Springfield, Oregon Drug Rehab: Making the Best Choice for Your Future

How long have you been addicted to drugs? For some people, their answer is for just a few months, while others battle drug addiction for years at a time without being able to stop. No matter how long you’ve been using drugs, once you begin and you’ve become addicted to them, what follows is often a dangerous journey that can even lead to death in some cases. 

So many people continue to use drugs because they don’t realize there are other options out there for them. Maybe they’ve tried to quit using drugs in the past, but they found that they weren’t able to do it on their own. Frustrated, they continue to use, and they feel powerless to stop. If that’s how you feel, and if that description fits you, please know that you’re alone in your struggles. There are so many people in Springfield, Oregon who battle drug addiction too, and just like them, you have many options available to you so that you can get the help you need to stop. 

Here at Northpoint Recovery, we provide drug treatment to people who are in need, and we’ve worked with many people in the Springfield, Oregon area. These were individuals who were just like you. They felt stuck in the cycle of addiction, and they didn’t know what else to do. We stepped in and assisted them as one of the best drug rehab centers in the Pacific Northwest, and we’d love to help you the same way. 

People often have a lot of questions about drug addiction treatment, such as: 

  • Is drug rehab in Springfield, Oregon affordable for me?
  • What makes drug rehabilitation so much different from quitting cold turkey?
  • How do I know whether or not I need to go to a drug rehab facility?
  • What happens at drug rehab programs?
  • Why do I need to consider inpatient drug rehab?
  • Will my family be able to visit me while I’m at drug treatment? 

We’d love to help by answering these, and any other questions you might have. They say that the more knowledge you have, the more powerful you can become. You can gain the power you need over your addiction, and it all starts by going to addiction treatment first. 

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Is Drug Rehab in Springfield, OR Going to be Affordable for Me? 

The costs of drug rehab in Springfield, Oregon are always a major concern for most people, but it’s because many of them don’t realize how far the healthcare in our country has come. You may remember a time when only the best insurance plans covered even a part of drug rehab costs, and this just isn’t the case anymore. Health insurance companies are now required to provide benefits to help pay for drug rehab, and many of them actually do cover it in full. This is so exciting because it means that thousands of people in the State of Oregon who were not able to go to drug rehab because of the costs are now able to get help for their addictions. 

This might be a game changer for you, and if so, you want to find out just how much your health insurance provider will cover for you to go to drug rehab. To do that, simply contact us here at Northpoint Recovery. We’ll do an intake with you over the phone, and we’ll take down all of your information. We’ll recommend the right type of drug rehab for you, and then we’ll even contact your insurance company to discuss your benefits. 

How is Drug Rehabilitation in Springfield, Oregon Different from Quitting Cold Turkey? 

Like many people, perhaps you’ve always viewed going to drug rehabilitation as being just another way to quit using drugs. To you, it really doesn’t seem much different than if you just quit using on your own. Unfortunately, too many people have this idea of drug rehabilitation, but professional treatment offers you so much more than just a way to quit using drugs. 

More than anything else, going to drug rehabilitation offers you the support that you desperately need when you’re recovering from an addiction, and that support comes in a variety of different forms, including: 

  • Providing professional help to listen to you when you’re having cravings for drugs
  • Offering you assistance to heal from the issues that led to your drug abuse and addiction
  • Providing you a place to relax and focus on your recovery
  • Empowering you with knowledge regarding your addictive behaviors
  • Reducing the level of your withdrawal symptoms
  • Giving you a new lease on life when you realize you can go on to accomplish your dreams 

When you quit using drugs on your own, you run the risk of experiencing some incredibly dangerous withdrawal symptoms that can become fatal in some cases. You also have a much higher chance of relapsing. 

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What are the Signs that I Need to go to a Drug Rehab Facility in Springfield, OR? 

Maybe you’re in a place right now where you’re really not all that sure that you need to go to a drug rehab facility in Springfield, and you need to know if you are someone who would be considered a candidate for drug rehab. A lot of people find themselves in this position. Most of the time it’s because they’re in denial, but that’s just the addictive brain’s way of thinking. Addiction has a way of convincing you that your problems really aren’t all that bad, and they’re nothing you can’t handle on your own, when you’re ready to do something about them. 

