Drug and Alcohol Detox in Oregon City, Oregon: The Safest Way to Recover

Each day, people make the decision to stop using drugs and alcohol, and when they do, many of them don’t even consider the idea of going through drug and alcohol detox, or any type of addiction treatment at all. More often than not, they realize that they can’t stop on their own, and they return to using. For some of them, the cravings are the worst part, and they use again in order to keep them at bay. Others experience significant medical issues, or even just feel uncomfortable in their own skin. If you’ve ever tried to stop drinking alcohol or using drugs, then you probably understand these feelings. The good news is that you’re not alone.

Experts have begun recommending drug and alcohol detox for anyone who wants to recover from an addiction, and there are so many good reasons for this. Let’s talk about what some of those reasons are as you’re considering drug rehab programs or alcohol rehab programs that might be a good fit for you and your needs.

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Drug and Alcohol Detox in Oregon City, Oregon: Why You Need it

There’s no doubt that addiction is dangerous, but what you may not have realized is that going through the detoxification process by yourself is often even more dangerous. Many people attempt to stop using drug or alcohol cold turkey, and what they find out is that they experience significant withdrawal symptoms that make it almost impossible, or even result in them needing to go to the hospital for medical treatments.

A few of the withdrawal symptoms you may experience if you decide to quit on your own include:

  • Bouts of serious dehydration that require medical attention
  • Problems with your heart, including elevated heart rate or heart palpitations
  • Muscle aches and joint pain all over your body
  • Extreme fatigue, no matter how much you sleep
  • Mental problems, such as anxiety, depression or mood swings
  • A prolonged loss of your appetite
  • Bouts of nausea that are sometimes accompanied with vomiting

Delirium tremens (DTs), seizures, heart attack or stroke can also occur. That’s why most addiction recovery centers have started recommending drug and alcohol detox prior to starting at drug rehab centers.

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Methods Used at Residential Inpatient Detox in Oregon City, OR

Contrary to popular belief, alcohol and drug detox is not a place where you go simply to wait out your withdrawal. There are actually specific methods that are used to address the different aspects of addiction. Some residential inpatient detox centers will utilize medication as a way to help you get past withdrawal, but this method is actually being replaced by a more holistic approach.

A holistic approach to drug and alcohol detox includes incorporating a good nutrition plan and physical fitness as a way to move toxins out of the body as quickly as possible. It’s possible that instead of eating the right foods or drinking enough water that you’ve been feeding your addiction instead. Once your body gets more in balance, it’s able to remove toxins fairly quickly, and that’s why this form of detoxification is growing in popularity. You’ll feel better overall, and you’ll be ready to move on to drug treatment or alcohol treatment before long.

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Will Insurance Make Alcohol and Drug Detox in Oregon City, OR More Affordable?

Drug and alcohol detox should be covered by your insurance, at least in part. You may have to pay a small, out of pocket cost, but because of The Affordable Care Act, your insurance company is now required to offer benefits to help pay for addiction rehab, and that includes detoxification. Whether you’ve been struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction, these changes in our healthcare laws make residential inpatient treatment more affordable for everyone.

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Consider Traveling from Oregon City, OR for Alcohol and Drug Detox

Does the thought of traveling out of state to attend drug and alcohol detox or rehab treatment centers in general appeal to you? It actually appeals to a lot of people because it gives you the chance to focus on your recovery without a lot of outside distractions. Here at Northpoint Recovery, we would love to talk with you about our alcohol and drug detox program, as well as our alcohol rehab and drug rehab programs.

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