Choosing Drug and Alcohol Detox in Woodburn, Oregon for Addiction Treatment

Maybe you’ve had a drug or alcohol addiction for as long as you can remember, or perhaps your addiction was formed fairly recently. Either way, you know it’s become a problem in your life. You’ve felt that way for quite some time, and now you have family members and even friends who are suggesting that you go to addiction treatment. It’s important to consider the right steps you should take in order to recover, and experts agree that drug and alcohol detox is the best place to start.

You may have thought about going to drug rehab, or alcohol treatment for your addiction because those are the most popular forms of addiction rehab. However, going to alcohol and drug detox will assist you with the physical part of your addiction, and that’s often the hardest part to overcome. Let’s talk in more detail about this type of rehab treatment center and how it can benefit you to take this additional step in your quest for recovery.

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Drug and Alcohol Detox in Woodburn, OR: The Power of Alcoholism and Drug Addiction

No matter how long you’ve been battling your addiction, right now, the addiction is what rules your life. You may wonder how you reached the point where it seems impossible for you to stop using. Maybe you’ve even tried to quit on your own before, but you weren’t able to. The physical nature of addiction is currently in charge of your life, and once you understand how that occurs, you can see a need to research drug rehab centers that can help you.

Drugs and alcohol work in similar ways within the brain. Your brain responds to the chemicals in a positive way, which communicates to your brain that the substances you’re using are good for you. You enjoy the pleasurable sensations, and naturally, you seek out more of those experiences. Your tolerance builds as time goes by, and you need more of the drugs or alcohol in order to get close to those experiences again. Over time (and it doesn’t have to take long), your brain begins to expect those sensations, and when it doesn’t get them, withdrawal symptoms set in. Quite often, withdrawal is quite powerful, and it’s hard to overcome them on your own. It can also be dangerous.

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Why is Affordable Residential Inpatient Detox in Woodburn, Oregon the Answer?

Detoxification occurs during the beginning of your recovery, which is when most people give in and go back to using when they try quitting on their own. You need the support that you receive at residential inpatient detox. Not only will you not have any alcohol or drugs available to you, but they will utilize holistic methods that will help you get through withdrawal much faster. These methods include:

  • Education about your addiction and why withdrawal symptoms occur
  • Continual monitoring of your medical condition to ensure that you don’t have any serious issues
  • Nutritional counseling as a way to help you learn to feed your body with food instead of drugs or alcohol
  • Physical fitness to help your body eliminate toxins more efficiently
  • Preparation for entering addiction rehab once your detoxification is complete

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Finding Drug Rehab Programs or Alcohol Rehab Programs in Woodburn, OR After Detoxification

It will be recommended for you to go to a rehab treatment center once your drug and alcohol detox is complete. Once you’re there, you’ll learn even more about your addiction, and you’ll even learn why you became addicted to drugs or alcohol in the first place. This knowledge can be so powerful because it will become the fuel behind your quit. You’ll participate in support groups with others who are facing similar circumstances and you’ll learn so much from each other.

It’s vital to not skip researching addiction recovery centers. You need this type of drug treatment in order to guard you against relapsing.

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Maybe you’re concerned about getting addiction treatment near your home, and you’re looking for an alternative. Here at Northpoint Recovery, we’ve helped many people from Woodburn, Oregon, and we can help you too. Whether you’re struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, our drug rehab programs will assist you with recovering and help you learn how to live your life without being dependent on substances. We’ll even help you make drug treatment and alcohol treatment more affordable by working with your insurance company.

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