Understanding Your Need for Drug Rehab in Utah

The first step in finally putting your drug addiction to rest is understanding a need for drug rehab in Utah. Like many people, perhaps you've always believed that you can stop using and abusing drugs whenever you wanted to. You knew you were addicted, but you didn't really see that it could ever become such a serious addiction that you would need to stop. Perhaps in the past you felt as though you were in control, you might even still feel that way. If you're a resident of Utah, drug rehab can help you break free from your addiction to drugs and/or alcohol so that you can experience a life that's more than fulfilling without their influence.

You may be in a place in your life right now where you just don't see a need to stop using drugs. For you, drugs or alcohol has become something of a crutch, and you can't imagine giving that up. You're not alone. Many people have felt the same way, and yet, once they realized the damage that drugs were doing in their lives, they understood how important it was for them to get the type of drug treatment in Utah that could really make a difference. You might not be at that place yet, or maybe you're just starting to realize the changes you need to be making in your life. Either way, you're in the right place to learn more about what can happen if you continue in your addiction, and how drug rehab in Utah can be beneficial for you.

We're going to cover a variety of things in this article. We'll talk about why some people seem to be gripped by their addictions while others don't. We'll also discuss the different warning signs that are associated with addiction. Finally, we'll cover types of Utah drug rehab that can help you in breaking free and beginning on the road to recovery.

Drug Rehab in Utah: Are Some People More Addicted than Others?

It's very common for drug addicts to feel as though they have complete control over their addictions, but this is rarely the case. However, there are some people who have an easier time with the withdrawals that usually accompany becoming sober. While this isn't necessarily because they're less addicted, it can certainly seem that way. The truth is that there are many reasons why this phenomenon occurs.

There are a lot of ways people experience addiction, and some people are more susceptible to it than others. This might be because of their genes, whether or not they have a family history of addiction, their mental health, their social environment and a host of other factors. All of them come into play when it comes to addiction. In any case, drug rehab in Utah can work for them, just like it can work for you as well.

There are several different things that can result in you being more susceptible to addiction. These risk factors generally play a role in how often people use, how much of their drug(s) of choice they use, and how strongly their addiction has a hold of them. Some of these risk factors include:

Traumatic experiences during childhood - Have you been a victim of abuse or neglect? Perhaps when you were a child you suffered through a traumatic experience that caused you a lot of mental or physical pain. If this is the case, you're at a higher risk for addiction because of the positive feelings you've associated with your drug use. Drug rehab in Utah can address these experienced and help you work through them in a way that's therapeutic and beneficial for your health and free from the use of drugs.

Mental disorders - In the same way that people with traumatic experiences in their past find drug abuse to be appealing, those with mental disorders often use drugs to self-medicate in order to help themselves cope and feel better. It's very common for people with depression, anxiety, panic attacks, schizophrenia or other mental disorders to gravitate toward drugs and/or alcohol because they offer relief from their symptoms. Some of them even choose substances rather than get appropriate counseling in Utah that can help them. The relief they get is only temporary, which is what keeps people coming back and using more often and in greater quantities. Maybe this is an issue you're dealing with, and if it is, drug rehab in Utah can work to address these mental disorders.

Age of first drug use - Extensive research has been done on the role of age when it comes to the first time an individual uses drugs and/or alcohol. It turns out that when a person uses substances during their youth, they are more likely to develop an addiction, either during their youth or later on in their lives.

Method of drug use - Your method of use also plays a role in your level of addiction. Research has shown that if a drug is smoked or injected, you are more at risk of becoming addicted to it. Likewise, if you're taking a drug that you swallow, such as an opiate pain medication, there is less risk involved. That's because one method of administration utilizes your liver, which filters everything you swallow, and one does not. Smoking a drug or injecting a drug gives those drugs direct access to your bloodstream. However, it must be said that people can become just as addicted to painkillers as they can become to cocaine or methamphetamine because there are other risk factors to consider as well.

You might have noticed that your drug of choice is not on the list of risk factors. That's because even though you may have chosen a drug that's considered to be less addictive, once you begin using a drug, it opens the doors to other drugs in the future. For example, many people who choose to use marijuana (which is considered less addictive) will soon grow tired of not being able to experience the high they desire. As a result, they'll move on to other drugs that can give them a better experience.

