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What is Drug Detox in Seattle, WA Like?

Once you've reached the place of realizing you need to get help for your addiction, you realize that there are a lot of options out there for you.

Drug detox in Seattle, Washington can be an excellent place to start, for a lot of reasons. It's possible that you never thought of going to drug detox. Many people believe their recovery begins with some type of inpatient or outpatient drug rehab. However, starting with detoxification helps to prepare your body for a life without drugs or alcohol in the proper way.

No matter how bad drugs or alcohol are for your body, your body grows accustomed to them over time. This process is the same process that causes you to become addicted in the first place. When you suddenly stop using, your body goes into withdrawal. As you detox from the drug, your body craves it, leading to symptoms such as dizziness, shaking, nightmares, night sweats, psychological distress, and strong drug cravings. The severity of withdrawal depends on the drugs you use; alcohol detox, for example, is usually more challenging than detoxing from marijuana.

Although drug detox is typically the most challenging step toward sobriety, it's also a powerful step toward a life free from drugs and alcohol. Most rehab facilities offer medical care that can help you get through the process of detox.

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What Happens During Drug Detox and Alcohol Detox in Seattle, WA?

When you first begin drug detox in Seattle, you'll find that you're surrounded by people who will give you the professional support you need. That should put your mind at ease and help you relax. Whether you have gone for drug detox or alcohol detox in Seattle, rest assured that you're in good hands. The staff will do everything possible to make this experience as comfortable for you as they can.

First Step for Drug Detox

It's possible that when you entered drug detox, your last use of drugs or alcohol was not that long ago. You were probably advised not to quit on your own (cold turkey) because of the adverse physical effects you might experience. Quitting cold turkey can lead to a lot of serious medical issues, including:

  • Heart irregularities
  • Stroke
  • Seizures
  • Tremors
  • Nausea with or without vomiting
During Drug Detox
Quitting Cold Turkey

It's much safer for you to quit while you're being supervised by professional alcohol and drug detox staff. That way, if you require any type of medical attention, they will be there to help you.

Please keep in mind that while withdrawal symptoms are typical whenever you stop using drugs like alcohol, cocaine, heroin or many types of prescription drugs, the staff at many detox centers in the State of Washington will be able to assist you through them. They use a variety of methods to do this.

What is Inpatient Drug Detox in Seattle?

For many people with addictions, their home environments cause them to feel trapped. They feel as though it’s possible to escape their substance abuse problems. This is partially why inpatient drug detox is such an important option for them. This allows them to change their focus so that they’re concentrating on their recovery goals.

Seattle, WA Drug Detox Information

If you choose to go through an inpatient detox, you may have a lot of questions. One of them might be, can I leave if I can’t manage it?. In most cases, patients are not permitted to leave during the process. It is essential for you to be monitored closely as you’re detoxing. This is for your own personal safety.

When you arrive, you’ll be assessed carefully by the intake staff as well as by a doctor. The medical team will want to know everything they can about your addiction and medical history. This will allow them to prescribe the right course of treatment for you. It’s so important to be completely honest about the type of addiction you’re struggling with. This will ensure that the medical staff knows what to expect from your withdrawal symptoms.

As far as how long you’ll be going through the detox process, this will be discussed with you. It all depends on a few different factors, including:

  • The type of drug you’ve been using.
  • How long you’ve been using it.
  • Whether or not you are also addicted to alcohol or any other drugs.
  • Your personal addiction and recovery history.
  • Various other individual circumstances.

You should find inpatient detox to be very beneficial for you. Most people appreciate having someone there to support them during this stage. Doctors are available to intervene when you experience serious issues, or if there is an emergency. Also, someone will always be there to talk with you and reassure you as the process continues.

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What is Outpatient Detox in Seattle?

Some patients are actually appropriate for an outpatient drug detox. If this is the case for you, it probably means a number of things. It could mean that:

  • Your withdrawal symptoms are expected to be mild.
  • You are at a low risk for experiencing any type of complications from withdrawal.
  • You have a solid support system at home to help you as you recover.
  • You are completely committed to your recovery from addiction.
  • You have never been through a drug relapse before.

