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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Information for Spokane Valley, Washington

Addiction destroys lives, wrecks families, and costs addicts dearly. This terrible disease is a daily reality of life in Spokane Valley. Many residents struggle with addiction, and if you're trying to give up drugs and alcohol once and for all, you're not alone. Drug and alcohol treatment programs offer the fresh start you need to move into a happier, healthier, more gratifying life.

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab and Treatment in Spokane Valley, Washington

Incorporated just over a decade ago, Spokane Valley has seen a surge in growth, growing to a 2010 population of just over 90,000. Like many cities, though, with this surge in growth has also come a surge in drug use. Drinking is rampant, with 90% of the population at least periodically consuming alcohol, and 10% of drinkers eventually becoming alcoholics. Though Spokane Valley legalized marijuana in 2012, marijuana addiction is still a problem. Addicts no longer face jail time, but they also have a decreased incentive to seek help for marijuana abuse.

Harder drugs also proliferate in Spokane Valley. Notably, the area has seen an up-tick in heroin use, with admissions to heroin rehab facilities near Spokane Valley increasing 27% over the last five years. About 15% of adults use an illegal street drug, and 16% of teens regularly drink. A shocking 10% of high schoolers admit to binge drinking once a month.

This culture of drug use and abuse - a culture that proliferates not just in Spokane Valley, but also across the country - is a major impediment for addicts trying to get clean and sober. Temptation, peer pressure, and near-constant triggers make it tough to resist the omnipresent lure of drugs or alcohol. Rehab, though, helps addicts get clean, develop the skills that can help them resist temptation, and eventually move past thoughts of ever using again.

Why Should I Seek Alcohol Rehab in Spokane Valley, Washington?

Alcohol is such an important part of our culture that it's easy to forget its potential to be a dangerous drug. Alcohol plays a prominent role at even the most innocent functions, serving as a social lubricant, a way to celebrate, and a ready tool for drowning your sorrows. This constant presence of alcohol can blind alcoholics to the drug's dark and dangerous side. It also makes avoiding triggers for alcohol use much more difficult than avoiding triggers for the use of other drugs.

Don't let alcohol's legal status fool you, though. Alcohol is very addictive. The disease of alcoholism gives rise to immense pain, and withdrawal symptoms can undermine and endanger alcoholics' health. Even more frightening, alcohol directly causes 88,000 deaths every year, and plays an indirect role in untold thousands of injuries, diseases, and mental health challenges.

No one willingly chooses to become an alcoholic, but once you become an addict, getting clean on your own is extremely challenging - perhaps even impossible for some in Spokane Valley. Drug rehab offers hope for recovery, making the process as painless as it can possibly be.

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Why Should I Seek Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Spokane Valley, Washington?

Drugs don't just get you high. They also destroy your judgment. Many addicts believe that their drug use isn't a problem or that they can stop any time they want to. But addiction is a powerful draw, not to mention a disease. Every year, emergency rooms see 2.5 million drug addicts, and drug addiction has been the leading cause of accidental death in the U.S. for years. Many of these people must have believed that they didn't have a problem; they didn't need help. Drugs cause you to lie to yourself; don't believe their lies. If you're abusing drugs, you need help.

Particularly for addicts who abuse marijuana or prescription drugs, rehab can be challenging. These addicts may believe they're not really addicted, or that it's ridiculous for them to have become addicted to an innocuous drug. Any mind-altering substance can be addictive, though; Spokane Valley residents commonly go to rehab to manage addictions to:

  • Meth
  • Crack
  • Cocaine
  • Synthetic and natural marijuana
  • PCP
  • Prescription drugs such as Valium, Klonopin, Ambien, and painkillers.

The defining characteristic of addiction is the choice to continue using in spite of negative drug use consequences. Some other signs that you're a drug addict include:

  • Withdrawal symptoms when you try to quit or can't use for a while.
  • Fights with loved ones about your drug use or behavior.
  • Organizing your life around when you'll next be able to use.
  • Feeling like you need drugs to be normal or yourself.
  • Lying about your drug use.
  • Feeling out of control, anxious, or depressed.
  • Failing to quit despite trying your best.
  • Using drugs to manage the symptoms of mental or physical health challenges.
  • Breaking the law - such as by prescription shopping - to get drugs.

Whether you need meth rehab, prescription drug rehab, heroin rehab, cocaine rehab, or marijuana rehab, today is always the right time to pursue a drug treatment program. Drug detox is the first step, and once you've taken that powerful step toward recovery, the journey becomes much easier. Even if you're worried about the cost of treatment, know that the cost of rehab is surprisingly affordable and that each day you delay treatment, your substance abuse becomes more challenging to treat.

What Happens in Rehab?

No two rehab facilities are exactly alike. Instead, each is designed to serve the needs of a unique set of addicts. Some facilities are holistic ventures, offering everything from art therapy to spiritual education. Others focus on the basics of sober living, while still others look more like vacation resorts than medical facilities.

Find a place at which you feel comfortable, and which matches your beliefs and values. An atheist, for example, will likely feel uncomfortable at a Christian recovery center. No matter which facility you choose, though, good rehab centers typically offer at least the following services:

minimum, offer at least the following:

  • Support groups, group counseling, or 12-step programs that enable you to benefit from the wisdom and experience of other recovering addicts.
  • Medical assistance to manage symptoms of physical or mental health problems, in addition to medical supervision as you undergo detox.
  • Assistance and encouragement to create, implement, and adjust a long-term sobriety plan.
  • Individual counseling to help you understand why you use drugs or alcohol and what you can do to resist temptation in the future.
  • Education about addiction for your family and other loved ones.
  • Family counseling.
  • Daily activities, such as horseback riding or art, that can help you avoid fixating on your desire to use drugs or alcohol.
  • Help planning for your academic or vocational future.

Rehab typically takes between 30 and 45 days. Each addict and facility is different, though, and the amount of time you'll be in rehab depends on factors such as your health, age, the drugs you use, and the treatment philosophy of the facility you've chosen. Rehab is voluntary, so you won't be held against your will. However, your treatment team will let you know when you're ready to check out. If you check out before then, you might not have much luck remaining sober for the long-term.

Do I Need Rehab?

Many Spokane Valley addicts don't want to admit that they are powerless over their addiction, though doing so is a key preliminary step to getting clean. Others fear the process of rehab itself. It's not surprise, then, that many addicts only come to rehab when they've hit rock bottom. This approach, though, makes recovery more challenging. The best time to seek help is now. Some signs that you may need rehab to get clean include:

  • A history of failing to quit or relapsing.
  • Mixing alcohol with drugs, or being addicted to multiple drugs.
  • An addiction to a drug your doctor prescribed.
  • Being an addict for several years.
  • Experiencing withdrawal when you try to quit or cut back.
  • Feeling hopeless, anxious, or depressed.
  • Experiencing addiction-related health, legal, or money problems.
  • Losing important relationships because of drugs.
  • Experiencing other negative life changes because of your drug use.

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If you're like most addicts, your home environment contributes to your addiction by exposing you to peer pressure, stress, and similar risk factors. Boise, Idaho-based Northpoint Recovery offers you respite from the stress of life at home, removing you from peer pressure or a toxic environment.

We work with adult men and women, and we believe no one is beyond hope. We've seen the hard cases, and we know recovery is possible, even for the most down-and-out addicts. We never give up, and we inspire our clients to keep trying, keep going, and keep progressing. Sobriety is just one part of the process; we also work with you to begin repairing the damage addiction has caused to your life and planning for a brighter, drug and alcohol-free future.

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