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Prescription Drug Rehab in Oregon: Making the Right Choice

The rates for prescription drug addiction in Oregon have gone up with every passing year, it seems. Many people have, either knowingly or unknowingly become addicted to dangerous medications that have been prescribed by their doctor, and this is a dangerous trend that should not continue. Prescription drug rehab in Oregon can help by giving people the tools they need to recover, but because so many people fail to see their addictions as a serious problem, not enough of them believe they need to get professional help.

Perhaps you’ve been taking prescription drugs, and you didn’t understand what was happening when you stopped taking them, but then you felt as though you craved them. That is how a lot of addictions are formed, and it’s important to understand that there is help available for you. Getting prescription drug treatment will allow you to understand more about the medications you have been taking and how they’ve affected you. It will also help you to stop them.

Understanding What Prescription Drug Addiction is in Oregon

Prescription drug addiction occurs when an individual takes a medication for longer than he or she was supposed to, or when the medication was taken in a way that is outside the parameters of the prescription. For example, sometimes people will take medications for pain, and then the dose they were taking no longer seems to give them the same relief. To help, they increase their own dosage to get the desired effect. There have also been instances when people will crush their medications and take them that way in order to get relief faster than swallowing the pill whole. All of these can easily cause an addiction.

In the State of Oregon, addiction rates to prescription drugs are climbing. In the year 2014, there were more deaths because of an overdose of prescription drugs than there were because of heroin overdoses. Oxycodone, hydrocodone and methadone are the most prominent medications that caused these deaths. Many police officers report that prescription drug abuse is high in their areas, and the numbers of people affected seem to be increasing every year.

There is a definite need for prescription drug rehab in Oregon, and if you’re someone who has been dealing with an addiction to one or more of these dangerous drugs, it’s very important for you to get the professional help you need.

What is Prescription Drug Rehab in Oregon Like?

Prescription drug rehab in Oregon is similar to other facilities across the country. You will receive a personalized treatment plan that will address your own personal goals for treatment. In most cases, you’ll become a part of a 12 Step Program, and you’ll go to several support groups that will discuss various topics. Studies have shown that peer support is crucial when you’re working on your recovery from addiction. That is why these types of groups continue to be such important components of treatment.

Individual counseling is also an important piece of prescription drug treatment in Oregon. Together with your counselor, you’ll talk about why you became addicted to your medication and you’ll come up with a plan to help you avoid relapsing in the future.

Many prescription drug treatment programs also offer a health component that includes nutritional guidance and physical fitness. The nutrients you give your body on a daily basis can give you the resolve you need to get through the withdrawal phase quicker. Regular exercise can assist with this as well. Many prescription drug rehab program include meditation and Yoga as a part of their daily routines, and these have both been shown to be very effective.

Does Prescription Drug Rehab in Oregon Really Work?

Many people feel that prescription drug rehab in Oregon is a step that really isn’t necessary. Perhaps you feel the same, and you would rather take a chance and try to quit on your own. This is so common, but unfortunately, many people fail because they’re not equipped with the proper tools to help them quit and stay quit. Withdrawal can quickly derail even the most valiant efforts to stop taking prescription drugs, and most people are not prepared to try and withstand withdrawal symptoms without help.

There are a lot of reasons why prescription drug treatment is so much more effective than quitting on your own. It helps to have the support of professionals who have seen others in similar circumstances. Many professionals even have their own histories of addiction. They understand what you’ve been through, and that knowledge guides them in knowing how to help you.

Prescription drug rehab in Oregon is beneficial for any type of rehab you might need, and this includes:

  • Adderal rehab
  • Vicodin rehab (Hydrocodone)
  • Oxycontin rehab (Oxy, Oxycodone)
  • Valium rehab
  • Methodone rehab
  • Ritalin rehab
  • Ativan rehab
  • Ambien rehab

Regardless of what type of medication you’ve become addicted to, it’s important to know that you’re not alone. Help is available, and the most success is experienced when you get professional support.

Should I Leave Oregon to get Prescription Drug Rehab Away from Home?

When you live in Oregon, it might seem odd or strange to consider going so far away from home to get help. However, if you’re in need of treatment for a prescription drug addiction in Oregon, the facilities there might not have everything you need to recover. In addition, many people have found that they have appreciated being away from home during their recoveries. In doing so, they had time to themselves to really think about how their addictions have ravaged their lives. Being free from distractions can be very beneficial.

Here at Northpoint Recovery, we would love the opportunity to support you as you consider the next moves you should take to heal from your prescription drug addiction. If you would like to talk with us about our programs, please contact us.