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Shelton Rehab and Addiction Recovery Guide

Rehab Recovery Guide for Addiction in Shelton, WA

Addiction recovery information in Shelton, WA is designed to help those who are dealing with addiction problems. In Washington State, there are problems with many substances including; opioids, meth, alcohol, and benzodiazepines. There are more people dying from overdose than traffic accidents when we look to accidental death statistics.

Doctors have continued to prescribe opioid painkillers. The numbers of these prescriptions have increased since 1999. These types of drugs are highly addictive and has lead normal people to purchase heroin on the streets. This is just one of the reasons that addiction recovery treatment in Shelton is so necessary.

There are many forms of help for addiction in Shelton. This includes doctors, counselors and facilities that can specifically help you with recovery. When you’re abusing any kind of drug, legal or not, this becomes addiction. It’s treatable but it does take effort on your part. You’ll need support to get past the layers of physical and psychological problems. You don’t have to do this alone. The government and private clinics offer you help in many ways. Your insurance company is obligated to cover you for some form of addiction recovery thanks to new health care laws. If you’re looking for help with addiction recovery in Shelton, WA, we can help you find it. This guide has information on detox, addiction rehab, as well as AA and NA meetings in or around Shelton.

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Shelton Drug and Alcohol Detox Centers

Abusing drugs will eventually cause addiction. When you stop trying to use the substance, your body and mind will put you through withdrawal because of their dependency to it. Withdrawing from substances like alcohol or benzodiazepines can cause delirium tremens which are dangerous seizures. Going to a detox center is the best option for comfort and safety. An inpatient detox in Shelton ensures that you have the support you need 24/7. This is comforting when you’re dealing with overwhelming withdrawals.

Detox in Washington may also involve addiction counselors. They can start to help you sift through the emotional reasons for your addiction. Psychological factors are often the reason that addiction can occur. While a detox center is for the sole purpose of getting the toxic substance out of the body, they can refer you to a rehab center after. Some facilities have the detox center within their rehab setting. This makes it an easy transition for addicts.

This section is going to give you all the information you need if you’re looking for rehab programs in Washington. Managing recovery from addiction on your own isn’t recommended. Even if you have a supportive family, they aren’t equipped with the tools to really help you. The best help they can offer is to stage an intervention and get you into detox and onto rehab. It often takes professional help to really recover from addiction.

Quitting on your own isn’t recommended and there are dangerous risks that are associated with withdrawing from some substances. Professional detox means that you’ll be monitored the whole time. For overall success in your recovery, you should have various treatments. This includes medical, psychological and support from peers. This means going to detox, rehab, and group meetings to maintain your sobriety.

When you do residential addiction treatment, you’ll be staying in the clinic as you recover. You’ll get medical treatment if you need it when withdrawal symptoms get to be too much. This is the detox process which usually lasts 5-7 days. When you do detox at an inpatient program, you’ll have constant monitoring which is the safest method. 

There will be counselors at some of the clinics you go to. This is to help you with the psychological part of addiction. This can last anywhere from 14-90 days. Generally the rehab will last 28 days provided there are no complications such as dual diagnosis. An inpatient rehabilitation program is best for those who have let addiction get out of control. They may have been battling addiction for quite some time or just want to get past addiction quickly. 

It’s possible that your insurance covers a program like this. This means you’ll pay very little or nothing at all to get the best treatment. If you’re interested in knowing more about Shelton inpatient rehab or want to verify your insurance, we can help.

The PHP program is a halfway program. You’ve completed an inpatient rehab program but you still need more support. You have more freedom in this program and can choose what kind of treatments you want. If you have family and work obligations, this is an excellent program. You are still able to put some focus on your recovery and maintain all the responsibilities in your life.

Again, this  program is good if you’ve previously been through a residential program. There is an intensive outpatient program also that’s more like an inpatient program. Counseling and group meetings are longer and more intense. Both of these outpatient options are good for those who can’t afford inpatient rehab or need to be at home while managing addiction recovery. You have greater freedom with outpatient programs and you can do your recovery on an as-needed basis. 

If you have a major addiction with complicated disorders alongside of it, it’s important to go with inpatient rehabilitation. The triggers you may experience at the beginning of your recovery might be too much to handle and relapse is more likely. 

When you have minimal side effects from withdrawal, a detox center may not be necessary. You may opt to just go to rehabilitation for the psychological issues that keep you imprisoned by your substance of choice. You may not need either. There are AA and NA meetings in Shelton that can help you address your addiction. They can be used after rehab as part of your maintenance program.

Shelton Resource Profile

AA Meetings

AA was the first twelve step group. It is a support network of men and women. There are counselors and peers that help you on your recovery journey. It’s good to have the support from people that understand what you’ve gone through.


7:00 pm
White Hill Group
First Baptist Church
178 Leavenworth Rd
Shelton, WA

7:30 pm
Shelton Step Group
Trinity Lutheran Church
183 Howe Ave
Shelton, WA


8:30 pm
Shelton AA Group
Trinity Lutheran Church
183 Howe Ave
Shelton, WA


7:30 pm
Just For Today Group
Congregational Church
269 Coram Ave
Shelton, WA


10:00 am
Spooner House
30 Todd Rd
Shelton, WA

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NA Meetings

After you’ve gone through drug addiction rehab, you’ll want to find a supportive environment to maintain your sobriety. Narcotics Anonymous is similar to AA but it’s specifically for drug abuse. You’ll get a lot of support through these meetings and build a positive community of people around you.


9:30 am
Veteran's Memorial Hall
206 West Franklin Street
Shelton, WA


7:15 pm
Mountain View Alliance Church
314 East J Street
Shelton, WA


11:00 am
United Methodist Church
1900 King Street
Shelton, WA


6:00 pm
Mason General Hospital
2110 Sherwood Lane
Shelton, WA

You might not be able to get the above meetings because of life’s obligations. If this is the case, SMART Recovery Meetings might be the best option for you. There are live meetings and online meetings available. They have a different outlook than 12-step meetings. Their focus is promoting motivation, problem solving and a balanced life. It is the belief that you can manage urges more easily through this process.

The closest meeting is as follows:


2:30 pm
JBLM Substance Abuse Prevention
2008B North 3rd Street,
Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA

There are also online meetings with SMART Recovery, Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and Al-Anon.

Al-Anon meetings are to support family members. They have the opportunity to speak their mind about the troubles they’ve experienced. They also learn how to best help the addict in their life.


12:00 noon
Episcopal Church
324 W Cedar St
Shelton, WA 98584

The Right Facility

Choosing a facility will take some thought. Do you want to be near home or do you want to get away so you can focus solely on getting sober? Many people want anonymity as they deal with addiction recovery. You might want your family nearby or you may want to focus on recovery. The decision is yours and there are options for you either way. If addiction rehab in Shelton doesn’t feel right, you don’t have to go far for treatment.

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Rehab in a clinical setting is one of the best options for your recovery. If you feel confident that it’s the right thing for you, you’ll want to go to a facility that meets your expectations. You’ll want the best help you can get and help that is designed specifically for your needs. Addiction is different for everyone, at NorthPoint Recovery, we understand that. We offer many proven effective treatment options. Contact us today and we can answer any of your questions. We can let you know if your insurance covers our program and offer a free addiction assessment.

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