Should You go to a Lake Oswego, Oregon Alcohol Rehab Facility for Treatment?

Lake Oswego, Oregon is a beautiful part of the state, and its growing population of 37,610 indicates that it’s filled with both families and individuals who have worked hard to make it a wonderful community. However, even the best communities in the State of Oregon often have people who are struggling with alcohol addiction, and Lake Oswego is no different.

Perhaps you have also been battling an alcohol addiction, and you’re looking for a way out. It’s possible that you’ve tried to quit on your own, but you haven’t been able to do it. Alcohol is very powerful, and once addiction takes hold, it can be nearly impossible for anyone to quit on their own. Alcohol rehab in Lake Oswego, Oregon is often the best choice for those who wish to recover and avoid relapsing.

The Best Alcohol Rehab in Lake Oswego, Oregon: A Look at the Statistics

The number of people in Lake Oswego, Oregon, as well as in the State of Oregon in general who are suffering with an addiction to alcohol is incredible. The statistics show that:

  • In Lake Oswego, Oregon, 47% of the population has an alcohol problem that may require professional treatment
  • Each year, approximately 148 people die from an alcohol overdose in the State of Oregon
  • Most people start abusing alcohol between the ages of 12 and 17 in Oregon
  • In 2012, 44,949 people in Oregon checked into some type of addiction rehab
  • 9% of women in Lake Oswego, Oregon report to binge drink at least once a month
  • As many as 22% of men in Lake Oswego, Oregon report binge drinking once a month or more

With these types of statistics in mind, it’s easy to see a real need for alcohol treatment in Lake Oswego, Oregon. If you’re someone who needs help for your addiction, alcohol rehab is the answer you’re looking for.

What Can I Expect at a Lake Oswego, OR Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program?

If you’ve never been to alcohol rehab before, it’s normal for you to be a little nervous about what it will be like. However, you’ll find that the people are all very supportive of what you need, and they’re eager to help you get through every stage of the recovery process.

Alcohol rehab consists of a few different components, and while every facility and program is different, experts have found that there are some methods that work very well together. Those include:

Individual counseling sessions – It’s so important for you to be able to sit down and talk with an alcohol addiction therapist about your addiction. You’ll discuss your history with addiction and you’ll also talk about the various situations or circumstances that led to it.

Group therapy sessions – The 12 Step Program has been a staple in our country for a long time, and many facilities still believe that this program is incredibly powerful when it comes to helping people recover. You will probably participate in other types of support groups too.

Alcohol detox – Alcohol detox helps by eliminating harmful chemicals from your body. There are a lot of toxins that can build up when you drink alcohol, and the slow process of them leaving the body is what causes people to experience withdrawal. By speeding up the process in a medically supervised environment, staff members are able to assist with withdrawal that becomes too hard to handle.

Is Going to an Alcohol Rehab Center in Lake Oswego, Oregon Really Necessary?

Many people try to quit drinking on their own, but because alcohol is so powerful, quitting without professional support puts you at risk of some pretty serious withdrawal side effects. Seizures, heart problems, stroke and other physical ailments have all been reported. It is best to rely on professionals to assist you for your own safety and to give yourself the best chance of being successful.

Can I Leave my Home in Lake Oswego, OR to go to Alcohol Treatment?

Here at Northpoint Recovery, we work with many people from Lake Oswego, Oregon for alcohol rehab. These are individuals who found a lot of value in traveling away from home to attend addiction treatment because they wanted to take a break from the stress of everyday life to focus on their recoveries. Perhaps that sounds good to you as well, and you’d like more information about our facility. If that’s the case, please contact us.

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