Getting Addiction Treatment at Drug Rehab in Lake Oswego, Oregon

Every year, thousands of people need drug rehab in Lake Oswego, Oregon. Many of them are able to get the help they need, but the majority of the individuals who could benefit from getting addiction treatment don’t reach out for assistance from a professional facility. Perhaps you’re facing a similar situation. You may have a lot of questions about going to drug rehab, but you’re nervous about what you might find out. You may realize a need for professional help, but the idea of drug treatment is a mystery to you, and so you haven’t reached out yet. If that sounds like you, you will certainly find this information to be very helpful.

Lake Oswego, Oregon is a growing city, and its population of 37,610 people indicates that it will continue to grow. A brief look at the statistics surrounding the drug use shows that the drug problem in Lake Oswego is not something that’s going to go away anytime soon. Let’s take a look at some of the most recent statistics in this beautiful area of Oregon, and then we’ll talk about why there is such a need for drug treatment in Lake Oswego, and how it can help you if you’re struggling with an addiction.

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What do the Statistics Say about a Need for the Best Drug Rehab in Lake Oswego, OR?

We’ve discussed the fact that thousands of people in Lake Oswego are in need of addiction treatment. The statistics indicate that while a lot has been done to provide assistance to those in need, there is still more work to do to ensure that everyone gets the drug treatment they require in order to recover from their addictions. For instance:

  • In the State of Oregon, there are more than 25,000 people who are addicted to marijuana
  • More than 11,000 people are addicted to prescription drugs in Oregon
  • The number of people addicted to cocaine is more than 4,000
  • There are more than 3,000 drug-related arrests in Oregon every year
  • In Lake Oswego, Oregon, only 1.17% of the population has gotten the drug treatment they need

That last statistic is certainly an eye-opener. Less than 2% of the people in Lake Oswego are opting to get help to overcome their addictions. If you fall in into the percentage of people who have not gone to addiction treatment, help is available for you to get you started on the road to recovery.

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What is a Drug Treatment Program in Lake Oswego, Oregon Like?

It’s normal to be curious about what you can expect when you go to a Lake Oswego, Oregon drug rehab facility, especially if you’ve never been to one before. In most cases, you’ll find that the atmosphere is very relaxing and calm, and the staff works hard to keep it that way. They want to foster a feeling of serenity that will allow you to focus on yourself and reaching your recovery goals.

You’ll meet with an addiction counselor on a regular basis to discuss your treatment and how you’re doing. You’ll talk about addiction in general and how powerful it can be once it has a hold of your life, and you’ll talk about the specific issues that led to your addiction taking hold too. Talking with your counselor will help you uncover some painful memories, but you’ll be able to heal from them instead of covering them up with your drug use.

You’ll also attend group therapy. Many Lake Oswego, Oregon drug treatment facilities follow a 12 Step Program, but there are usually other types of support groups too. You’ll find group therapy to be very beneficial because it helps to know that you’re not alone in the circumstances you’re facing. It’s also helpful to know that you’re assisting others in their recoveries as well.

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What are the Different Options for Lake Oswego, OR Addiction Treatment?

Experts have found that there really is no one-size-fits-all approach to addiction treatment, and the same is true for Lake Oswego, OR drug rehab facilities. You will probably be presented with several options when you inquire about addiction treatment, and those options include:

Inpatient treatment – When you go to inpatient treatment, you actually go to a facility and stay there for a period of time. Some facilities offer short-term lengths of stay that last about a month or so, while other facilities offer long-term treatment if you need it.

Outpatient treatment – If you choose outpatient treatment, you will continue to live at home. In fact, many people still go to work and are able to take care of their daily responsibilities if they have families. You will see a therapist on a schedule, and you’ll participate in group therapy on an outpatient basis. You will probably have addiction treatment a few times a week, but it may be more often in the beginning.

Intensive outpatient treatment – This is a type of drug rehab that is often seen as a step down from inpatient treatment. Many people transition to outpatient treatment after they’ve been inpatient. The sessions are longer and more frequent.

Drug detox – It’s possible that when you inquire about drug treatment in Lake Oswego, Oregon that the person you talk with will recommend drug detox. Drug detox will effectively remove the toxins from your body in a way that’s much faster than if you were to just quit on your own. It’s very safe because it’s medically supervised, and it helps people get through the withdrawal period much more quickly.

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How do You Get Started with a Substance Abuse Treatment Center in Lake Oswego, Oregon?

When you’re ready to begin your drug treatment in Lake Oswego, Oregon, the best way to do that is to contact the facility. You will probably be given an intake over the phone with an addiction specialist. You’ll briefly discuss your addiction history and the specialist will give you a treatment recommendation. He or she will also go over your insurance information with you, and they can even check your insurance to find out what benefits you have as a part of your plan. Fortunately, The Affordable Care Act has made it so that anyone who needs drug rehab can get help without having to pay for it out of pocket. Many insurance plans even offer full coverage for drug treatment.

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Should You Travel from Your Home in Lake Oswego, Oregon for a Drug Rehab Program?

It’s possible that the thought of going to drug rehab in Lake Oswego, Oregon doesn’t necessarily appeal to you. You may be worried that you’ll see someone you know, or you may just want to take the time to get away from home for your recovery. Many people have felt the same way that you do, which is why going to drug rehab at Northpoint Recovery is an excellent choice.

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Here at Northpoint Recovery, we have worked with many people from Lake Oswego, Oregon to provide them with drug treatment services. They have found that the relaxing and inviting atmosphere was a key component to their recoveries. We would enjoy being able to provide you with the same types of services. Please remember that you are not alone in your quest for recovery from addiction, and we’re more than happy to talk with you in more detail about how Northpoint Recovery can help you. If you would like additional information about your drug treatment options, please contact us.