Alcohol Rehab in Tualatin, Oregon: Reasons You Need Professional Help to Quit

For just a moment, think back to when you had your first sip of alcohol. Maybe you were young, and you were given a drink by a friend or even a family member. Or, perhaps you were twenty-one years old, and your first drink occurred on your birthday that year. Regardless of when you had your first drink, at some point in your life, alcohol took over. Now you’re finding that you’re in a daily battle with alcoholism, and to be honest, you’re tired of always losing that battle. You need a way out. You need a way to recover and heal from the damage that alcohol has done to your body and to your mind. The best way to do that is to go to alcohol rehab.

For those who struggle with alcoholism, it can be a bit scary to think about giving alcohol up completely, and that is one of the reasons that many of them put off getting alcohol treatment so that they can recover. However, when you know more about what alcohol rehab is like, it can put your mind at ease, considerably. Let’s talk about whether or not you might be a candidate for this type of addiction treatment, and what you can expect when you go.

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Do You Need Alcohol Rehab in Tualatin, Oregon, or Can You Quit Drinking on Your Own?

It’s very common for people to assume that they can quit drinking on their own, without help from alcohol rehab programs. That’s because alcohol isn’t viewed as dangerous for most people. Maybe you feel that way, and when you think of alcoholism, you think of people whose lives are falling apart at the seams. You don’t consider your problem to be quite that serious, but you would like to stop drinking.

Here are a few characteristics of people who would absolutely benefit from going to alcohol rehab:

  • They tend to hide their alcohol consumption from other people, and they prefer to drink alone
  • They lie to their loved ones about how much they drink
  • They steal or borrow money in order to spend it on alcohol
  • Alcohol has affected their lives in a negative manner (job loss, relationship loss, etc.)
  • They have friends or family who have talked with them about their alcohol use
  • They skip social events when alcohol is not permitted
  • They’ve tried to quit drinking alcohol on their own, but were not successful

If any of these apply to you, then you would be a perfect candidate to get alcohol treatment.

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Alcohol Rehab Centers in Tualatin, OR: What to Expect at Residential Inpatient Treatment

There are a lot of choices for addiction recovery centers, but experts believe that residential inpatient treatment is the best option in most cases. When you go to inpatient treatment, you’re able to have the support you need around the clock. The staff members will help you through the withdrawal phase, and you’ll learn so much about your addiction. You’ll be able to talk with other patients in support groups about their experiences with alcohol in alcohol addiction rehab too. It might surprise you to learn that their stories are very similar to yours.

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Alcohol Addiction Rehab in Tualatin, Oregon: How Affordable is it?

If you have health insurance, you won’t have to pay much out of pocket at all to go to a rehab treatment center. In fact, many people find that their insurance companies will pay for the entire cost of their alcohol treatment. Healthcare laws have changed in recent years, making alcohol treatment so much more affordable than it ever has been before. Because it’s so affordable, a lot of people are now able to go to alcohol rehab programs who never could before.

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Choosing Northpoint Recovery for Addiction Treatment and Traveling from Tualatin, OR

When you think about going to a Tualatin alcohol rehab, maybe it makes you a little bit nervous. You’re worried that you might see someone you know, and you want to protect your privacy and confidentiality. Your insurance will cover your alcohol treatment anywhere in the country, and Northpoint Recovery is very close by.

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