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The Different Types of Drug Addictions – Northpoint Recovery

Types of Drug Addiction and Treatment Options to Help You Recover

There are certain drugs that you probably automatically think of when you think of addiction. Drugs like heroin, cocaine and marijuana most likely come to the forefront of your mind, but there are actually many other drugs that can be just as dangerous as the more "popular" ones that often make the headlines.

It's so important to understand everything you can about these drugs and the problems they can cause for your body.

Whether you're wondering if you're addicted to something on these lists, or you're a family member or a friend of someone who may possibly have an addiction, getting the information you need will be so useful.

We'll be covering a variety of topics, including:

  • Various options for addiction treatment
  • Advice from the top drug rehab centers in the Pacific Northwest
  • The difference between drug abuse and drug addiction
  • Signs that you might be addicted to drugs
  • Behaviors that indicate that you're addicted to drugs
  • Drug withdrawal and how to minimize withdrawal symptoms

You'll find that each classification of drugs operates differently in the body, but they are all dangerous. Let's go over the various types of drugs we'll be covering in more detail.

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Depressants and Addiction

Depressants are drugs that result in the slowing down of the nervous system. People who use them usually end up feeling very calm and relaxed, which is why those who struggle with anxiety are generally drawn to them. Depressants can also lower you inhibitions, making you more outgoing and more at risk for behaviors that you wouldn't participate in without them.

There are many negative effects of depressants and these can include:

  • Excessive drowsiness
  • Being unable to concentrate
  • Being unable to make good decisions
  • Slurring your speech
  • Experiencing poor coordination
  • Liver damage with prolonged use
  • Dependence upon them for sleep
  • Serious respiratory issues
  • Many other health concerns

Stimulants and Addiction

Another commonly abused drug category is the category of stimulants. These drugs do the exact opposite of depressants in the body, and they raise your levels of activity. When people use stimulants, they experience a surge in energy or they may become hyperactive. Stimulants are attractive because they increase your alertness, but they also elevate your heart rate and increase your blood pressure.

There are many common symptoms that are experienced with stimulant withdrawal. These include slipping into a state of depression and sleep disturbances. These two symptoms alone are usually enough to cause someone to relapse. If you use stimulants for a long period of time, it can lead to psychosis, paranoia and a higher probability of heart failure.

The following is a list of some of the most commonly abused stimulants:

Opiates and Addiction

It's very common for people to become addicted to opiates purely by accident, because these are drugs that are prescribed by a doctor. They're usually given for the purpose of treating pain, or for anyone who is suffering from a serious medical illness or injury. They work by blocking the pain receptors in the brain, but in the process, they produce feelings of contentment that can become addictive.

Opiate abuse occurs when people increase their own doses of these drugs, or they take them more frequently than their prescription indicates.

Hallucinogenic Drugs that are Addictive

Almost everyone who tries hallucinogens does so out of curiosity. Just as their name indicates, hallucinogens produce hallucinations that cause a distortion of reality. These hallucinations can be visual, auditory or tactile, and the use of these drugs comes with many serious risks. It is not uncommon for users to lose touch with the world around them and cause harm to themselves or other people.

Hallucinogen addiction symptoms can include feelings of paranoia, fear and intense anxiety, even if it has been hours since the drug has been used. Hallucinogen addiction behaviors include frequent, intense mood swings.

The following is a list of some of the most commonly abused hallucinogens:

Cannabinoid Addictions

Cannabinoids are substances that are found in plants, and they work by binding to receptors in the brain. When they're used, the result is feelings of relaxation and euphoria. As time goes on, consistent use of cannabinoids can lead to impaired memory, difficulty concentrating and sensory distortion. Immune system suppression, abnormal cell growth and respiratory problems can result with prolonged use.

Cannabinoids can be very dangerous, and like other drugs, users tend to use increasing amounts in order to get the desired effects.

The following is a list of some of the most commonly abused cannabinoids:

Inhalant Addiction

Some of the most dangerous drugs in the world can be found lurking on store shelves, and because they're so easy to find, and because they're not illegal, adolescents are quite prone to trying them and becoming addicted to them. The most common ways to use them are by huffing, snorting or sniffing them. They act quickly, and the effects don't last very long, which encourages repeated use.

When someone has been using inhalants, addiction behaviors include confusing, feelings of being lightheaded, vomiting and loss of coordination.

The following is a list of some of the most commonly abused inhalants:

Anabolic Steroid Addiction

When you think of anabolic steroids, the tendency is to think of news stories about athletes who have gotten caught using them to improve their performance. Anabolic steroids have dangerous side effects, and they can lead to serious health issues such as cancer diagnoses and heart attacks. Sharing needles to inject them can also lead to AIDS.

The following are some of the most commonly abused anabolic steroids:

Prescription Medication Addiction

The number of people who accidentally become addicted to prescription drugs each year is staggering, but people believe that these drugs are not dangerous because they're prescribed by a doctor. However, they can cause just as much harm when they're abused, and they can be just as addictive as street drugs.

The following is a list of some of the most commonly abused prescription drugs:

Over the Counter Medication Addictions

Over the counter medications are inexpensive and easy to obtain. Using them can result in impaired judgment, hallucinations, and a host of other problems. Over the counter medications are popular with young people because of their availability, and using them can have serious long term effects.

The following is a list of some of the most commonly abused over the counter medications:

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Getting Help for Addiction at the Best Drug Rehab Programs

In order to recover from an addiction to these, or any other drugs, it's important to get the right kind of professional help. Northpoint Recovery provides addiction treatment to those in need, and we have helped many people in the Pacific Northwest find the freedom they're searching for. We can help you too.