Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Springfield, Oregon

Drug and alcohol addiction are diseases that thrive in secrecy. Addicts in Springfield and across the country often feel a deep sense of shame and regret, constantly worried that others will love them less if they know about the addiction. But addiction is a disease, not a choice, and alcohol and drug rehab offers hope for lasting and permanent recovery.

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab and Treatment in Springfield, Oregon

Springfield is a medium-sized, picturesque town with a population hovering just about 59,000. It's gorgeous scenery and endless rows of trees, though, serve as quick distraction from an unpleasant fact about the city: like many locations across the country, Springfield faces an epidemic of drug and alcohol abuse, and alcohol and drug-related crimes and health costs exact a heavy toll from the citizenry.

Marijuana use has been heavily de-stigmatized over the past few years, and Springfield stands to soon legalize the drug. While legalization might end the risk of incarceration, it also removes an incentive for seeking marijuana rehab. While some people can use marijuana without a problem, marijuana is just like any other drug – potentially highly addictive for people who are already vulnerable to the disease of drug addition. Five percent of marijuana users eventually become dependent on pot, and a surprising 50% of the adult Springfield population admits to using marijuana at least once.

Alcohol use is even more pervasive than marijuana, though, with 90% of Springfield residents drinking at least periodically. Alcohol is heavily ingrained into local cultural life, making it easy to dismiss it as little more than a social lubricant or celebratory aid. A stunning 15% of adults struggle with alcohol addiction, though, and binge drinking poses a serious threat to local teenagers, with 10% of underage teens regularly engaging in binge drinking sessions.  

Springfield is currently witnessing a surge in abuse of prescription drugs. These medications can be highly addictive, and many users need prescription drug rehab to get clean. There's no shame in seeking help for such an addiction, particularly in light of the fact that you may need assistance finding alternative medications to manage medical conditions. If you're in doubt about the risks of abusing prescription drugs, rest assured that these medications can be highly dangerous. Indeed, they are the leading cause of drug-related death in Springfield and nationwide.

For many people, though, drug abuse is synonymous with use of harder street drugs, including meth, PCP, crack-cocaine, and powder cocaine. Springfield has seen a recent surge in the use of these drugs, with heroin rehab admissions increasing 27% over the last few years. No matter what you're addicted to or how long you've been an addict, rehab really can help. Indeed, alcohol and drug treatment programs change lives every day.

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Why Should I Seek Alcohol Rehab in Springfield, Oregon?

Alcohol treatment programs can save lives. Because alcohol plays such a prominent role in cultural and social events, it's easy for addicts to escape detection for months or even years. But drinking's legal nature does not make it any safer than other drugs. Indeed, alcohol kills 88,000 people each year, and indirectly contributes to other deaths due to obesity, chronic illness, and impaired judgment. This toll only scratches the surface, though; thousands of alcoholics suffer lost relationships derailed careers, and troubled lives.

Despite the dangers of alcohol use, 90% of adult Springfield residents choose to drink at least occasionally. This makes alcohol nearly ubiquitous, and can leave addicts feeling hopeless about their ability to get and stay clean. Alcohol detox and rehab, though, offer real hope for permanent change. Through your alcohol treatment program, you'll steadily master the skills you need to live a healthy, happy, fully sober life.

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Why Should I Seek Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Springfield, Oregon?

Though drug abuse harms everyone it touches, no one suffers quite as much as the addict. Drug addiction only gets worse over time, and can quickly turn life-threatening. Even worse, it undermines an addicts ability to think clearly, make good decisions, and maintain healthy relationships. This, in turn, can make it nearly impossible to “reach” an addict or convince her she needs help.

Prescription drug users are especially vulnerable to denial. Many simply cannot accept that a legal drug prescribed by a doctor is dangerous. But prescription drug abuse is extremely risky, and addicts who abuse drugs such as Adderall, Ritalin, and Xanax are more likely to be killed by their addiction than any other group of addicts.

Marijuana users too sometimes refuse to accept that they're addicts, often insisting that no one can get addicted to marijuana. The truth, though, is that any mind-altering substance can become addictive. Because many marijuana users use the drug to ease stress or cope with health problems, the drug can yield a vicious cycle of dependence, more medical symptoms, and deeper and deeper addiction.

