The State of Pain Relief and Prescription Drug Detox

It's sad that prescription drug detox is needed at all. A patient that has pain from muscle, bone and joint disorders, car accidents, work accidents or back disorders should be able to get relief from medical treatment without that medical treatment becoming addictive.

Yet, it happens all the time. People are prescribed the 'regular' pain medications such as Hydrocodone, Xanax, Oxycontin, Hydromorphone, Vicodin, or even Methadone, and end up in Prescription Drug Detox Centers.

It's not your fault if you are addicted to prescription pain medications. These drugs are created in such a way to substitute for the body's own painkillers - and when they are withdrawn, then there's an adaptation process that has to occur to get your own body to produce painkillers on its own again as it did before these harmful drugs. The pain that is felt in the body during the oxy detox, Hydrocodone detox or even Xanax (for anxiety) detox process reflects this adaptation process. Luckily,, help can be found.

Prescription Drugs

Chronic Pain & Addiction: Relief of Pain Goes Back to the Beginning of Time

As long as we have a mortal body, there will be times when pain relief is needed. Since the beginning of time, man has looked for pain control methods. In much earlier days, people believed that the reason they had pain was because they were being punished by a god who was angry at them. They tried to relieve their pain by making offerings such as animal sacrifices, or went to magicians who would practice magic on them.

Native tribes thought of even more methods to control pain, such as drilling holes in the head to relieve headaches. This practice had an official name, and it was called trepanation. Luckily, over the years, pain relief progressed to the use of naturally-occurring herbs found in the geographical area.

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One of the first pain-relieving herbs was from willow trees. Over the years, scientists discovered that the reason why willow bark was so effective at pain relief was that it contained an active ingredient called salicylic acid. In our modern times, the pharmaceutical industry saw an opportunity to make profits by creating salicylic acid derivatives in the laboratory. They were able to create artificial salicylates - and aspirin was born.

But over the decades, it has become evident that aspirin isn't the white knight in shining armor that it is still made out to be. The willow bark was 100% safe for the body to use but the aspirin caused thinning of the blood vessels and internal hemorrhaging. There are still thousands of people in emergency rooms each year in America from internal hemorrhaging from the use of aspirin (as well as in detox centers from painkillers).

Using Multiple Prescription Drugs Together Encourages Addiction

Using Multiple Prescription Drugs Together Encourages Addiction

This is why the pharmaceutical industry began looking for other types of pain relievers that could impact human physiology. They found that endorphins were produced naturally in the body but these also could be mimicked in the laboratory. This is how the drug morphine was created. People were prescribed morphine and had significant relief of their pain. However, it didn't take long before it was discovered that the use of morphine led to addiction - and the need for prescription drug detox, or any other state of the U.S. where it was prescribed.

During the Middle Ages, many herbs were used together for pain relief and this gave the pharmaceutical profession and the medical profession the idea that drugs could also be used in the same way. The modern day pain ladder of pain medication prescriptions with oxycodone, oxycontin, hydrocodone, vicodin and others unfortunately leads to the need for oxycodone detox, oxycontin detox, hydrocodone detox or vicodin detox, usually in a prescription detox centers.

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Why Prescription Drug Detox is Necessary

There are several prescription drugs that can lead to the need for prescription drug detox:

  • Oxycontin
  • Oxycodone
  • Vicodin
  • Percocet
  • Demerol
  • Darvocet
  • Fentanyl
  • Stadol
  • Butorphanol
  • Lorcet
  • Xanax
  • Hydrocodone
  • Morphine
  • Hydromorphin
  • Xanax (for anxiety, not pain, but still addictive)

Any of these drugs could lead you straight into a prescription drug detox center if you take enough of them and if your pain worsens without them. It's not fair but it's a reality.

Signs of Prescription Drugs Addiction

Signs of Addiction to Prescription Drugs for Pain

If you're in chronic pain and continue to take higher dosages of your pain medication, it's the number one sign of developing an addiction. The reason why you need higher dosages is because your body is developing tolerance to the medication. There's always the chance that the condition you are being treated for is worsening. If you've been checked out by the doctor and your condition hasn't degenerated, then the only reason left is addiction.

Addiction happens on its own; it's not something that you can control (This is something you'll hear at the prescription drug detox centers). Your body responds to the painkillers in a certain way, and you cannot control this. When you take a painkiller, the painkiller blocks the receptor sites for the endorphins in your own body. The greater the number of receptor sites that are blocked, the more medication you need.

When the medication is withdrawn, the receptor sites for the endorphins your own body makes are blocked and your body cannot call upon them to become activated. This means you end up with more pain once you start to cut back on the medication. Either you have to put up with the pain, or you'll resort to increasing the dosage to stay at a manageable level of pain.

