Drug and Alcohol Detox in Lake Oswego, Oregon: Is it a Solution for You?

Lake Oswego, Oregon is certainly one of the most beautiful cities in the state. It’s primarily located in Clackamas County and parts of it extend into Washington County and Multnomah County. The city has a population of 37,610 people, and the population has grown steadily over the last several decades. With such a growing population of people, it’s understandable that there would be a serious need for drug treatment and alcohol treatment there. However, experts have found that the most successful programs begin with drug detox and alcohol detox. Lake Oswego, Oregon is no exception.

Perhaps you have been struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, and you’re looking for a way to arrest that addiction before it causes you even more damage than it already has. While getting addiction treatment is important, you’ll find that you have a lot more success when you begin with drug detox and alcohol detox first.

Do the Statistics Show a Need for Drug and Alcohol Detox Centers in Lake Oswego, OR?

Statistically, the State of Oregon is in dire need of facilities that provide alcohol and drug detox services. So many people are battling with their addictions, and this is demonstrated by the following:

  • Almost 2,000 people are addicted to hallucinogens in the State of Oregon
  • 237 people received treatment for a heroin addiction last year
  • In 2012, almost 45,000 people checked into a rehab facility
  • Only 1.17% of the people in Lake Oswego Oregon have received treatment for alcohol or drug addiction
  • 15.5% of people in Lake Oswego, Oregon are addicted to meth
  • 11.9% of people in Lake Oswego, Oregon are addicted to heroin

The statistics say a lot, and they’re a clear indicator that there are a lot of people in Lake Oswego who need to get substance abuse treatment. Starting with drug detox and alcohol detox gives them the best chance for success.

What Can You Expect when Going to an Alcohol and Drug Detox Program in Lake Oswego, Oregon?

It’s possible that the thought of going to drug and alcohol detox in Lake Oswego makes you feel a bit nervous. You’re not sure what to expect, and you have a lot of questions about what the program will be like. Drug and alcohol detox is a process that can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. It’s very different for each person.

Different facilities take different approaches to alcohol and drug detox. Some take a more holistic approach that utilizes proper nutrition and physical exercise as a way to help you through the withdrawal phase. Others use a medical approach that involves administering medications that speed up the process of those harmful toxins leaving your body. Once you’ve finished with the detoxification, you’ll be ready to go to drug rehab or alcohol rehab.

How do You Know if You Need to go to a Lake Oswego, Oregon Drug and Alcohol Detox Facility?

While it’s true that not everyone opts to go to drug and alcohol detox when they want to quit using substances, the people who do take advantage of this additional step are very glad that they did. There are certain types of drugs that receive a stronger recommendation for detoxification than others. Alcohol, heroin, cocaine and prescription drugs are some examples. When these substances are stopped abruptly, several things can occur. The withdrawal is often too much for the person to handle on their own, and they immediately go back to using. Sometimes, withdrawal symptoms can progress and become so severe that medical intervention is required for safety purposes. Heart palpitations, stroke and seizures are all a possibility. During alcohol and drug detox, the medical staff monitors your process and they’re able to intervene when necessary.

Is Leaving Home in Lake Oswego, Oregon for the Best Alcohol and Drug Detox a Possibility?

Many people find that going away from home for addiction treatments like drug and alcohol detox to be very relaxing and even rejuvenating. It can help to be away from the daily stress of life for a period of time to focus on your recovery. Perhaps that sounds appealing to you, and if that’s the case, Northpoint Recovery can help you.

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