Alcohol Rehab in Gresham, Oregon: Finding the Right Alcohol Rehab Facility for Your Recovery

Gresham, Oregon currently has a population of more than 110,000 people according to the most recent population estimates, and that makes it the fourth largest city in the state. There are many beautiful parks located there, and with such a great school system, it’s a wonderful place to raise a family. 

Even so, many of the people in Gresham, Oregon are suffering from an addiction to alcohol. Perhaps you’re here reading this because you’ve known that you needed alcohol rehab for a long time, but it took you a while to realize it. Now you need to know what steps you should be taking to get alcohol treatment. Here at Northpoint Recovery, we want to assist you with everything you need. 

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Alcoholism Help in Gresham, OR: What do the Statistics Show? 

Alcoholism in Gresham is definitely on the rise, and the statistics indicate that there is a serious need for alcohol rehab in this part of Oregon. In fact: 

  • Only about half of the people in Gresham, Oregon never drink any alcohol at all
  • Close to 30,000 people in Gresham currently drink an unhealthy amount of alcohol on a regular basis
  • About 10% of the young people in Gresham admit to being addicted to alcohol
  • There are more than 74,000 alcohol related deaths in the United States every year
  • Close to 3,000 people in Gresham admit to drinking alcohol and using drugs at the same time on a regular basis 

It’s clear that something needs to be done about the alcoholism problem in Gresham, and here at Northpoint Recovery, we definitely want to be a part of the solution. 

Do You Have a Loved One in Need of Inpatient Alcohol Rehab in Gresham, Oregon? 

When you have a loved one who needs to go to inpatient alcohol rehab, that can be such a tough situation to deal with. You know that your family member needs to go, but maybe he or she isn’t listening to your warnings and words of concern. You might want to consider hosting an intervention as a way to allow many people to speak their minds at one time. This can be done through Northpoint Recovery, and admission into inpatient alcohol rehab can be arranged afterwards.

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Alcohol Treatment in Gresham, Oregon and Signs of Alcohol Abuse 

Maybe you’re someone who suspects that you have a problem with alcohol abuse or addiction, but you’re not really sure if the problem is bad enough that you need to get professional alcohol treatment. This is quite typical, but there are a few warnings signs you can look for: 

  • You may have left behind hobbies that you once loved because alcohol is now more important
  • You may have legal problems that are linked to your alcohol use
  • You may have physical or medical problems that are worsened by your alcohol use
  • You may try to hide your alcohol consumption from others
  • You may spend a lot of time trying to recover from binges that occurred the night before 

If you notice any of these signs of alcohol abuse, you may have actually become addicted, and it’s definitely time to consider alcohol treatment. 

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Rehab for Alcoholics in Gresham, OR: Choosing an Alcohol Rehab Facility 

When it comes to rehab for alcoholics, there are certain qualities you should look for when you’re choosing an alcohol rehab facility. You should always look for a facility that offers nursing care at all times, just in case of a medical emergency. You also want an alcohol rehab center that will offer you alcohol detox so that you can get through the worst part of withdrawal safely. Finally, look for an alcohol rehab facility that will be sure to set you up with the appropriate level of aftercare once your inpatient stay is over. 

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Finding the Best Alcohol Rehab Center near Gresham, OR 

Here at Northpoint Recovery, we’re considered one of the best alcohol rehab programs near Gresham, Oregon. We understand all that you’re going through, and we know how hard it is for you to admit that you need professional help for your alcoholism. We can assist you with finding the right course of action to aid in your recovery, and we’ll work hard to make alcohol rehab very affordable for you as well. 

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