Is Drug and Alcohol Detox in Redmond, OR Necessary for You to Recover from Addiction?

When you’ve struggled with an addiction to drugs or alcoholism for a great deal of your adult life, it can be hard to stop. In fact, many people try to quit on their own and find that they’re not able to without some type of professional assistance. In the past, it was considered to be enough to go to drug treatment or alcohol treatment. However, researchers have discovered that drug and alcohol detox is actually the best way to go about recovering from your addiction, and there are several good reasons why it’s preferred.

Maybe you’ve never really thought about going to addiction treatment, and you’re actually contemplating quitting on your own. Doing so might not help you in the long run, but it can also be very dangerous in certain circumstances. Let’s get into more detail about the importance of drug and alcohol detox and why you should consider it as the first step in your recovery.

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Choosing Drug and Alcohol Detox in Redmond, Oregon for Addiction Treatment

You may not realize just how powerful your addiction is. Many people don’t until they try to stop using drugs or alcohol. It doesn’t take long before withdrawal sets in, and when it does, it can be hard to depend on your willpower to keep you from using again.

When you choose to go to addiction recovery centers for drug and alcohol detox for the first stages of your drug treatment or your alcohol treatment, you’re giving your body a chance to eliminate those harmful toxins in ways that are healthy. While you can choose a medical detoxification program, experts agree that an approach that utilizes nutritional education and physical fitness is often much more effective. It also carries no side effects, unlike using medications. Some of the best drug rehab centers in the country are beginning to implement this approach, and it’s proven to help patients be more successful.

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Reasons You Need Alcohol and Drug Detox in Redmond, OR

Going through withdrawal is a terrible experience, but withdrawal looks different for everyone. Almost everyone will have cravings for drugs or alcohol when they quit, but there are additional withdrawal symptoms to watch out for too, and they include:

  • Experiencing auditory or visual hallucinations or confusion
  • Problems with digestion, including nausea, vomiting or diarrhea
  • Recurring Grand Mal seizures
  • Heart issues such as palpitations, irregular heartbeat or even heart attacks
  • Bleeds on the brain, otherwise known as strokes

If you choose to go to drug and alcohol detox, you’ll find that it helps to be in a setting where you’re protected against anything that might go wrong medically. The methods they use will help to minimize your withdrawal symptoms, and if medical intervention is needed, it is available for you.

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The Benefits of Residential Inpatient Detox in Redmond, OR

In addition to knowing that you’re much safer when you go to alcohol and drug detox, you are also protected against relapsing. This is a comforting thought for most people, especially those who have tried to quit cold turkey on their own.

This type of addiction rehab is also very affordable, and your insurance will cover it, at least in part. Healthcare laws have changed in recent years, and now all insurance companies are required to cover drug rehab programs. Alcohol and drug detox is included in that because it’s so vital for your recovery. Best of all, once you finish alcohol and drug detox, you’ll be much more prepared to go to alcohol rehab or drug rehab, which is where you will work on the mental part of your addiction.

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How do you feel about the thought of going to a rehab treatment center in Redmond, Oregon? Does it appeal to you? Maybe you would rather go out of state, and if you do, that’s not uncommon. It can be very helpful to get away from your everyday worries and stress so that you can focus on recovering. If that sounds better to you, then we’d like you to consider coming to Northpoint Recovery.

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