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Addiction Resources in Tigard, Oregon

Drug and Alcohol Resources in Tigard, Oregon

Tigard, Oregon - Tigard, Oregon is located in Washington County, and in 2010, the population was just over 48,000. Tigard was incorporated in 1961, and it is a part of the Portland statistical area. It’s a city that was actually settled by many different families; one of which was the Tigard family. There are three zip codes in Tigard – 97223, 97224 and 97281.

Tigard, OR Addiction Help is Available

Addiction can feel like a life sentence to those who are suffering with it. Regardless of what type of addiction you’re battling, please know that there are many great, free resources that are available to help you.

Get Addiction Help in Tigard, Oregon

The Oregon Alcohol and Drug Help Line is: 1-800-923-4357

Find Alateen Meetings in/near Tigard, Oregon

Alateen meetings are the perfect places for teens and children of addicts to get help and support in a group setting.

Tigard Alateen
St. James Episcopal Church
11511 SW Bull Mountain Rd.
Tigard, Oregon

Courage to Live Alateen
First Presbyterian Church
Milwaukie, Oregon

Salem Alateen
Salem Alliance Church
1305 5th St.
Salem, Oregon

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Find Al-Anon Meetings in Tigard, OR

Al-Anon meetings are very helpful for families who have loved ones who are working on recovering from their addictions.

Tigard Monday Night AFG
St. James Episcopal Church
11511 SW Bull Mountain Rd.
Tigard, Oregon

Mantenlo Simple GFA
Community Center
11905 SW 91st Ave.
Tigard, Oregon

Grupo Nueva Vida GFA
Tigard Community Center
11905 SW 91st Ave.
Tigard, Oregon

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Find Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Meetings in Tigard, OR

Find Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Meetings in Tigard, OR

Tigard Noon Group
Christ the King Lutheran
11305 SW Bull Mountain Rd.
Tigard, Oregon

Tigard-Tualatin Nooners Group
Tigard Community Friends Church
15800 SW Hall Blvd.
Tigard, Oregon

Thursday Night Into Action Group
Metzger Methodist Church
9055 SW Locust St.
Tigard, Oregon

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Find Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Meetings in/near Tigard, Oregon

Narcotics Anonymous is available for anyone who is interested in recovering from a drug addiction.

Greenberg Oaks Apartments Community Room
11895 Southwest 91st Ave.
Tigard, Oregon

Metzger Church
9055 Southwest Locust St.
Tigard, Oregon

West Hills Unitarian Church
8470 SW Oleson Rd.
Portland, Oregon

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Free Government Aid for Addiction Resources in Tigard, Oregon

For many people, money is a huge obstacle that stands in the way of them getting professional help to recover from their addictions. What you might not know is that there is a lot of free government aid available to you for addiction treatment. You may even qualify to obtain free treatment. You can find out more about The Affordable Care Act and the options that are available to you by visiting SAMHSA.gov.

Online Support Groups

Drug and Alcohol Help in Tigard, Oregon: Get Help at NorthPoint Recovery

Some people continue to suffer from drug and alcohol addiction for most of their adult lives because they just can’t seem to find a way out. Many of them try to quit using for years, but only find that they return to using again. That doesn’t have to be your story at all. At NorthPoint Recovery, we want to offer you the help you need to be successful.

If you would like to learn more about how NorthPoint Recovery can assist you as you strive to overcome your addiction, please contact us today.