Users of street drugs such as cocaine, crack, and heroin are at a pronounced risk. Street drug users have a 50% lifetime risk of being arrested, and unstable and unpredictable drug dealers can endanger your family, your property, or your life.

No matter what addiction or addictions you're struggling with, rehab offers hope for success. Drug addiction gives rise to 2.5 million ER visits each year, and remains the leading cause of accidental death. The cost of treatment is nothing compared to the toll addiction extracts on your life, and rehab is now more affordable than ever. If you're still not sure, though, check out these signs that you may be struggling with addiction, not just occasional recreational use:

  • You've tried to get sober on your own, but have failed
  • You rely on drugs or alcohol to feel “normal.”
  • You have a history of relapsing or drug and alcohol abuse runs in your family.
  • You've experienced symptoms of withdrawal.
  • You have to constantly increase your drug or alcohol dose to get the same effects you used to get with a lower dose.
  • You arrange your day according to using drugs or alcohol.
  • You lie to people you love about your drug or alcohol use.

The best time to pursue meth rehab, cocaine rehab, or drug treatment for any other drug is always now.  Addiction is a life-threatening illness that gets worth with each passing day. Don't gamble with your life.

What Happens in Rehab?

Like the addicts who seek help in rehab, every drug treatment program is a bit different. Some endorse a religious or political viewpoint, while most are silent on these issues. Others are holistic ventures, complete with yoga and meditation classes, while some stick to the basics of sober living. There's no single option that will work for every addict, so your goal should be to find a place that feels right for your needs, your struggles, and your family. Good rehab facilities, though, do share a few things in common:

  • Counseling designed to help you set goals, understand your addiction, repair broken relationships, and understand why you started abusing drugs or alcohol.
  • Medical assistance through the withdrawal process, as well as a doctor's care for any mental or physical health conditions you have or might have.
  • Group meetings, including 12-step groups, group therapy, or some combination of support groups and informal meetings.
  • Education about addiction, nutrition, health, resisting temptation, and sober living.
  • Activities that can keep your mind off of your cravings and help you learn new skills.
  • An alcohol and drug-free living environment.  
  • Assistance creating and implementing a plan for your long-term sobriety.

Most addicts stay in rehab about 45 days, but average stay lengths typically range from one to two months. A variety of factors, including your health, history of relapse, which drugs you use, and how long you have used them can affect the length of your stay. You have final say over how long you're in rehab, but for advice on when you're ready to check out, be sure to consult with your treatment team.

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Do I Need Rehab?

No one likes to admit that they're powerless or that drugs or alcohol have come to control their lives, even though these admissions are necessary prerequisites to getting sober and clean. Seeking help is a courageous act, not something that should make you feel ashamed. Still debating whether to pursue rehab, go it alone, or give up on sober living? Here are some signs that you may need inpatient assistance to get of of drugs or alcohol.

  • You are or have been addicted to multiple drugs, or have a previous history of addiction.
  • You are mentally ill or have serious health problems.
  • You've struggled with addiction for a year or more.
  • You've lost important relationships or your job due to addiction.
  • You live or socialize regularly with addicts.
  • Your home environment is abusive or dysfunctional, or you are homeless or housing insecure.
  • Your loved ones don't support your sobriety goals.
  • You've been arrested, sued, or incarcerated due to drugs or alcohol.

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Rehab doesn't have to be daunting, and at Northpoint, we believe that quality care can and should be affordable. We're standing by right now, ready to help you take the first steps toward recovery. We know the immense courage it takes to ask for help, and we reward that courage with a skilled and compassionate team of addiction experts. We've seen it all, and we're not intimidated by anything. If you're ready to make real changes, we're here to walk alongside you. Know that change is possible, and that we'll never give up on you.

We cater to adult men and women, and we've seen even the most downtrodden addicts turn it all around. We can help yo do just that. Our Edmonds, Washington location offers Springfield-area addicts a relief from the peer pressure and stress of home. We'll get you out of a toxic environment and provide you a safe, healthy, nurturing space where you can focus on your health and recovery. We know you can do this, because we've seen countless others just like you succeed.

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