Even so, if you’re thinking that maybe you might not need to go to a drug rehab facility in order to recover from your addiction, it can help to answer some questions about yourself. Be sure to answer them honestly. 

  1. Have any of my friends or family members expressed concern about my drug use?
  2. Have I been experiencing financial difficulties that are directly related to how much money I spend on drugs each month?
  3. Have I been having medical problems that I know are linked to my drug use?
  4. Have I lost important relationships because of how often I use drugs?
  5. Is my job suffering because of my drug use?
  6. Am I having a hard time keeping up with my normal responsibilities because of my drug use?
  7. Have I considered trying to quit using drugs? 

Answering “yes” to even one of these questions should be enough to make you pause and consider whether or not your drug use is severe enough to be called an addiction. If you did answer “yes” to one or more questions, you’re someone who would certainly benefit from going to a drug rehab facility to get help. 

What Can I Expect While I’m at One of Springfield, Oregon’s Drug Rehab Programs? 

There are several different things you can expect when you go to one of the many drug rehab programs in Springfield. First of all, you should expect to be treated like an individual who has unique addiction treatment needs. You should receive your own treatment plan that was personally designed to fit you. 

You should also expect to work closely with an addiction treatment counselor throughout the course of your stay. This is so important because you need this time to talk about your addiction, and what issues in your life might have led to it. If you have a psychiatric diagnosis like depression or PTSD, those issues can also be worked on at the same time. 

You should also expect to participate in group therapy, and research has shown that group therapy is actually one of the most important parts of recovery. It might make you feel a bit nervous about talking with a group of strangers at first, but before long, you’ll see that it can be really helpful. The people you meet will be people that you identify with easily, and they’ll identify with you too. By talking with them, you’ll be able to help each other, learn from each other, and reach your recovery goals together. 

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Is a Springfield, OR Inpatient Drug Rehab Something I Should Consider? 

Inpatient drug rehab is definitely something you should consider, even though there are a lot of options available to you for drug treatment. When you go to inpatient rehab, you’re actually taking the time to invest in yourself and in your recovery. Also, you’re removing yourself from the stressors of your everyday life, and you’re giving yourself a chance to really focus on getting better. This is something that cannot be accomplished in an outpatient setting. 

Can My Family Visit Me While I’m at Drug Treatment in Springfield, Oregon? 

Here at Northpoint Recovery, we understand that your family is a big part of your life, and we want them to be an important part of your drug treatment too. You can visit with your family when you come to our drug rehab facility after the first seventy-two hours. Those first few days while you’re with us are reserved for you, to help you get acclimated to the program. After that, we’ll be happy to schedule visits, and even family sessions with your loved ones. 

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The Need for Addiction Treatment Near Springfield, OR 

Springfield, Oregon is a beautiful place to live, with lovely mountain ranges nearby that create a picturesque view of the city. The population is estimated to be just over 60,000, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, and it’s a place that maintains great weather all year long. There are many families who call Springfield their home, which is the reason why the school district is so large. It boasts fifteen elementary schools and four high schools. 

Even so, Springfield, Oregon does have a serious problem with drug addiction, and this is proven once you take a look at the statistics that state that: 

  • More than 6,000 people in Springfield, OR admit to being addicted to some type of drug
  • Over 1,000 people in Springfield, Oregon say that they regularly use drugs and drink alcohol at the same time
  • Prescription drug abuse is increasing in severity in Springfield, Oregon, and most of them turn to heroin once their prescriptions run out
  • There are close to 1,000 people in Springfield, Oregon who are addicted to heroin
  • More than 700 people in Springfield, OR are addicted to cocaine or crack cocaine 

Here at Northpoint Recovery, more than anything, we want you to know that if you are currently addicted to drugs, you don’t have to continue on in your addiction. So many people find themselves in a constant cycle of trying to quit using drugs and then relapsing again, and that’s certainly not something that you need to do. If you’re addicted to drugs, and you’re looking for a way out, we’d like to help you recover. To learn more about Northpoint Recovery, one of the best drug rehab centers in the Pacific Northwest, please contact us today.

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