Drug Rehab in Redmond, Oregon: Gaining Insight into Your Addiction

When you suffer from a drug addiction, it can be nearly impossible to stop using drugs on your own. Some people try all kinds of natural methods as a way to stop, or they just go cold turkey. Unless you understand how addiction works, and why it’s so hard to quit on your own, you probably won’t be successful. Maybe you’ve experienced this yourself in your own life, and now you’re looking for a way out. You’re tired of being tied down by the chains of drug addiction. If that’s you, drug rehab in Redmond, Oregon is exactly what you’ve been looking for. You’ll find that going to professional addiction treatment can give you the tools you need to gain insight into your addiction so that you can recover.

Maybe you’ve never seriously considered looking into drug rehab programs. Many people don’t because they’re quite confident they can quit on their own. However, drug rehab centers offer you many features that you can implement into your new, drug-free life immediately, giving you a much higher chance of being successful. Let’s talk about how finding an affordable addiction rehab can help you.

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Why do You Need Drug Rehab in Redmond, OR?

How long have you been addicted to drugs? No matter how long it’s been, or what type of drugs you’ve been using, it’s important to understand how addiction affects the brain. Once you understand that, you’ll see where your withdrawal symptoms come from and why getting professional addiction treatment is so essential to a proper recovery.

The first time you used drugs, it was probably a fairly insignificant event. You may have felt good from the high you experienced, but it might not have been something you were too interested in doing again; at least not on a regular basis. The next time you used, you may have been disappointed in the high because it wasn’t anything like it was the first time. In all honesty, it rarely ever is. To compensate, you used more of the drug. This cycle tends to repeat itself, and it’s typical for people to get addicted this way. It’s usually unintentional, but it can happen fairly quickly. Once you realize that you have an addiction and you try to stop, it’s very difficult. Withdrawal symptoms set in, and they can become so powerful that you’re desperate to make them stop, so you use again.

When you go to drug rehab in Redmond, Oregon, you’re breaking the cycle of addiction and attempting to quit. You’re allowing yourself to be cared for by some of the top professionals in the addiction industry at addiction recovery centers, and they will help you maneuver through your recovery.

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Is Residential Inpatient Treatment in Redmond, OR the Best Option for Addiction Rehab?

You may already know that you have a lot of options when it comes to drug treatment. However, residential inpatient treatment is considered to be the best, as well as the most appropriate, for most people. That’s because many individuals lack the right type of support that’s needed at home in order to be successful in an outpatient program. In fact, whether you suffer from alcoholism or drug addiction, it might be recommended for you to go to drug detox prior to going to drug treatment. That’s because withdrawal can be very dangerous for some people.

If you’re not able to go to a residential inpatient treatment facility, outpatient is an option you should consider. During outpatient treatment, you’ll participate in support groups and receive addiction counseling, which are both very important parts of your recovery process.

The Best Addiction Recovery Centers in Redmond, OR

If you’re looking for ways to spot the best addiction recovery centers, there are a few things you should be searching for when you’re considering different places for drug treatment. These include:

  • Looking for a place that offers a detoxification program to help you through the withdrawal phase
  • Searching for a drug treatment program that provides a great deal of individual counseling, specifically during the beginning stages of your rehab
  • Dependence upon the 12 Step Program model of addiction treatment
  • A strong health and wellness program that includes nutritional counseling and physical fitness
  • Plenty of events and activities to participate in
  • Support groups that will help you identify with your peers and learn from each other
  • Qualified staff members with a lot of experience
  • Personalized treatment plans for every patient

There’s no reason for you to settle for drug rehab programs that provide sub par treatment, and if you find one that includes all of the above, you’ll enjoy an enriched rehab treatment center experience that equips you for success during your recovery and beyond.

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Is it Affordable to go to Drug Treatment in Redmond, Oregon?

Perhaps you’ve never gotten more information about drug rehab because you honestly thought you couldn’t afford it. At one point in time, it wasn’t affordable to go to addiction treatment, and if you wanted to go to a residential inpatient treatment facility, it cost you even more money out of pocket. However, that has all changed.

You’ve probably heard of The Affordable Care Act and how everyone in the United States is now required to have health insurance. There are other portions of that law that benefit those who need drug treatment too. Insurance companies are now required to provide benefits for those who need to go to drug rehab programs. While your insurance plan might not cover the entire cost of your addiction rehab, these new changes will cover most of your costs, and you should have very little to pay out of pocket. This is excellent news for those who thought they could never afford drug rehab centers.

Finding Out about Insurance Coverage for Drug Rehab Programs in Redmond, Oregon

The best way to find out what your coverage would be for addiction treatment is to contact a drug treatment facility and ask for an intake over the phone. You’ll talk with an addiction specialist who will ask you questions about your history with drugs. Once you’ve given him or her that information, you’ll be given a recommendation for drug treatment. After that, the specialist will contact your insurance company to inquire about your benefits. This is very helpful because you won’t have any questions, and you’ll know exactly how much you’ll need to pay out of your pocket.

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Traveling from Your Home in Redmond, Oregon for Drug Rehab

How do you feel about going to drug rehab in Redmond, Oregon? While there are a lot of beautiful facilities there, a lot of people feel more comfortable going away from home for drug treatment. In fact, many of them actually go out of state. They find that it’s much easier for them to concentrate on getting better and healing from their addictions when they’re far away from the stresses of home. Perhaps you can relate to that, and you feel the same way.

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Here at Northpoint Recovery, we’ve worked with a lot of people from the Redmond, Oregon area, and so many of them have had success with our addiction rehab programs. We’re confident that you will experience the same success. If you would like to know more about getting drug rehab at Northpoint Recovery, we would love to talk with you. We can even check your insurance for you. Contact us today.