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Addiction Resources in Pasco, Washington

Drug and Alcohol Resources in Pasco, Washington

Pasco, Washington - Pasco, Washington is found in Franklin County, and it is the county seat of that county as well. In 2016, the population was estimated to be about 70,500, and Pasco is a part of the Tri-Cities area. Pasco is famous for being an important part of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. It has two zip codes – 99301 and 99302.

Pasco, WA Addiction Help is Available

Many low-cost and even free resources exist that can help you on your recovery journey. You’re not alone, and you can find out here how to get help.

Get Drug and Alcohol Help in Pasco, Washington

Free Government Aid for Addiction Resources in Pasco, Washington

When most people are asked about why they failed to get help for their addictions, the answer is almost always because of money. Money should never stand in the way of you getting help for your addiction. Please visit SAMHSA.gov to get information about the Affordable Care Act, and how this law and other healthcare laws have been put into place to provide you with the protection and resources you need.

Locate Al-Anon Meetings in Pasco, WA

Al-Anon is an organization that offers support groups for anyone who has loved ones who are addicted to drugs or alcohol.

Sunday Candle Light AFG
1320 W. Henry St.
Pasco, Washington

More Family Resources

Locate Alateen Meetings Near Pasco, Washington

Alateen meetings were created to help children and teenagers who have family members who are in addiction recovery.

Thursday Night Alateen
First Lutheran Church
418 N. Yelm St.
Kennewick, Washington

Courage to be Me Alateen
Queen Anne Lutheran Church
2400 8th Ave. W.
Seattle, Washington

Steps to Freedom Alateen
Immanuel Lutheran Church
8310 Macarthur Blvd.
Vancouver, Washington

More Alateen Resources

Locate Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Meetings in/near Pasco, Washington

Narcotics Anonymous was created as a way to provide help and support for those who are struggling with addictions to drugs.

Church of Christ
7900 West Court St.
Pasco, Washington

First United Methodist Church
2 South Dayton St.
Kennewick, Washington

Prayer Watch Church
602 South Washington Street
Kennewick, Washington

Saint Joseph’s Catholic Church
520 South Garfield St.
Kennewick, Washington

More NA Resources

Online Support Groups

  • Online support groups offer a tremendous opportunity to connect with other individuals who are facing similar challenges.
  • SMART Recovery for self-managed recovery training
  • 12 Step Groups for those who need dual diagnosis recovery
  • Narcotics Anonymous

Locate Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Meetings Near Pasco, WA

Alcoholics Anonymous is an organization that has been helping alcoholics through their recoveries from addiction for decades.

Early Birds Group
First Congregational Church
73 S. Palouse St.
Walla Walla, Washington

Valley Eye Opener Group
Yokes Fresh Markets
9329 E. Montgomery Ave.
Spokane Valley, Washington

Eye Opener Group
Lewis-Clark Alano club
1435 Elm St.
Clarkston, Washington

The ER Group
Tri-State Hospital
Conference Room B
1219 Highland Ave.
Clarkston, Washington

More AA Resources

The Washington Addiction Recovery Help Line is: 1-866-789-1511

Get Drug and Alcohol Help in Pasco, Washington at Northpoint Recovery

If you’re in need of help for your addiction, you may feel as though you’ll never be able to stop using. While it’s true that addiction can seem like a never-ending cycle, it’s not too late to take control and get the assistance you need to quit. Recovery is possible, and here at Northpoint Recovery, we’d like the opportunity to help you with that.

If you would like to talk with us in more detail about Northpoint Recovery’s services, and how you can overcome your addiction, please contact us today.