Prescription Drug Addiction Quiz: Are You Addicted?

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Prescription Drug Addiction Quiz

Millions Addicted to Prescription Medications Over the Last 8 Years

You might be wondering, "How could I be addicted to prescription drugs? My doctor gave me the prescription and he would never have done this if he thought I would become addicted."

The answer is that since doctors are doing their best to try to get you out of pain. They don't like anyone to be in pain and will try some of their best tools in their doctor bag – such as painkillers that are potentially addictive.

The problem is that as a result, millions of people have become addicted to prescription drugs, especially since 2008. This is due to the highly addictive nature of painkiller drugs. The pharmaceutical companies made them addictive in the first place – and knew full well that many would become victims of these drugs and end up in prescription drug addiction rehabs as a result.

A lawsuit against one of these pharmaceutical companies gave a verdict in favor of the plaintiff, consequently fining the pharmaceutical companies millions of dollars. However, millions of dollars don't really matter when you're making billions, does it?

We're the ones left with the addictions – and frankly it's not fair.

So let's go forward with the quiz right now. Are you ready, knowing it's really not your fault your human physiology succumbed to the drug and you may have become addicted?