Alcohol Rehab in McMinnville, Oregon: Embracing the Journey to Recovery

It’s very common for people to not realize how addicting alcohol can be. That’s because it’s seen as something to relax and unwind with after a long day of work, or after a particularly stressful day at the office. For many people, their alcohol addictions begin with that first drink they enjoyed at a party during their teenage years, and they continue on the rocky road of addiction all the way through adulthood. Regardless of when you first started drinking, you now realize that you have an addiction, and you need to get help. Maybe you’ve even tried to stop drinking, but you weren’t able to. Withdrawal symptoms from alcohol can be extremely powerful, and they can even be dangerous in some cases. Alcohol rehab in McMinnville, OR is the best way to stop drinking safely and protect yourself against relapsing.

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Will Insurance Pay for Alcohol Treatment Programs in McMinnville, Oregon?

One of the key reasons people give for wanting to forgo alcohol rehab and try to quit on their own instead is because they don’t want to pay for it out of pocket. Maybe you can identify with this feeling because you’ve felt the same way. Alcohol rehab can be very expensive, but thanks to changes in the healthcare laws in the United States, you no longer have to worry about paying for it on your own. Many insurance companies now offer full coverage for any type of addiction treatment, and those that don’t, only require small copayments. These changes are definitely a move in the right direction and they make alcohol treatment affordable for everyone who needs it.

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Alcohol Rehab Programs in McMinnville, OR: Why is Alcohol so Addictive?

No matter what your reasons were for turning to alcohol, the human brain reacts in a positive way toward it, regarding how it makes you feel. These pleasurable experiences are filed away in your mind, and they’re something you want to enjoy over and over again. Some other reasons alcohol is so addictive include:

  • The wide availability of alcohol to anyone who is above the age of 21
  • The increased frequency of social situations where alcohol is made available
  • The way it numbs the body and the mind against everyday concerns and stress
  • The temporary relief it can provide from anxiety and depression
  • The way it boosts your social status and ability to converse and relate to friends
  • The way it produces endorphins in the brain to reduce physical pain
  • The addictive nature of preparing a drink as cues and triggers are formed
  • The withdrawal symptoms that can occur that result in a need for more alcohol

All of these reasons pave the way for an addiction that can be next to impossible to recover from on your own.

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Is Residential Inpatient Treatment the Best Way to Treat Alcoholism in McMinnville, Oregon?

Inpatient treatment at addiction recovery centers is often the best way to treat alcoholism for a variety of reasons. Because alcohol is so readily available, it’s easy to relapse, even if you’re fully committed to quitting. There is also the chance that you might experience serious withdrawal symptoms that require medical attention, and it’s not uncommon for alcoholics to experience heart issues, strokes or seizures. Most of all, it can really help to have professional support when you want to stop drinking. Learning about your addiction can help you overcome it, and talking with others in support groups can help you gain insight into why your addiction is so powerful.

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Leaving McMinnville, OR to Find the Best Alcohol Rehab Centers

You might not realize it, but if you’re not comfortable with the thought of going to alcohol treatment in McMinnville, Oregon, you don’t have to. Many people like the thought of going away from their hometowns to pursue getting started in an alcohol rehab treatment center because they want to get away from the stress of their normal lives. They say it helps them to focus on recovering without the distractions. That might appeal to you as well, and if it does, here at Northpoint Recovery, we would love to talk with you.

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