Drug Rehab in Tualatin, Oregon: Assistance to Recover from Your Addiction

A drug addiction can quickly take over, and eventually ruin your life. Regardless of how long you’ve been struggling with your addiction, this is not a path you need to stay on long term. Maybe you’ve thought about quitting your use of drugs, and perhaps you’ve even tried quitting before, but you weren’t able to. No matter how strong your commitment to quit was in the beginning, the drugs called you back to them. Now you’re feeling desperate to quit, but you’re just not sure how it’s possible.

It’s not surprising that you’re struggling so much with your addiction. It truly is a battle that is not easily won on your own, and the experts will tell you that if you really wish to put a life of drug addiction behind you for good, the best way to do that is to go to drug rehab. In Tualatin, OR, there are so many great drug treatment facilities that can help you get your life back on track and moving in the right direction. Maybe you’re concerned about going to addiction treatment, and you’re not sure if it’s the right option for you. If that’s the case, you’re in the right place to get some great information that can direct you as you make this important decision.

Many people have questions about drug rehab, such as:

  • Is it affordable to go to drug treatment?
  • What can drug rehab centers offer me that I can’t do on my own?
  • Do I really need residential inpatient treatment, or are there other options?
  • What happens when you check into a rehab treatment center?
  • How do you know that addiction recovery centers will even accept you for drug treatment?
  • Are there certain types of addiction rehab for those with alcoholism and for those with drug addiction?

No matter type of drug you’re addicted to, help is available for you at drug rehab, and we can help you find answers to these and other important questions.

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Drug Treatment in Tualatin, OR: Is it Affordable and Will Insurance Pay for it?

If you’ve ever known anyone who needed to go to drug treatment, but they didn’t, their reasons probably centered around the costs associated with drug rehab. There’s no doubt that it costs money to cover the expenses of addiction treatment, and only a few short years ago, many insurance companies didn’t offer benefits to help pay for it. It was seen as an elective type of treatment. However, that is no longer the case. Today’s healthcare laws are very different from what they used to be, and now, if you need to go to drug rehab, your insurance company will help you pay for it. It’s so great that it’s now affordable to get the help you need, and you can find out exactly what your benefits are just by contacting a local rehab treatment center and asking for an intake over the phone.

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Drug Rehab Programs in Tualatin, OR: What do They Offer?

Now that you know that drug rehab is affordable, you might still be wondering if it’s worth the time and hassle to go. After all, what can you get at drug treatment that you can’t do for yourself right at home?

Everyone who struggles with addiction can benefit from talking with an addiction counselor. This step is so important because it’s vital for you to get to the root cause of your addiction. It is very rare for anyone to say that they got addicted just because they wanted to. Most of the time, there is another reason. Maybe you started drinking because you were going through a divorce, and you got addicted. Or, it’s possible that some trauma from your childhood led to your drug addiction. No matter what your reasons are, treating the root cause is the best way to help you work toward a successful recovery.

You will also work with your peers in various support groups, and this is another important part of your drug treatment. Support groups can be so helpful because they let you know that you’re really not alone in your battle. Talking with others who have been through addiction will give you strength and courage during a time when you really need it the most.

Neither of these is available to you if choose to try quitting on your own, and having support during this important time in your life is crucial.

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Why is Residential Inpatient Treatment in Tualatin, Oregon the Best Option for Drug Rehab?

Getting support when you’re going through every stage of your recovery is so important, and when you talk with professionals who have helped other people, you have a much higher chance of being successful. While there are plenty of options for you for drug rehab, most experts will agree that the absolute best option is residential inpatient treatment, and there are a few reasons for this.

First of all, during the beginning of your quit, you need the added support to help you stay on the right track. You need to learn about your addiction, and you need to have access to professionals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You may need to meet with your counselor every single day in the beginning, and that’s not something you can always find in an outpatient treatment program. In addition, just the security of knowing that you’re able to relapse while you’re in drug treatment is so reassuring for so many people. You’ll get the support and education you need, and you’ll also be protected against taking any backward steps in the process.

What is Addiction Rehab in Tualatin, OR Like?

We’ve talked a lot about the support you’ll receive while you’re at addiction rehab, but there are other components to consider as well. Think about your eating habits while you’re at home. Chances are that they’re not very good, and that’s because a lot of people who are addicted to drugs tend to “feed” themselves with substances rather than food, at least some of the time. In addition to get all of the support you’ll need from staff and other patients, you’ll also learn a lot about how to take care of your physical body. You’ll work with a nutritionist who will help you by designing a meal plan that will help you overcome withdrawal symptoms and just feel better all around. You’ll get plenty of physical exercise and participate in lots of fun and interesting events too.

It’s important to treat the person as a whole when you’re combating an addiction, and that’s what you’ll experience when you go to drug rehab. Doing so gives you the best chance for success.

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Going to a Rehab Treatment Center in Tualatin, Oregon vs. Northpoint Recovery

Have you done any research on drug rehab centers in Tualatin, Oregon? Whether you have or you haven’t, it’s possible that the idea of getting help for your addiction, or even just going to a 12 Step Program near your home doesn’t really interest you. There are so many people who have felt the same way, and for them, Northpoint Recovery was an excellent option.

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