Episode 10

Welcome to No Way but North

Welcome to No Way but North! After 15 episodes following incredible stories of addiction and delving into clinical topics with the hopes of furthering someone's recovery we have made the jump to video. In this first episode of our new video podcast Jon and Cooper not only introduce the show and its purpose but themselves in a little more light.

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Episode 9

Erica Lopez Northpoint VP of Idaho Market

Erica Lopez, the Vice President of the Idaho Market for Northpoint Recovery joins Cooper and Jon to talk about what it takes to be a substance abuse counselor. The conversation stresses the importance of self-care as well as self-evaluation and bruta...


Episode 11

Evan's Story: Growing Up Without a Guidebook to Being A Better Man Than Yesterday

Evan Beales, the Northpoint Recovery admissions supervisor, is joining No Way but North for the second time to share with us his story of Recovery. Evan has 6 years of recovery, is a Boise transplant from Seattle and someone who is always pushing him...