Women's Rehab in Portland, Oregon: Finding Women's Rehab Centers to Meet Your Recovery Needs

If you've just recently started to think about whether or not you want to get help for your addiction, you may have been thinking more seriously about a more intense form of treatment than NA or AA. Women often require the type of addiction treatment that will give them some more support, and you'll find that at a women's rehab.

It's not always easy to come to terms with the fact that you should be considering going to a women's addiction treatment center; especially if you've never gotten professional treatment before. However, you will find it to be an incredibly rewarding experience that will give you the tools you need to successfully leave your addiction behind.

Maybe you have questions about what you'll encounter at an alcohol and drug rehab for women. Questions such as:

  • Do you have to pay for drug and alcohol rehab for women out of your own pocket?
  • How do you know if women's drug rehab is the right choice for you?
  • What options are available to you for women's rehab centers?
  • How can women's drug rehab centers help prepare you for life without addiction?
  • How can you find the best women's recovery center in Portland, Oregon?

Here at Northpoint Recovery, we want to help you get the answers to all of your questions.

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How to Find Affordable Women's Rehab Centers in Portland, Oregon

Once you've decided to get information on alcohol and drug rehab for women, your next course of action is figuring out how you can afford to go. You should never have to pay for a women's treatment center in full because of the Affordable Care Act.

If you're not familiar with this new healthcare law, it requires all health insurance companies to provide coverage for addiction treatment across the United States. This has made women's rehab programs so much more affordable, and now, anyone who needs to get help for an addiction can make it happen.

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Is a Portland, OR Women's Treatment Center the Right Choice for Your Recovery?

Like many women, you might be considering the idea of quitting on your own before you want to try going to a women's treatment center. This is fairly typical, but unfortunately, it's usually not the right decision for most women. Withdrawal symptoms can become quite severe, and you'll probably find that you'll manage them much better with professional support.

When you quit drinking or using drugs, you could experience:

  • Anxiety, panic attacks or depression symptoms
  • Upset stomach or problems with your digestion
  • Shakiness in your extremities
  • Problems with falling or staying asleep at night
  • Intense cravings for drugs or alcohol
  • Feelings of confusion or lack of concentration

These withdrawal symptoms can become quite severe, and they're usually enough to drive most women back to using just to get some relief.

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Treatment Options for Women's Rehab Programs in Portland, OR

While there are some really great outpatient treatment options out there, such as outpatient therapy, NA and AA, women often find that an inpatient women's drug rehab offers them the level of support they really need to quit using. It can help to talk with a therapist on a regular basis about what may have led to your addiction, and group therapy with other women has proven to be a key component in recovery.

Women's Rehab Centers in Portland, Oregon: Re-Learning Your Life without Addiction

If you're like most women, it can be so strange to think about trying to manage your life without drugs or alcohol. At women's rehab centers, you'll gain so much insight into how to do just that. You'll learn:

  • About why drugs and alcohol are so addictive
  • About the issues in your life that led to your addiction
  • How you can change your behaviors to avoid relapsing
  • How to recapture goals you may have lost sight of
  • How to embrace a life of recovery and make every minute count

Finding the Best Rehab for Women in Portland, Oregon

When it comes to finding the best women's rehab programs near Portland, Oregon, Northpoint Recovery is known as one of the best in the region. We have a high success rate because of the close attention we pay to each of our patient's needs.

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