Alcohol Rehab in Woodburn, OR: Taking Control Over Alcoholism

Regardless of how long alcoholism has plagued you, you know that it’s become a serious problem in your life. You know you need to get help, but you’re just not sure what the answer is for you. Maybe you’ve considered doing some research on alcohol rehab programs, but to be honest, you’re not sure that’s the right decision for you. After all, you should be able to just stop drinking on your own, shouldn’t you? Don’t people stop on their own every day?

While it may be true that some people do stop drinking on their own, most of them are not able to be successful. It isn’t long before the addiction calls to them once again, and they feel as though they have to give in. Relapsing is very common for those who struggle with alcoholism, and that’s not the road you want to take. You want to quit for good, and alcohol treatment can help you with that.

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Alcohol Rehab Centers in Woodburn, Oregon: Why You Need Addiction Treatment

You already know that alcohol is accessible to anyone who has a valid ID who is over the age of twenty-one, so the reasons for rehab treatment centers should come as no surprise to you at all. However, unless you understand why you became addicted to alcohol in the first place, it can be hard to understand why you need treatment.

Alcohol works by producing pleasurable sensations in your brain. These sensations contribute to the addictive behaviors you’ve been exhibiting, and they’re what drive you back to drinking, time and time again. At alcohol rehab programs, you learn about your tolerance levels, and why it takes more alcohol for you to feel satisfied than it did previously. As your brain requires more alcohol, the depth of your addiction grows. For many people, they don’t even realize they’re addicted to alcohol until it’s too late for them to stop. What was once casual drinking has now become a full-fledged addiction.

Alcohol is powerful; there is no question about that. However, once you understand where your addiction came from, you can overcome it with the proper type of support.

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Addiction Recovery Centers in Woodburn, Oregon: Understanding Alcohol Treatment Methods

You’ll find that alcohol addiction treatment methods differ depending on what rehab treatment center you’re a part of. However, many of them hold the belief that it takes a combination of methods in order to successfully treat an addiction. These methods include a few different components, including:

  • Group therapy as a way to provide adequate peer support
  • Individual therapy as a way to provide a professional level of insight into your addiction
  • Nutritional therapy as a way to improve your overall physical health and ability to handle withdrawal
  • Physical exercise as a way to incorporate a healthy lifestyle
  • The 12 Step Program method because of its proven level of effectiveness
  • Events and activities that are therapeutic in nature

Treating an addiction means treating the person as a whole, and once you receive that type of alcohol treatment, you’ll find that you feel better sooner, and you’re much more able to cope.

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Alcohol Addiction Rehab in Woodburn, OR vs. Quitting on Your Own

You may not be aware of how detrimental withdrawal symptoms can be to your health. Not only can they drive you back to drinking again, but because alcohol is such a dangerous substance, stopping it abruptly can also cause a wide range of side effects, and many of them are serious. If you choose to quit on your own, you’re putting yourself at great risk. Not only will you have intense cravings for alcohol (which usually result in relapse), but you could also have heart issues, experience a stroke, or have seizures. Other side effects often include physical pain, nausea and vomiting, hallucinations and tremors in the hands.

It’s much safer for you to stop drinking when you begin residential inpatient treatment.

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Finding Affordable Residential Inpatient Treatment Outside of Woodburn, OR

Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to search within Woodburn, Oregon to find affordable addiction rehab services. In fact, many people prefer to go elsewhere to get alcohol treatment simply because they’re more comfortable. They also like the idea of being away from home to concentrate on their recoveries.

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If that sounds like something you would be interested in, Northpoint Recovery may be the perfect addiction treatment center for you. We’d love to go over your addiction recovery needs and we’ll even verify your insurance benefits for you. To learn more, contact us.