Are You a Candidate for Alcohol and Drug Detox in Gresham, Oregon?

One of the most difficult experiences in the world is struggling with an addiction. Perhaps you've been dealing with your addiction for a long time, and you're wondering if alcohol and drug detox in Gresham, Oregon might be the answer for you. You hope you're a candidate for this type of addiction treatment, but you're not sure, and you're looking for answers.

You are not alone in your struggles with addiction. Every year, more and more people fall prey to various types of addictions, and they're all left wondering what type of help (if any) is available to them. Here at Northpoint Recovery, we understand your frustration. We know that many people try to stop using drugs and alcohol on their own because they don't want to have to go to some type of formal alcohol and drug treatment. Alcohol and drug rehab offers you the best chance of recovering from your addiction, and it often starts by taking part in alcohol and drug detox in Gresham first.

We'd like to take a few moments and talk to you about drug and alcohol detox and why it might be an excellent solution for your addiction problem. We'll also go over different types of alcohol and drug rehab in Gresham so that you're informed about what your options are for addiction treatment.

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Alcohol and Drug Detox in Gresham, Oregon

Drug and alcohol detox is a great place to start if you're looking for professional help that can result in your recovery for your addiction. If you've tried quitting on your own in the past and been unsuccessful, then you know how easy it is for you to relapse. Maybe you had some serious withdrawal symptoms that you felt like you couldn't control, and those symptoms led to your return to drugs and alcohol. Drug and alcohol detox helps to break that cycle. During the session, you will be assessed while you're asleep under general anesthesia or awake. You'll be given medication that will help to speed up the process of the substances leaving your body. You may have some withdrawal while this occurs if you're awake, but you can take medication to help with that as well. For many people, drug and alcohol detox is a much safer approach to quitting because of potential medical issues that can result from stopping abruptly. It can work for you whether you're in need of:

  • Heroin detox
  • Cocaine detox
  • Prescription drug detox
  • Marijuana treatment
  • Help with alcoholism

If you have questions about whether or not you're a candidate for alcohol and drug detox in Gresham, we're happy to answer them for you.

What is Detox?

Movies make detox look like a form of torture, showing addicts in deep agony. It should come as no surprise, then, that many addicts dread the process of detox in Gresham. Detox isn't always pleasant. IT can yield symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, vomiting, headaches, shaking, nightmares, and even seizures. It is, however, a necessary prerequisite to sobriety, since detox is the process by which your body rids itself of alcohol and drugs.

How Long Does Detox Last?

Detox is a relatively short process, but the precise amount of time you need to detox varies with your health, age, how long you used drugs, and other factors. Opioids such as heroin and prescription drugs  such as OxyContin usually take longer to detox from than drugs such as marijuana. Alcohol, too, can demand a longer detox period if you've been an addict for many years. At most, you'll spend about two weeks in detox, but more typically, the process takes a week or less.  

What Should I Bring to Detox?

Detox is challenging work, and it's unlikely you'll have much time to relax or socialize. Don't load up on things you don't need or luxury goods. Instead, focus on the basics – a week or two worth of clothes, toiletries, entertainment, and prescription medications. If you need help determining what to bring, ask your rehab intake coordinator. You'll likely be prohibited from bringing potentially addictive substances, as well as dangerous items such as firearms.  

Inpatient Treatment in Gresham, Oregon

You're probably very familiar with the idea of inpatient treatment for addictions. This is an excellent choice for you if you have tried outpatient alcohol and drug rehab in the past and relapsed. It's also great for those who are exploring their addiction treatment options for the first time. When you choose inpatient treatment, you'll actually live at the facility for a period of time. You'll attend support groups and talk with a counselor and other professionals who all genuinely care about your health, wellbeing and recovery. You'll even play a role in assisting other people as they work on their own recoveries. Inpatient drug and alcohol rehab is a very rewarding experience, and it's been proven to be one of the best options available.

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Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab near Gresham, Oregon

Not everyone is able to take the time out from their busy lives to go to an inpatient facility. Maybe you have a full time job or maybe you have a family to care for at home. There's no need to worry because inpatient care isn't always the best choice for everyone. Many people are successful with outpatient drug and alcohol rehab and you can be too. In many ways, outpatient alcohol and drug treatment is very similar to inpatient treatment except that when it's over, you'll go home. You'll participate with 12 Step meetings, talk with a counselor and work very intensely on your recovery.

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When you're looking for alcohol and drug treatment options, the most important thing you can do is find the type of professional support that will work for you. If you have questions about alcohol and drug detox near Gresham, or you just want to talk to someone to find out more about your options, here at Northpoint Recovery, we're available to talk with you. Please contact us today.

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