an uptick in heroin-related rehab admissions, and 16% of teens admit to drinking alcohol on a regular basis. A disturbing 10% of teens engage in binge drinking.

Drugs and alcohol undermine the quality of life in Vancouver, leading to arrests, family conflict, and a less safe culture. Many Vancouver residents, though, find that the ready availability of drugs and alcohol, coupled with nagging peer pressure and the ever-present draw of an addiction, can make it nearly impossible to get clean and sober without help. Recovery is possible, though. Rehab offers the help you need, by removing you from a toxic environment and providing competent, caring, and compassionate treatment.

Why Should I Seek Alcohol Rehab in Vancouver, Washington?

For many addicts, alcohol's status as a legal drug serves to belie its addictive nature. Though 10% of drinkers eventually become alcoholics - an addiction figure even higher than that for marijuana and some street drugs - 90% of Vancouver residents drink alcohol at least once per year. Alcohol causes 88,000 deaths annually, and is an indirect factor in thousands more. Drinking is a serious addiction, yet many alcoholics believe that they're weak or flawed because they can't give up alcohol on their own. Without help, though, alcoholics can undergo serious legal and health consequences. Rehab, though, makes kicking alcohol to the curb an achievable goal.

One of the most troubling things about alcohol addiction is that alcohol plays such a key role in everyday life. A social lubricant at parties, a source of comfort, and a target for celebrations, it can be tough to avoid alcohol. Rehab, though, helps addicts understand their triggers for use and devise effective strategies for resisting temptation.

Despite the promise of rehab, many alcoholics delay treatment for months or years, hoping for one more drink or one more chance to get sober on their own. But alcoholism distorts your thoughts, making it easy for you to minimize the effects of your disease. Each day spent drinking is a day spent not living life to its fullest. Alcoholism exposes you to serious health, legal, and financial risks, and no one deserves to live with constant risk and fear. Rehab really can change your life, but you have to ask for help first. The cost of treatment is nothing when compared to the cost of ongoing addictive disorders.

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Why Should I Seek Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Vancouver, Washington?

To an outsider, addiction can look like a choice. But no addict willingly chooses such a miserable affliction. Dependency on drugs colors addicts' judgment and insight, causing them to minimize the effects of addiction and continue using - even if they don't really want to. Each year, 2.5 million people are seen in emergency rooms due to drug use, and drug abuse is the leading cause of accidental death. Many people who die of drug addiction die while still insisting that they don't have a problem. You can avoid being one of their number by seeking rehab now.

Some Vancouver addicts argue that they're not addicts, just recreational users. Others insist that their drug of choice can't really be addictive - particularly if they abuse marijuana or prescription drugs. But addiction is not about the drug you use, but how your drug use affects you. Vancouver residents have sought help to overcome a variety of drug addictions, including:

  • Marijuana
  • Meth
  • Crack
  • Cocaine
  • Synthetic marijuana
  • PCP
  • Prescription drugs such as Ritalin, Valium, Klonopin, and painkillers.

Still on the fence about whether you need help? Consider that the defining trait of addiction is continuing to use a drug despite negative consequences. Addicts feel psychologically or physically dependent upon the drugs they use. Some additional signs that you may be an addict include:

  • Experiencing symptoms of withdrawal when you try to quit using or go an extended period without drugs.
  • Conflict with people you love about your drug use.
  • Having to continually increase your dosage to get the same effect.
  • Strong, severe drug cravings that get worse over time.
  • Difficulty concentrating when you can't use.
  • Lying about your drug use.
  • Feeling like you can't feel normal without drugs.
  • Feeling guilt, shame, or other negative emotions about your drug use.
  • Being unable to quit using drugs on your own.
  • Breaking the law to get drugs.
  • Continuing to use drugs despite health problems.

What Happens in Rehab?

Every addict is different, and so too is each rehab facility. Some adopt a holistic or alternative approach; others cut straight to the point, minimizing frills. There's no right place for everyone. Instead, your goal should be to chose a facility that matches your values and that is equipped to treat your unique cocktail of symptoms. No matter what facility you go with, expect to get, at minimum, the following services:

  • One-on-one therapy that can help you gain insight into your addiction and aid you in developing coping skills for resisting temptation.
  • Medical supervision through the detox process.
  • Medical care for any psychological or physiological health conditions you have.
  • Group support, in the form of group therapy, 12-step programs, informal support systems, or some combination of the three.
  • Education programs about the disease of addiction for you and your family.
  • Help developing a long-term sobriety plan that can aid you in staying sober when you check out.
  • Activities to help keep your mind off your cravings, such as art therapy or exercise.
  • Assistance planning for your short and long-term career and educational goals.

Rehab typically takes between 30 and 45 days, but the precise length of your stay will depend on individual factors, such as your health, personality, the drugs you use, how long you've been an addict, and the treatment philosophy of the center you've chosen. Your treatment team will let you know when you're ready to check out and begin living independently. Because rehab is voluntary, you can always check out against medical advice. The best way to stay sober for the long-term, though, is to follow your treatment providers' recommendations.

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Do I Need Rehab?

Many Vancouver addicts begin rehab under a veil of hopelessness. They believe they can't change or that rehab will be impossible. But rehab makes a lofty goal - that of sobriety - much more attainable, and the rehab process is much less painful than trying to get sober without help. Still not sure whether rehab is right for you? Rehab can help you achieve sobriety if:

  • You live in an abusive, dysfunctional, or addiction-addled environment that makes getting sober on your own difficult.
  • You have physical or mental health problems that you use your addiction to cope with.
  • You have a history of relapsing.
  • You're addicted to multiple drugs, or you routinely mix drugs and alcohol.
  • You're facing legal, financial, or health problems.
  • You've lost important relationships or opportunities because of your addiction.
  • You attend family events drunk or high.
  • You feel hopeless about your ability to maintain your long-term sobriety.
  • You neglect previously enjoyed hobbies because of drugs or alcohol.
  • You have people in your life who do not support your sobriety goals, or whose behavior or peer pressure makes achieving sobriety more difficult.

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Why Choose Northpoint?

Boise, Idaho-based Northpoint offers Vancouver residents respite from the stresses of daily life, providing an escape from peer pressure, family dysfunction, and other addiction triggers. Our convenient location removes you from a toxic environment, allowing you to get sober on your own terms as quickly and safely as possible.

We work with adult men and women from all backgrounds and walks of life, and we use only evidence-based practices. We know the struggles addicts face; we've already watched many addicts just like you go through the process. We also know that recovery is not only possible, but well within reach. No one is hopeless. Once a client checks into our facility, we never give up on them. Let us put or experience and skill to work for you. You deserve a break from the misery of addiction, and Northpoint offers just that.

Your new life begins with a phone call. Let us help you put the pieces of a broken life back together. Call us today! We're happy to discuss the cost of rehab, and will work with you to find affordable options for you.