Episode 5

Jonathan's Boundaries

Today Jon Meldrum, An Ashwood Recovery Counselor, Talks with us about enmeshment, co-dependency and healthy boundaries. Jon shares with us his personal experience with an addict in his family as well has his professional training on dealing with co-dependency and addiction in someone you love.

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Episode 4

Sally's Spiral

Today Sally Johnson, an Ashwood Recovery Alumni, shares with us her spiral into addiction. Sally talks with us about her childhood through to the point of finding recovery after many signs and interventions. Join us in a later episode to hear Sally's...


Episode 6

The Foundry at NAATP Denver

Today Candi Ader and Wesley Hooks from the Foundry Treatment Center in Steamboat Colorado join me at the 2018 National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers Conference. Candi and Wes share with me their own experience, what makes the foundry s...