Your Questions Answered About Women's Rehab in Tacoma, WA

Once you realize you have an addiction to either drugs or alcohol, you may begin to feel a bit panicked. Most women don't really mean to become addicted to any type of substance, and addiction can happen purely by accident. Even so, you may be thinking about going to women's rehab, but you have some questions that you'd like to get answered first.

Here at Northpoint Recovery, we want you to know that we're glad that you're interested in getting information about rehab for women. We're sure you'll find it to be a rewarding experience that will greatly change your life for the better. We'd also like to do our part to answer some of the questions we get asked most often.

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What Types of Addictions are Treated at Drug Rehab for Women in Tacoma, WA?

Quite often, we tend to think of certain types of addictions as being more severe than others. That means that many women never go on to get the help they really need. When you go to a women's addiction treatment center, you'll find that they treat all kinds of addictions, including:

  • Addictions to all types of alcohol
  • Addictions to cocaine or crack cocaine
  • Marijuana addictions
  • Addictions to heroin
  • Prescription medication addictions
  • Addictions to crystal meth

When You Need Drug or Alcohol Rehab for Women in Tacoma, WA, What's the Best Way to Start?

As you research women's rehab programs, you'll eventually find some that pique your interest. You need to know how to get started. While all women's rehab centers are going to do things differently, in general, you'll follow a few different steps:

  • Make the phone call or fill out an online form indicating your interest
  • Talk with someone in the admissions department
  • Complete an intake over the phone to determine what type of women's rehab you need
  • Wait until they contact your health insurance company to discuss your benefits for their women's recovery center
  • Schedule your admission date

Please keep in mind that you shouldn't have to wait a long time to be admitted. The best women's drug rehab centers should be able to get you in right away.

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How Do You Know You're a Candidate for a Women's Treatment Center in Tacoma, Washington?

While you may have gone to NA or AA, women often just sense that they need to think about getting a higher level of addiction treatment. Even so, you might not be sure that you're even a candidate to become a patient at one of the many women's rehab centers in Tacoma. If you're unsure, this checklist can help you determine your eligibility.

Have you ever:

  • Found it necessary to hide your drug or alcohol use from the people who love you?
  • Lied about whether or not you were using drugs or alcohol?
  • Struggled with your job or school because of your dependence on substances?
  • Lost important relationships in your life because you were unwilling to stop drinking or using alcohol?
  • Had financial problems because of the amount of money you're spending on drugs or alcohol each month?
  • Experienced withdrawal symptoms when you haven't used drugs or alcohol in a while?

If you answered "yes" to even one item on this list, you are a candidate for women's rehab programs, and you should definitely get professional help.

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What Qualities Indicate the Best Women's Drug Rehab Centers in Tacoma, Washington?

You might not be sure about what qualities you should look for in women's drug rehab centers; especially if this is the first time you've ever gotten professional help. You should only consider facilities that will participate with your health insurance to help minimize your costs. You should also opt for women's drug rehab programs that are accredited, and that have a high staff to patient ratio with a small population. Finally, choose a rehab for women that's modern in both its design and the way they approach treating addictions.

Does Northpoint Recovery Offer Women's Drug Rehab in Tacoma, WA?

Northpoint Recovery does offer women's rehab programs in Tacoma, and if you're in need of professional help, you can rest assured that you're in good hands. We've helped so many women turn their backs on their addictions, and we're confident that we can do the same thing for you too.

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