All About Keizer, Oregon Drug Rehab: Questions and Answers

While Keizer, Oregon is a wonderful city with an ever-expanding population of 36,478, it is also a community that struggles with a serious drug problem. Unfortunately, there are not many people in this area who have ever been to a Keizer, Oregon drug rehab center, and it seems as though there is a serious need for addiction treatment options there. Perhaps as you’re reading this, you can identify as one of those individuals. You know that you need to get help for your addiction, but you’re either not sure of whom to reach out to, or you’re worried about what you’ll experience once you do get to substance abuse treatment.

The good news is that there’s no need to be concerned. We’d like to help you understand more about drug rehab in Keizer, Oregon by answering some questions that you probably have.

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Drug Rehab Programs in Keizer, OR: What do the Statistics Show?

Statistically, Keizer, Oregon demonstrates a real need for addiction treatment in many ways. Drug use is prevalent with many of the city’s people admitting to addiction to more than one substance. Based on the city’s trends over the past few years, city officials believe that:

  • There will be approximately 834 people arrested for drugs during the coming year
  • There are about 6,607 marijuana users in Keizer, Oregon
  • There are approximately 1,082 people addicted to cocaine in Keizer, OR
  • 2,893 people are addicted to prescription drugs
  • In 2012, 4,180 people in Keizer were admitted to drug rehab facilities

These statistics show just how serious a problem drugs are in this city. Unfortunately, so many people fail to get the help they need through a professional drug rehab program, but for many of them, their hesitations lie in not knowing what to expect, or not believing that it will actually work for them.

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Do I have to go to the Best Drug Treatment in Keizer, Oregon, or can I Quit on my Own?

Many people attempt to stop using drugs on their own before they will consider going to a Keizer, Oregon drug rehab. The problem is that most types of addictions are too difficult to break on your own without professional support. Relapse rates are quite high in Keizer, and this indicates a strong need for drug treatment that addresses the needs of the individual in a way that’s personalized and tailored to their own drug use histories.

Maybe you’ve tried to quit using drugs on your own, and you found that it was a lot harder than you thought it was going to be. Withdrawal symptoms can become too much to handle, and more often than not, people relapse because they don’t have the coping skills to know how to avoid it. Serious withdrawal symptoms can also result when you stop using drugs on your own without professional support to help you get through it. You might experience withdrawal symptoms like:

  • Being unable to fall asleep or stay asleep
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Muscle or joint pain
  • Intense cravings
  • Irritability or even rage
  • Difficulty concentrating

It’s also common for more serious withdrawal side effects to occur with certain types of drugs, and these can include seizures, heart problems or stroke. With so many different side effects, it’s easy to see why many people find it easier to go back to using, and if this is the situation you have found yourself in, it’s worth it to seriously think about opting for a Keizer, Oregon drug rehab center instead.

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What Happens During Addiction Treatment Programs in Keizer, OR?

When you go to drug rehab in Keizer, OR, the first thing you’ll find is that you’re surrounded by staff members who are all committed to helping you overcome your addiction. In most facilities, the numbers are kept small, so that you receive the attention you need. In recent years, experts have also discovered a need for individualized treatment plans for everyone, because each person faces different struggles during addiction. Even so, your treatment plan will most likely include the following:

A Recommendation for Drug Detox – Drug detox is becoming more important as addictions grow stronger and relapse rates remain high. This is a process by which all toxins are eliminated from the body, and you’re supervised in a medical setting to make sure there are no complications. It can be done a few different ways, including holistically (with diet and exercise) and with certain types of medications.

Individual Counseling – Meeting regularly with an addiction therapist is crucial to your overall recovery. It’s important for you to understand how powerful your addiction is, and you also need to know why you became addicted in the first place. For some people, it’s because of challenges they faced in their lives, and for other people, it’s due to traumatic experiences they don’t really even remember. Regardless of what the reasons are behind your addiction, counseling will help you face them head on so that you can heal from them.

Support Groups – The 12 Step Program has been a cornerstone of addiction treatment in the United States for decades, and many facilities use it because it works so well. You may participate in a 12 Step Program while you’re in drug rehab, but you’ll probably have other types of support groups that you attend as well.

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What are My Substance Abuse Treatment Options in Keizer, Oregon?

Perhaps as you’re reading this, you’re thinking that all of it sounds really good, but you’re not sure about the different types of addiction treatment options there are in Keizer, Oregon. Inpatient treatment is generally what most people think of when they think of drug rehab, but there are other options as well. For example, if you work a full time job, or you have a family to care for at home, outpatient treatment might be something you’d rather participate in. There is also an intensive outpatient treatment option that many people find beneficial because it’s a step down from inpatient care. Regardless of what type of substance abuse treatment you decide is best for you, the most important thing you can do is to get the help you need to overcome your addiction.

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Is Traveling Away from Home in Keizer, OR for Drug Rehab a Good Idea?

Perhaps you’re wondering if it’s possible for you to travel away from your home in Keizer, OR for drug rehab. Many people find this option to be quite beneficial to them because they’re able to remove themselves from the stressors they face in their everyday lives. If that sounds like something that you would be interested in, Northpoint Recovery might be just what you’re looking for. We’re a smaller facility, so you can be sure to get the attention you need from the staff while you’re here. The setting is serene and relaxing, and you can take the time you want to work on your recovery without having to be concerned about outside distractions.

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Here at Northpoint Recovery, we make it a point to invest in the people who walk through our doors. We’re fully committed to making sure you get the information and tools you need to turn your back on a life of addiction and embrace a life that’s filled with the freedom you desire. If you’d like more information about how we can help you, please contact us.