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How to Find Addiction Help in Granger, Washington

Granger, WA Addiction Resources

Addiction is rampant across Washington State. There are addiction resources in Granger that can help you overcome your habit.

Many Washingtonians struggle with addiction. In 2017 alone, nearly 800 local residents died of opioid overdoses. This statistic doesn’t even touch on the number of people who overdosed on other drugs. It doesn’t account for alcohol poisoning or non-fatal overdoses, either.

Unfortunately, a lot of addicts don’t know where to go for help. Many people suffer in silence until it’s too late.

But, there are plenty of places to go for addiction help. Granger is home to a lot of drug and alcohol detox and rehab programs. It’s also home to many Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings. If you struggle with addiction, these resources can help you.

Looking for addiction help in your area? This article will show you where you find support. Hopefully, it’ll help you start your recovery journey.

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Granger Drug and Alcohol Detox Programs

There are many detox programs in and around Granger. These programs help addicts through the drug and alcohol detox process.

This process is known for being unpleasant. But, it’s a necessary step toward recovery.

Detox is the stage immediately after an addict stops using drugs or alcohol. During the first few days after they quit, they experience withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms are side effects of the body flushing the drugs out of their system. They’re often quite painful.

Every addict must go through this process. It happens whether they attend a detox program or not. But, a professional treatment center can make it a little easier. These facilities have doctors who understand how to manage withdrawal symptoms. By managing side effects, they help addicts to complete detox without the risk of relapse.

This is a valuable resource for any addict. If you’re ready to quit, it’s something to consider.

Find out how our drug and alcohol detox program can help you jumpstart the recovery process!

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Granger Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs

There are also many drug rehab programs within a driving distance of Granger. These are also valuable addiction resources.

Rehab programs provide therapy and counseling for recovering drug addicts. They offer individual therapygroup therapy, and a range of other services. By attending a professional rehab program, addicts learn how to live a sober life.

The best rehab programs provide personalized treatment for every addict. They assess the addict’s habit and determine the best treatment course. Some folks need stress management classes. Others need cognitive behavioral therapy. Good rehabs understand that every addict is different. Addiction specialists take steps to accommodate even addicts needs.

Not every recovering addict goes through rehab. But, the ones who do are in a much better position. These programs show addicts the path toward a healthy, productive lifestyle.

We can provide the treatment you need to get sober. Learn more about our alcohol rehab program and drug rehab programs!

Our Closest Addiction Treatment Center

Northpoint Recovery maintains two facilities in the northwestern United States. We have one in Boise, ID and another in Edmonds, WA.

Our Northpoint Washington facility, located in Edmonds, is only a short distance from Granger!

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Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous, also known as “AA”, is a widely popular addiction support group. This organization helps problem drinkers overcome alcohol addiction. It does so by holding free support meetings in cities all over the world.

These meetings attract many different people. Individuals from all walks of life come together to discuss how addiction impacted their life.  They all talk about their problems and work together to move past addiction.

There are no membership requirements. Everyone is welcome. Members are invited to drop in as often as they’d like. Some people attend multiple meetings per day, especially when they first get sober.

There are many AA meetings in Granger. If you are trying to get sober, this group could help you get there.

Looking for a meeting near you? Here are a few that take place in the area:

Sundays @5:00 PM
Granger AA
KDNA Radio Station
121 Sunnyside Avenue
Granger, WA 98932
Get Directions

Mondays @7:00 PM
First Things First
Christian Worship Center
204 Cheyne Road
Zillah, WA 98953
Get Directions

Thursdays @8:00 PM
Another Chance
James Oldham Treatment Center
201 Highland Drive
Zillah, WA 98953
Get Directions

Narcotics Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous, also called “NA” is a support group for drug addicts. This organization welcomes everyone from heroin addicts to marijuana addicts. The group doesn’t care which drug someone uses. They only care about helping people get clean.

Like AA, this group helps people overcome their drug addictions. It also facilitates free meetings. These meetings take place in almost every town in the country.

Both AA and NA revolve around the Twelve Steps. This is a system designed to help people battle bad habits. It is an open system that allows people to work through it at their own pace.

If you struggle with drug addiction, this could be a great program for you. No matter what your drug of choice is, the group will welcome you with open arms.

Interested in Narcotics Anonymous? Here are a few meetings that might work well for you:

Tuesdays and Fridays @7:00 PM
Moxee Farm NA
Moxee Farms
5009 Gamache Road
Moxee, WA 98936
Get Directions

Fridays @7:30 PM
Apas Goudy Speaker Meeting
Apas Goudy Community Center
617 Larena Lane
Wapato, WA 98951
Get Directions

Northpoint Recovery: Helping Addicts Start Over

Do you live in Granger, Washington? Do you suffer from alcoholism or drug addiction? If so, we want to help you get sober.

Northpoint Recovery offers addiction detox and rehab services. We treat both drug addicts and alcoholics. We have various locations around the northwestern US.

When you’re ready to quit using, give us a call. We’ll discuss treatment options and get you into detox as soon as possible.

This article was published by a content writer, not a medical professional. Don’t refer to it as if it were written by a doctor. Never ignore a doctor’s advice because of something you read here. If you experience a medical health emergency, call 911. If you experience ongoing health issues, consult a professional. Northpoint Recovery does not promote any products or services other than our own. We aren’t affiliated with any of the groups or meetings listed here. Therefore, we are not responsible for a reader’s experience with these groups.

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