You should know that this method is not right for everyone. Most people need the consistent professional support that comes from an inpatient stay. However, this method is available for you if it is believed it will work.

An outpatient detox in Seattle will involve regular check-ins with a doctor and other staff. You may be required to come to appointments several days a week until the symptoms have passed. Also, you may be required to participate in therapy at the same time.

You will be given strict instructions about how to proceed during the process. This might include taking medications to help with your symptoms. If you are an opiate addict, you may be prescribed opioid replacement therapy. You’ll also receive information on how to improve your diet and include more exercise each day. It’s so important for you to follow the recommendations you get to the letter. Remember, this information is coming from qualified professionals. They understand what it takes to detox from drugs. They only have your best interests at heart.

Drug Detox Methods

Methods of Drug Detox in Washington State Detox Centers

When you have been using drugs or alcohol for a period of time, your body naturally grows accustomed to having them on a regular basis. It takes some time for your body to realize a change when you quit using them, and it's normal for you to have withdrawal. Even so, there are a lot of different methods that can be used to minimize your withdrawal symptoms, and some of those methods are able to take them away altogether. Let's talk about a few of those methods.

Many people eat diets that are void of the nutrition, vitamins and minerals their body needs. That can be detrimental for someone who is addicted to drugs or alcohol. You'll notice that while you're in drug detox, your diet will be very healthy. You'll eat foods like fruits and vegetables, healthy grains and healthy meats. A well-rounded diet will provide your body with more of the nutrients it needs to reset itself and prepare for a life without drugs and alcohol.

Physical exercise is very important when you're going through drug detox. The State of Washington is absolutely beautiful many times during the year, so you can expect a lot of outdoor exercise to take place. You will also participate with meditation-type activities, such as Yoga. Yoga stimulates your mind in a different way than drugs and alcohol do, and it allows you to tap into a more spiritual side of yourself that you may not have ever known existed.

Sometimes it takes a little bit more than diet and exercise to help people over the hurdles of going through detox. In that case, medical detoxification is often used. Medications can be given to help address any withdrawal symptoms and significantly lessen their effects. These medications help to speed the process along, which means it's not necessary for you to stay on them long-term. In addition, medication can be given to specifically address any withdrawal symptoms you might be experiencing, such as headaches, anxiety or depression.

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How Long Detox Lasts

How Long Does a Drug Detox in Seattle, WA Last?

Seattle addicts are often frightened by the process of detox, and may worry that they won't make it. Detox is relatively short, though. Most drugs leave your system in less than a week, and some, such as marijuana or alcohol, take even less time. A few drugs, including opioids such as heroin, can take a little longer, but you'll never need more than about two weeks to detox. Regardless of how long it takes, many former addicts claim that going through drug detox was one of the best things they could have done to begin their recoveries.

What Happens Once Your Time in Detox is Over?

It would be great to think that you could go home after detox and be cured of your addiction. Unfortunately, that’s not the way addiction works. Your condition is a disease, and more treatment is required if you want to recover.

You will need to continue to some type of drug rehab program after you’ve gone through detox. This is important because detoxification is only going to address one part of the addiction. It will help you with the physical component. However, the psychological part will not be affected just because you went through a detox. This is why you need to go to rehab.

A high quality drug rehab will help you address the reasons behind your addiction. You’ll also learn a lot about the condition itself and how it works. Both steps should not be skipped in order for recovery to take place.

Finding an Alcohol Detox and Drug Detox in Seattle, Washington

Here at Northpoint Recovery, our goal is to provide you with excellent drug detox and alcohol detox services for those living in Seattle. We have an excellent team of professionals who can help you through this important time and make it a positive experience in your steps toward sobriety. We are also closer than you think.

It's understandable how traveling from Seattle to a different place for drug detox might seem difficult or even extreme. However, getting away to a beautiful drug detox center that was designed to promote a peaceful atmosphere during recovery might be just what you're in need of right now. Many have found it to be one of the best decisions they ever made. To learn more, please contact us.

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