Drug Rehab in Utah: What are the Warning Signs that you have a Problem?

Like many people, maybe you've never given much thought to the idea that you could benefit from drug rehab in Utah because you really don't think you have a serious problem. You feel in control of your addiction, and you feel like it's something you can stop whenever you want to.

Let's talk about some of the warning signs for serious addiction. Maybe you've noticed some of these in your own life, and maybe you haven't. However, if you can recognize any of them, Utah drug rehab is an option you should definitely consider.

Legal Issues - Have you been arrested because of your drug use, or as a result of it? Perhaps you haven't gone as far as stealing money to pay for drugs, but maybe you have driven drunk and gotten arrested, which is common for people who struggle with alcoholism in Utah. If you have legal issues because of your drug addiction, drug rehab in Utah can help you.

Breakdown in Relationships - Perhaps your family was once really close. You shared experienced together, you spent time together and you were happy to have them as a part of your life. Drug use often causes a breakdown in relationships for a variety of reasons. What it all boils down to is your drug of choice has become more important to you than spending time with your family.

Using Despite Dangerous Conditions - Many people will continue to use drugs even though they face some dangerous consequences. For example, sharing needs with someone who has been diagnosed with HIV or driving under the influence of drugs. These behaviors indicate that you have an addiction and would benefit from drug rehab in Utah.

Neglecting Responsibilities - Do you have responsibilities you've been neglecting lately? Perhaps you recently lost your job because you called in “sick” one too many times, or maybe you were working toward a college degree, but you can't remember the last time you went to class. Neglecting your responsibilities is a sure sign that you have an addiction to drugs.

Abandoning Activities - What are your extracurricular activities? Do you have any hobbies? Usually when addiction becomes a factor, those things are left by the wayside in favor of spending more time using drugs or alcohol. It's common for people to abandon things they really love doing just because they grow to love substances more.

Health Problems - It's no secret that using drugs and alcohol causes health issues, and perhaps the last time you visited your doctor, he or she told you about some new health problems that weren't there before. Maybe you recently learned that your liver was in danger of failing or that your heart wasn't as strong as it once was. Regardless of what medical issues you're facing, or even what symptoms you might be experiencing without a diagnosis from a doctor, a deeper issue persists when you're addicted to drugs or alcohol. You simply do not care. Can you relate to that feeling? You know there's a problem there that should be addressed and you know the only real way to address it is by stopping your use of substances, but you just don't want to. If that is the case, drug rehab in Utah is an option that you need to consider for your own health.

Increasing Tolerance - Finally, have you noticed an increasing tolerance to your drug of choice? When you first started using, the high you experienced was pretty good, and you enjoyed those feelings. However, as time went on, the amount of the drug you had been using just wasn't enough any longer. You needed more, so you added a little more. Before long you needed to add even more. Eventually, you ended up taking quite a bit in order to feel anything, and you may have even started adding another drug or two to the mix. This is common and it happens because your tolerance level is increasing. Your brain and your body become accustomed to the amount of the drug you're using and they don't respond as easily. Increasing tolerance is very dangerous for many reasons. Not only does it usually present you with an open opportunity to experiment with other drugs, but it can lead to you using an amount that could do serious harm to your health or even become fatal. If you've noticed this happening when  you use drugs, drug rehab in Utah can help you address your addiction in a way that's safe and affective.

Any of these are signs that you have an addiction to drugs and would benefit from drug rehab in Utah. The right kind of Utah addiction treatment can help you address the underlying issues behind your drug use. Substance abuse treatment in Utah can help you whether you're in need of:

  • Marijuana treatment in Utah
  • Prescription drug rehab in Utah
  • Crystal meth treatment in Utah
  • Heroin treatment in Utah
  • Cocaine treatment in Utah
  • Alcohol rehab in Utah

There are many different options available to you in the State of Utah. Detox is one option, but you can also choose outpatient or inpatient treatment in Utah. Each one has its benefits, and it's up to you to decide which one will work the best for you, based on your current situation and your preferences.

Whether you choose 12 step meetings in Utah, or you opt for a more traditional inpatient rehab experience, the most important thing you can do is realize your need for drug rehab. Once you realize you have a need for it, you can begin to work on the next step, which is getting more information about how to obtain treatment.

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