Drug and Alcohol Detox in McMinnville, OR: Arresting Your Physical Addiction

The physical part of addiction is the toughest part to recover from, and so many people skip a crucial step in the recovery process simply because they choose not to go to drug and alcohol detox as soon as they decide to get professional help. Perhaps you’ve been thinking about getting addiction treatment as a way to overcome your own addiction, but you’re just not sure what you need to do. A residential inpatient detox in McMinnville, Oregon is the best place to begin your healing journey.

It’s possible that you have a lot of questions about addiction rehab and other forms of drug treatment or alcohol treatment, and you’re really not sure if alcohol and drug detox is the right choice for you. You want to know:

  • How do you determine if you’re someone who could benefit from drug and alcohol detox?
  • Do you have to go to an addiction recovery center after you get detoxification treatment?
  • Is drug and alcohol detox covered by your insurance policy?
  • Should everyone who suffers from alcoholism go to alcohol detox?
  • How do you find a rehab treatment center that will work for you?

Let’s talk about the answers to some of these questions.

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Is Alcohol and Drug Detox in McMinnville, OR Affordable or Covered by Insurance?

It’s understandable for you to be concerned about the cost of alcohol and drug detox. After all, for the longest time, it was considered to be more of an elective treatment rather than something that was recommended for everyone with an addiction problem. Some drug rehab programs didn’t even offer it. However, experts are beginning to realize the importance of addressing the physical nature of addiction, and thanks to The Affordable Care Act, insurance companies are required to provide payment for drug treatment and alcohol treatment. Drug and alcohol detox is included in this mandate, which means that you can now afford to get the help you need with the help of your insurance company. In most cases, it will even help to cover drug rehab centers afterwards as well.

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Is Residential Inpatient Detox in McMinnville, Oregon Really Necessary?

If you have ever been without drugs or alcohol for a period of time, then you understand what withdrawal feels like. Imagine that feeling stretched out over a period of time without anyone there to support you. It is a horrible feeling, and it’s why, more often than not, people continue to return to using substances. Withdrawal can come in the form of insomnia, cravings, anxiety, depression or night sweats (among other symptoms), but it can also be more serious. Some people have suicidal thoughts, heart attacks or even strokes. You really never know how you will react when you quit using, and it’s safest to go through detoxification in the presence of professionals who can help you through it.

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What do You Look for in the Best Addiction Recovery Centers in McMinnville, OR?

There are a few different methods that are currently being used for drug and alcohol detox. Some residential inpatient detox facilities use a medical approach, and that means they provide medications to their patients. The medications help to get rid of your withdrawal symptoms, and they are not intended for prolonged use. This is an effective method, but problems occur because these medications have their own list of withdrawal symptoms that can be dangerous as well.

A holistic approach to detoxification is now considered to be the best method. This approach involves improving the quality of your nutrition and implementing an excellent physical fitness regimen into your daily schedule. When your body feels it’s best, it’s able to efficiently eliminate toxins on its own, and you’ll find that you feel better a lot faster without having to worry about withdrawal or side effects.

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Should You Travel from McMinnville, OR to Get Addiction Treatment?

You might not realize it, but a lot of people choose to travel out of state in order to go to addiction treatment, and the same is true for those who to go drug and alcohol detox. For many it’s preferred because it gives them the chance to get away for a while and really focus on their recoveries. They like taking that time to themselves without having to worry about getting distracted by the challenges and stress of everyday life. Maybe that appeals to you as well.

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