Increasing the amount of prescription painkillers you are on should decrease the amount of pain you have. But if it doesn't, this is another sign of addiction. The receptor sites are covered and the body becomes unable to handle pain on its own.

Before the Oxy or Hydrocodone Prescription Drug Detox Center - There May Be a Trip to the ER

Many people end up going straight to the Emergency Room for help at this point. They're struggling with not taking more and more medication, yet their pain level drives them to the point where they have to increase the dosage - or they will suffer the consequences. Pain can interfere with sleep, and you can then develop insomnia. Insomnia can lead to problems with thinking clearly and increase your risk of falling.

If you fall, you end up hurting yourself in another way - and then end up needing more pain medication! Taking painkillers such as Oxycodone, hydrocodone, morphine, Vicodin, and other versions of these drugs puts your body on the dependency cycle where it's difficult to stop.

More Signs You Need a Prescription Drug Detox Center

Other signs that someone is addicted may include liver damage, severe mood swings, and serious constipation. Depression is also part of the addiction cycle.

The situation can get dire - and that's when it's important to check in to an oxycontin detox center or oxycodone detox center, depending on the pain medication you are taking. If you're addicted to vicodin, you would search out a vicodin detox center wherever you decide to start the prescription drug detox program.

Prescription Drug Detox Centers Can Help

The beauty of signing in at a prescription drug detox program is that you will be under the care of health professionals who specialize in withdrawal from addictions to prescription pain medication. They have worked with hundreds of people in the same situation and know what to expect, what to do and always have a Plan B if complications arise.

Addiction to painkillers isn't a matter of how strong your character is. It's a matter of how human you are. Your human physiology acts in a certain way - and taking prescription painkillers may seem like a good idea in the short term, but it's exceptionally easy to end up getting hooked to them. You may be better off not using them at all! However, the medical doctors don't tell you this upfront.

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Why Can't Medical Doctors Tell You the Truth?

If they told you the truth, it might sound like this: “Sally, I can write you're a prescription for painkiller drugs to ease the pain, but the studies are showing that it's easy to get addicted to them. You don't need an addictive personality to get addicted, and checking into an oxy detox center or morphine detox center in the next few months is not where I ever want to see you. You have too much to lose. Some of the prescription drug medication detox centers are quite costly and the costs could break your family. I'd like you to try some natural alternatives to pain control for a while…”

Things are changing slowly in the field of medicine. For example, in pain management now, insurance companies won't help pay for pain medications if the person is not showing some sort of recovery while on them.

This means that the doctor has to document the recovery in the medical records. If the person shows evidence that he or she is taking higher or higher doses of the prescription drug medications, the prescription will not be allowed to be continued.

However, this is, in a way, punishing the patient for something out of his or her control. Why should someone ever have to suffer from pain? Yet, the initial problem is that the drug was prescribed in the first place. If the patient wasn't prescribed Oxycontin or Perkocet, he wouldn't need to go to an Oxycontin or Perkocet detox center. If the doctor didn't prescribe the Vicodin for pain control, then the patient wouldn't eventually need a Vicodin detox center. It's the same for the other prescription pain medications. Doctors should look at what's happening and see that nobody is actively seeking out these drugs if they were never prescribed them in the first place.

You Aren't A Bad Person Because You Need a Drug Detox Center!

Good people with a lot of morals are ending up addicted to these prescription pain killers. The person is being told and scolded by society - and by the insurance companies that they are bad for taking higher and higher doses of the pain medications.

However, they are simply responding to their body's needs - the pain is real, and when they decrease their medication, the pain really does increase substantially. It's a physiological reaction, yet they are being treated psychologically and physically.

The field of addictions also explains that addiction is physical and psychological, and says that both parts have to be treated. However, at many Oxy detox centers health professionals are finding that when the physical part of the body is addressed properly, then the psychological feeling of having to have the drug goes away simultaneously. Does that mean that there truly is a psychological part to addiction - or simply that the psychological cravings are the results of what the drug did to the body?

People are still being fed the lie that addiction is genetic and a family history of addiction leads to addiction; it's a risk factor.

This is evidenced by the fact that prescription painkiller abuse was rare a few decades ago. Yet these doctors don't tell you that there were also changes in the way that prescription drugs for pain relief were prescribed - and changes in the way these drugs were created in the first place. What about these facts in the picture of why people end up in Vicodin detox centers?

Prescription painkillers like Oxycontin and others were specifically made so that the body could become addicted to them. It's almost as if the pharmaceutical company created the whole Oxy detox center necessity.

A 2008 lawsuit against the pharmaceutical companies proved this and slapped a huge penalty on the manufacturer of one of these painkillers.

Seek out an Oxycontin or Hydrocodone or Vicodin or other detox center if you are addicted. Get treatment and don't ever look back. It wasn't your fault.

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State of Pain Relief and Prescription Drug Detox

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