Alcohol Rehab in Oregon

Alcoholism is considered a progressive brain disease that includes excessive drinking, obsessive thoughts about alcohol, increased tolerance, and an inability to stop drinking even when you desire to stop. Essentially, it tends to bring on all sorts of problems. Additionally, when you do try to quit, you encounter some hefty withdrawal symptoms that may tempt you to start drinking again.

If you are struggling with alcoholism, you feel out of control when it comes to your drinking habits. You may intend to have just a couple of drinks, but those couple of drinks turn into many more, until you are completely intoxicated and possibly pass out.

Even if you're not an alcoholic, you could be a problem drinker, drinking more than you should and using it as a coping method or as a way to self-medicate. Binge drinking is also popular, in which you drink to excess when you do drink. All of these drinking patterns can eventually lead to alcoholism.

If this is something you are concerned about, you may need some help in order to stop drinking. It may be time to stop denying that you have a problem and reach out to an alcohol rehab in Oregon to begin a journey of recovery and get your life back to where you really want it to be.

Symptoms of Alcoholism

If you're wondering if you are an alcoholic, there are symptoms that you may be experiencing that can give you an indication of whether you are or not. Here are some common signs of alcoholism:

  • Not being able to stop drinking after a certain amount
  • Strong desire to drink; intense cravings
  • Drinking by yourself
  • Drinking to cope with inner pain and turmoil
  • Hiding alcohol so others do not know you're drinking
  • Obsessing about alcohol
  • Revolving your life around drinking
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when you go too long without alcohol
  • Experiencing blackouts
  • Drinking at work
  • Getting angry if you cannot drink
  • Experience problems in your relationship, career, health, finances, or legal problems due to drinking behavior.
  • Stop doing things you used to enjoy due to more drinking activities

If you are experiencing some of these symptoms, you could be struggling with problem drinking or the disease of alcoholism. It's not easy to admit your struggle, but in order to get free from such, you may want to consider attending an alcohol rehab in Oregon to begin a journey of sobriety and freedom from addiction.

The Oregon Alcohol Rehab Process

The prevalence of alcohol abuse has raised awareness in society, as alcoholism tends to cause many problems. Among the most viable approaches advised by substance abuse professionals to manage alcoholism is to enter an alcohol rehab program. You can enroll in an Oregon alcohol rehab center if quitting has become insurmountable on your own. You have the option of attending the program full-time as inpatient treatment, or part-time as outpatient treatment. This allows those who cannot leave their home and live at the facility the opportunity to get the treatment they need at various times and days throughout the week.

Once you kick off your rehabilitation program, you must to avoid drinking at all costs. This can be difficult, as this stage is characterized by withdrawal symptoms and loads of triggers tempting you to relapse. At the alcohol rehab center, a proficient addiction counselor will teach you practical coping skills to curtail chronic alcohol reliance and embrace sobriety. Relapses do happen on occasion; however, there are resources to help decrease your chance of relapse.

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

You may experience some withdrawal symptoms while you are in treatment, but keep in mind that these symptoms will dissipate most likely within 4 to 7 days, depending on how long you've been drinking and how often you drink. Heavy drinkers tend to spend more time detoxing and experiencing withdrawal symptoms than those that are mild to moderate drinkers.

Withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Headache
  • Body aches
  • Sweating
  • Shaking
  • Anxiety
  • Irritability
  • Nausea and/or vomiting
  • Confusion

More serious symptoms include:

  • Delirium tremens (DTs)
  • Seizures
  • Hallucinations

While you are one of the best alcohol rehabs in Oregon, you will have plenty of professional support to help you get through the withdrawal symptoms. Sometimes medication can be given to decrease the intensity of symptoms. In some alcohol rehabs, alternative methods to help facilitate recovery are offered, such as massage, acupuncture, meditation, and yoga classes.

Treatment for Alcoholism in Oregon

Along with the detox process, treatment will consist of various methods and practices, including:

The implementation of a treatment plan. You will be able to sit down with a substance abuse professional to create a treatment plan that will help you move forward with some goals. Along with setting goals, you'll be able to create an action plan to attain these goals.

Counseling. You will receive one-on-one counseling and oftentimes group counseling to learn adequate coping and life skills. You'll be able to share your concerns, receive support, and come to understand the nature of alcoholism better.

Dual-diagnosis treatment. If you are diagnosed with a psychological disorder, you will be able to receive treatment for both alcoholism and the mental health disorder at the same time.

Continued alcohol treatment in Oregon

If you opt for inpatient treatment at an alcohol rehab in Oregon, when you are discharged, you may be advised to transition into the outpatient treatment program, where you will continue working on your sobriety journey. You may be able to continue to learn how to weave healthy relationships, face past challenges, manage anger, learn about exercise and nutrition, fulfill financial and occupational responsibilities, and manage any addiction.

There are plenty of alcohol rehabs in Oregon in major cities like Portland, Eugene, and Salem. After completing your treatment time, the center will provide follow-ups by dispatching counselors who can keep you on track with recovery. This is important to ensure you are free from alcohol reliance for life. Services will be tailored to meet your needs and ensure that you do not get ensnared by alcohol as you recover.

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Full recovery enables you to create the kind of life that you've been dreaming of. As you commit to doing your part by abstaining from alcohol and incorporating new coping and life skills, you'll find a new peace and joy that will sustain you.