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Lynnwood Rehab Guide

Lynnwood, Washington Rehab Guide with Resources for Addiction

Lynnwood, Washington is located in Snohomish County in the State of Washington. In 2010, the population was over 36,000, which made it the fourth largest city in the county, and the thirteenth largest in the state. The culture of Lynnwood is a mix of urban and suburban, and there are many professionals who live there and make their livings in Seattle.

Lynnwood is a quaint community that’s filled with good-hearted, hard working people. It is considered to be a part of greater Seattle. It has a long history of logging, which has carried through to this day.

If you live in Lynnwood, Washington, and you’re currently struggling with an addiction to either drugs or alcohol, getting help is the most important thing you can do for yourself. It might seem like a difficult task, and most people have a hard time even admitting that they need to get help for an addiction. However, the right kind of help is available for you, and it’s affordable too.

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Free or Low Cost Resources in Lynnwood, Washington

So many people wonder how they will ever be able to afford to get help for their addictions. The cost of rehab is such a common concern, but these individuals don’t realize that there are so many great resources available for them to help them recover. In addition to having the Affordable Care Act, which has required all health insurance policies to offer coverage to help pay for addiction treatment, there are many group therapy options, along with additional resources available for you as well.

Drug and Alcohol Detox in Lynnwood, Washington

Drug and alcohol detox is known as the very first step in addiction treatment. There are some types of addictions that require detoxification, and others that only recommend it. Drug and alcohol detox works by removing toxins from the body that have been left behind from the substances being used. The longer those toxins stay in the body, the longer the recovery period will be, and the more severe the withdrawal symptoms can become. Detox actually helps by shortening the duration of the withdrawal period and making recovery much more comfortable.

There are a number of different methods that can be utilized for drug and alcohol detox. Medical detox refers to using medications to purge the body of toxins and ease withdrawal symptoms, but this method can end up causing new addictions to the medications that are used. Holistic detox is an approach that utilizes diet and exercise as a way to detox the body naturally.

Information about Drug Rehab in Lynnwood, WA

Drug rehab is a service that is provided to those who are in need of addiction treatment for a drug addiction. It is useful for all different types of addictions, and each patient should receive a personalized treatment plan prior to starting any program. This ensures that the type of treatment that is being given is individualized and pertinent to the patient’s needs.

So many people don’t realize why they became addicted to drugs in the first place. This can be so frustrating for them, and it can make recovering from addiction nearly impossible. In drug rehab, the reasons behind the addiction will be uncovered so that true healing can take place. This is done by:

  • Ensuring each patient gets a proper diagnosis
  • Offering support to the patient during each stage of the recovery
  • Providing individual counseling sessions to each patient
  • Offering group therapy
  • Ensuring that adequate follow-up appointments take place

Information about Alcohol Treatment in Lynnwood, WA

Alcohol treatment services are available for anyone who has an alcohol addiction. Many who suffer with alcoholism don’t realize how dangerous it is. They live their lives being dependent on alcohol, and they often don’t realize that there is a way out, or even that they need a way out. Quite often, they have to endure personal, professional or legal hardships before they realize it.

Maybe you are addicted to alcohol, or you believe you are, but you’re not exactly sure. There are a few warning signs you can look for to determine whether or not you should consider alcohol treatment.

Have you: 

  • Tried to hide your alcohol use from those close to you?
  • Tried to stop using alcohol in the past?
  • Found that you need to drink larger amounts of alcohol to get drunk?
  • Experienced medical issues, but continue to drink anyway?
  • Been told you should consider getting professional help?
  • Lost a job, a relationship or experienced another loss because of alcohol? 

If so, alcohol rehab is the answer you’re looking for.

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Therapists and Clinicians Near Lynnwood, Washington that can Help

Professional therapists can also be a great resource for those who are suffering with addictions. Quite often, addictions have underlying causes, such as depression or anxiety. Talking with a therapist can help you understand the reasons behind your addiction.

These and other therapists located in Lynnwood, Washington accept many different insurance plans. However, they also usually take payments on sliding scales, to make getting help much more affordable for you.

AA, NA and Al-Anon Meetings in Lynnwood, Washington

Group therapy has shown to be very effective for those who are struggling with addictions. There are many different groups available in the Lynnwood area that deal with specific types of addictions.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)

Ed-Lynn Fellowship Group
Edmonds-Lynnwood Fellowship
Suite #114
19820 40th Ave. W.
Lynnwood, WA

On Awakening Group
Lynnwood Alano Club
Suite 6
4001 198th St. SW
Lynnwood, WA

AM AA Group
Lynnwood Fire Station #15
South Side
18800 44th Ave. W.
Lynnwood, WA

Additional information about AA meetings in Lynnwood, Washington can be found by visiting: http://www.simeetings.com/LA/WA/SoSnohomishCty+Mtgs.html 

Narcotics Anonymous Meetings (NA)

Good Shepherd Baptist Church
6915 196th St. SW
Lynnwood, WA

Edmonds Community College
20000 68th Avenue West
Lynnwood, WA

Lynnwood Alano Club
4001 198th St. SW
Lynnwood, WA

Additional information about Narcotics Anonymous meetings in Lynnwood, Washington can be found by visiting: http://www.naws.org/meetingsearch/ 

Al-Anon Meetings

Terrace View AFG
3215 Larch Way
Lynnwood, WA

Alderwood AFG
6915 196th St. SW
Lynnwood, WA

Al-Anon is a support group that was designed to provide help to those who have family members who struggle with addictions, or who are in recovery. Adults, teenagers and children are welcome to attend and participate.

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Lynnwood, WA Universities that Offer Help

Local colleges and universities in Lynnwood, Washington can be an excellent resource for students who need them. Many students don’t realize what’s available to them, as far as getting help through counseling, and Lynnwood has some wonderful schools that have great staff members who are standing by, ready to help.

Edmonds Community College is located in Lynnwood, Washington, and their counseling center is open to students. They offer free and confidential counseling services to help students who are struggling with situations in their personal lives. Students are invited to call 425-640-1358 to make an appointment with a counselor. They also have an urgent care line that can be called at any time. 

Central Washington University is also located in Lynnwood, Washington, and they offer a Student Medical and Counseling Center for anyone who is in need of counseling services. Their staff members are committed to meeting the needs of their students, and their services are very affordable. Anyone in need of counseling services can call 509-963-1886 to make an appointment.

Getting Assistance for Addiction Through Northpoint Recovery

When you have a drug or alcohol addiction, you quickly discover how fast it can take over your life. Before you know it, you’re a prisoner to your addiction, and you feel powerless to do anything about it. There are so many great resources out there that can help you if you’ve been battling an addiction. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been using drugs or alcohol for most of your adult life, or if your addiction is still quite new. Getting the right kind of help can make such a difference. Drug and alcohol rehab is the key to getting your life back on the right track.

Here at Northpoint Recovery, we provide alcohol and drug rehab services to those who need them. Our program was designed to offer you a comfortable setting for your recovery, and we strive to offer excellent services that have been proven to be successful in the lives of so many people.

If you would like to learn more about Northpoint Recovery, or how you can get started with drug and alcohol rehab, we would love to talk with you about your options. Please contact us today.